Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shut the shit Down.

Just popping in since I have not posted in a while here. Been going to most of the rallies and marches that have been happening in NYC since the Eric Garner verdict came down and I have tons of pics and videos in my phone but I am just really fucking busy lately!
Did some extra work and boy did it suck! At the set of Gotham for 16 hours a few nights ago and still feel tired and in pain. I should be in that episode though after all that...It's called Scarecrow and it's episode 115 in January. I ma very happy to be in SAG and am going to go to auditions and take some acting workshops but no more extra BG for me. Money is decent but my whole life was disrupted by it. Up for almost 48 hours twice in one week. John was not happy. Cats were not happy. Friends, family..everyone worried cause i was so out of it for days. It was quite an experience though!
Lots of band stuff going on too...John's book still awaiting approval if he gets it from Abrams...and we got some Crumb artwork almost done now for the cover of The Old Time Radio Show double CD/vinyl album we are putting out in a few months. Getting there!
But this week and last were all about the marches. Over 100,000 came out today. I was so emotional. Saw so many people I knew pass by in the crowds. The Police Lives Matter rally is the 19th and OH BOY is that going to be something! Cops doing whatever the fuck they want to black people is beyond fucked and me and many others are just sick of it. It has to end. I don't know what will come from all this but the Gurley case and the Tamir Rice case are going on and if those cops get off the shit is REALLY going to hit the fan. Enough is enough.
Nothing can describe the feeling of marching with tens of thousands of people for a cause you believe in deeply. It's sad and you feel elated all at the same time. Pics coming soon. Some pic i did not take but only retweeted got posted with my twitter handle attached to it on Gawker today and boy was that fucking crazy. People are nuts I tell ya!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Babadook Dook Dook!

Shit be crazy! But mainly in a good way. Been writing a lot so the blog suffers which means you suffer by not getting to read my dumb shit! Here is a HODGEPODGE of stuff that's been going on with me and in the hood in no particular order. John worked the Macy's Day Parade and got to watch Kiss get soaked and lip synch like idiots right in front of him. I went on several of the Ferguson marches and on one of them I passed by him and went backstage so I could pee where the crew was set up. Thats where I took that pic of Mickey and Minnie looking confused at Times Square after the march went by. It was bizarro world up there.
There's my dumb cat Delgado googling up cat videos on my new NOT BROKEN AND VIRUS FREE laptop! Yay! Under that is a still of the ten second shot I was in in the John Leguizamo film Fugly! that is out now. That scene got so cut I am lucky to be in it at all. The main girl was completely cut out so I guess they liked my mean yelling at him face then flouncing out of the room attitude.
Over last weekend my friend Erin and I went to see part of the Williamsburg Indie Film Festival cause our friend Martine Blue had a short film in it. All of the shorts were pro and Martine's was great. I am so proud of my friend. She made her first film at Csquat called El Evictor and it was hilarious. I get killed in the shower while wearing a wonder woman outfit. She has come a long way since then through hard work and classes and got a grant for her first feature next year. She will be working on that for several years obviously but I am already excited about it. So inspiring when you watch your friends reach their goals in life. If she has any free time we have a web series cooking for the future with me as a co-writer. She wants some comedy input and I am down. She is going to secure a grant for that too as the set will be big and complicated. 2016-17 perhaps...I am surrounded by so much talent it just makes me work harder at my stuff. Her film is called Me2 and was about clones so i got to see the horror section of the fest which was a plus!
Then in this months issue of Wax Poetics John is interviewed about Crumb and 78's. Our band gets a mention and it's a pretty widely read magazine. Good promo cause we have so much stuff coming out in 2015. I am slowly replacing my Luke playing with guitar so i will be doing both plus singing on our next release. Yippie! AND KAZOO OF COURSE.
That video at the bottom which I hope plays is of some annoying guys with no pants on drunk and partying by the indian restaurants on 1st ave. They were out there for an hour with their no pants rager. #NOPANTSRAGER!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

After the Goys of Summer have Gone.

I am REALLY proud of the title of this post! Took a year to think it up! No-make that two years! I have waited a lifetime to post that! Well, after my laptop being wiped and repaired for a week at the shop and having limited internets and phone all is back to normally normal. The break was nice actually...I had death flu for about 5-6 days and all I did was practice guitar and watch movies and hang with the hubby who is now working until xmas without a day off. The Macy's Parade won't let him leave and he will enjoy seeing the Muppets and KISS up close and personal. The poor guy. John works so damn hard but well...we do get to live in France in the summer every year and see Europe and any damn place we want due to this. Can't wait to submit for some extra BG work and go on some auditions again next week. Been going to SAG screeners on the days I felt well enough to go. Saw Big Eyes the other day and I collect Keane and Lee prints so I was in heaven. Christopher Waltz is so good and was pretty damn funny at the Q&A after...speaking of films, I saw one of my best friends short films premier at the Williamsburg Film Fest this weekend and I AM SO PROUD AND HAPPY! She's been working hard on her film career and it has paid off. She just got a grant to do her first feature film and fuck...I was all choked up watching her film in the theatre with my friend Erin. We were blown away. Sniff. It also screened at the LA film fest at the same time. DOUBLE SNIFF.
AnyFap, those top four pics are from an art opening of paintings that tattoo artist Needles did. He works at Sacred Tattoo and did two full sleeves on Erin and they are fantastic. As are his paintings. As a horror freak I was REALLY into these. Evil Dead 2..yeah! That one of Snake is the first time Needles every painted a person he said. DANG.
Then we have my mom...ah,The Mom. She went to the 9th precinct with me and said she saw Etan Patz ten years after he was kidnapped in Queens at a candy store. She thinks. Maybe. She felt bad about never saying anything back then as everyone said it wasn't him so she reported it now. They humored her and sort of hit on her. Then I told her the Hell's Angels Clubhouse was a cafe and tried to get her to walk in there. AHAHAHA!
Then a sign about Sushi.  Could be fish. COD be fish. Yup!
And Mamie Minch posing at her shop Brooklyn Lutherie at a holiday party we went to there. Amazing shop run by two amazing ladies. They have repaired two of John's guitars now and both are in fine shape. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Mamie and her partner Chloe both play old time music in bands and frequent Jalopy. I love that.
And last but NOT LEASTEST...two drunk homeless dudes made this glorious holiday display in the middle of the street by Gem Spa and I had to snap a pic. That is some good looking corn there.
New posts coming all week...have to get used to this sort of new laptop and the fact that it freaking WORKS PERFECTLY! So happy lately and all kinds of great stuff going on mi amores...It may be a rough winter but I got a nice coat and I just don't care. Already saving up for the summer in Europe again and getting ready to take a French class at The New School when I get a few paychecks sent my way. Layer up and go on with my usual crazy weird life here in "the states" as we call it in France. See, I am becoming a snobby frog already.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's My Happening and it Freaks Me Out!

I collect big eyed children from the 60's paintings, not so much Keane as Lee, and since I seemed to have lost much of my funny/weird pin collection last year I have started anew! Found a ton of great buttons from the 60's on ebay last week and my pro-streaking patch arrived today. Since I do most of my writing at The Bean i will now start some winter sewing there to break it up. Soon everything I own will have a vintage patch on it and every top and jacket will have a pin. Here are some good ones that should come next week. John being the best husband in the world has already got me saving items on ebay for xmas though I am a Jew and my Sag card hasn't come yet so i can submit for work. I am a lucky gal I am I am I am! And when I get some dough coming in I have big plans for gifts for him. BIG PLANS.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last show of the year in Tompkins today! 10 Punk Points for going!

Went to the last show of 2014 in the park today and it was packed. And was by far the most fun show of the year in there. Dawn of Humans played which means there was paint, costumes, and some nudity. Love that band! So much stuff going on this week and through Halloween! This fall fucking rocks so far. I took some pics and videos which are probably shaky and bouncing up and down like the entire stage was when they played.

video video video

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tompkins Dog Run Halloween Parade!

I took all these with my iPhone but some came out pretty decent! Ran over to the Tompkins Dog Run at 2pm and now getting ready for my best friends fire spinning show in BK at Big Sky Works. I love that Halloween is like a week this year! Most of these pics are self explanatory. Though there is a chicken in there for some reason in a baby carriage. Named Beyonce. We even have ebola dog, Pugasso and punk rock chihuhua's!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So far I do not hate the fact that WINTER IS COMING!

I have no "seasonal depression" or whatever it is people call it when I can't stand to be freezing my ass off when I am outside and the air is actually painful on my face. I really hate winter and it's not actually winter nor is it cold out yet really but usually right after Halloween I begin buying lotto tickets dreaming about spending 3 months in Maui...John and I spent one month there years ago and we loved it.
AnySnot, my point is there is lots of good shit going on for me this fall and winter so I hope the good feeling lasts. Been going to a lot of parties and mics and shows which is why my head is killing me right now. Have vague memories of grabbing my friend Emleigh's boob and then dancing around at Coal Yard Bar. Ow.
The top pic is part of that NYC 30 years ago project and is a pic of 7th and Avenue A hanging on a pole by 7th and A. How is that for meta? Then there is a rally for the neighborhood gardens going on in Tompkins. John had that day off work so we did jokingly celebrate The Sweetest Day and I think we are the only people in NYC who did. Further down you can admire John TRYING to play Ms. Pacman at Barcade on St Marks that night...and the wonderful hobo clown I bought for him.
The middle pics are of my friend JR Helton reading from his new book The Jugheads at Cakeshop on Sunday night. I love his stuff. Below the Line, which is about working in the scenic arts for film and TV, is my favorite by him with his novel Drugs coming in at a close second. He encourages me to work on my own book which I happily have been.
John's book, a huge coffee table one full of old band pics with a CD insert of some of the old bands music and our music as well is set to be proposed to Abrams Comic Arts Publishing next week and that is fucking huge. Charlie Kochman, who put out The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and My Friend Dahmer and so much more is going over John's proposal to try to sell it to Abrams soon and if this goes through I will die from joy. It's a great book John put together and he was set to put it out himself but Abrams is awesome and huge. His book could wind up everywhere with our music in it. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT! Well, fingers crossed! Life is exciting and I guess thats why I don't care about winter this year. YET.
I only hope it sells as well as that Little House cookbook did! What a bargain!
All kinds of Halloween fun coming up soon...starting with my friend Erin spinning fire at a show in BK this weekend. I love this time of year. Halloween is going to last four freaking days. Yip!