Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wynwood Miami the art district. Yeppers. Uh-huh.

So John and I had some breaks from my medical stuff which is going REALLY well. So well, in fact that I was almost ready to leave on Monday with John but due to a mix up I am here until Wednesday. I don't mind. That's when I have my flight back for anyway. Just almost finished up early! The fact that my medical issue I have had for over a year now is basically done is the ONLY thing that matters about this trip. I am SO FUCKING HAPPY! Which means we went out over the weekend and did stuff here. Got my hair done which I know you were all concerned about. Well, rest easy! My roots are done and I still have no grey in my hair. And it is nice and straight. And that is what life is all about. A healthy body and mind and a nice hair do. Pudenda should be vajazzled as well if you can afford it. Preferably with priceless jewels or at least some jewish stars and maybe some wiccan symbols or illuminati ones.
Wynwood was pretty neat. Crazy murals and cafes and shops. Some look like stores but then you realize its actually an art installation. And owls made out of tires randomly hanging around the area and a hundred other things. Reminded me of a more fancy Marseille, France mural wise at least.
So here are some pics of that little adventure. Today is john's birthday and we got some food to go after we hit the beach and will watch the Super Bowl and probably HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS. No pics of that part though, sorry. Time for puppy bowl and kitten bowl now! Oh, and the gay thrift shop that was awesome and had HIV and STD testing there. Luckily, my vag is clean as a whistle. Clean as a fried green tomato at the whistlestop cafe. Ate dinner last night with Aline Crumb and her mom which was fun and I can post some pics of that night too because we saw this huge pegasus statue that was insane. The genitals were not vajazzled though. BIG MISTAKE.

and will watch the Super Bowl and probably HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS. No pics of that part though, sorry. Time for puppy bowl and kitten bowl now!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some pics of Florida so far! I LOVE/HATE THIS PLACE!

So I am in Fort Lauderdale for a trip to a medical clinic to take care of some eye problems I have had for over a year now. Nothing serious BUT if it could not be fixed then it would be a major issue in my life forever. One I would not be happy with living with at all. So after a long journey to get checked out by experts from all over...went to London for that even...Almost went to Canada too. Finally I found this place on FLA that has helped me. And i am SO SO SO SO SO happy right now! I am usually a pretty optimistic, funny kinda gal but it waned a bit from stress over my eyes. Not much as I went to France and played gigs and did other great stuff having a blast but I really wanted to get this issue fixed. So I am here with John and it is happening! Came here alone, flew for the first time ever by myself and arrived at The Hampton Inn hotel which is all seniors and computer geeks. Super nice people and even gave me a discount for no reason! They thought I was funny I think. I stick out like a sore thumb here and I would walk to the clinic a mile away and everyone thought i was a meth addicted hooker. DON'T I WISH! No one walks here and i don't drive so i am just getting honked out everywhere I go. STILL GOT IT BOYS! STILL GOT A VAGINA!
Now John is here, we have a car, are eating great and went shopping all day for records and other thrift store stuff. Florida is such a mix of meth heads, rich yachts owners, rednecks, it has it all.
Now that the trip is a third of the way done I figured i would post some stuff from Fort Lauderdale. Tomorrow I get my hair done in Miami as my old hairdresser and friend Karuna lives there. That will be fun! Then Aline Crumb happens to be here so we see her the next day at her mom's for sushi and stuff. Sunday is john's bday and we are going to watch the Super Bowl AND HAVE SEX MOST LIKELY. I plan on just peeking into the bar across the street for a second just because of the signs they have out front about PARTY TIL 4AM and HAPPY HOUR IS NOON! with american flags all over. What's the worst that can happen?
Today we saw some hookers and that was fun! We also found a cool antique mall where i got some stuff and took some pics so here they are...the weird mixed sexual messages of Fort Lauderdale and a cool antique store. Abortion hurts women! But that sexist ad doesn't! Come to this strip club! Get wasted from noon to 4am! AMERICA! That's been my first three days here so far..and that lovely tropical beer tree. I think Gandhi sat under it and drank a Coors Light. That last pic is statue of a blueberry pie complete with can of berries pouring in. Love it! I also kinda love the meth heads and the old lady at the 7-11 whom I speak to all the time and the old folks passed out by the hotel jacuzzi.
But first and foremost my eye issues are correctable and nothing beats that. I like hugged my doctor today. SO SO HAPPY HELL YEAH 2016! Already looking forward to Crumb gig in London and Im still in freaking florida! Did I mention it's 81 degrees right now? Well, it is.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Left NYC came back to NYC leaving NYC again tomorrow.

Hello 'dere! Just posting some stuff up before I leave NYC for Fort Lauderdale tomorrow for almost two weeks. So much traveling this month I can't believe it and all for various reasons. No gig traveling yet until April when we go to London. Actually went to London for two days which was tiring and nuts Was supposed to be Toronto but got changed to the UK and we were there for such a short time that I did not even get jet lagged. April we will have more time to see the city. Went to North Carolina for two days(barely) and there are a few pics from there above. The sunset, the no hoodie zone and the view of NYC coming back.
The top pic is in the Halloween store on 4th ave. Sexy leprechaun maid Trump for halloween?
Then on Astor place some folks have been setting up a Bernie Sanders table. Please let him win please please please! Canada has a sexy new leader we need one too! My friends who live there are so so happy.
The bottom two pics are of the splatter vinyl we are now selling on eBay of our Old Time Radio Show triple album. Each LP has a different color and pattern. It's amazing and I will post links to our eBay and stuff soon but I have to pack now for my flight tomorrow AND play a gig at Jalopy later on tonight! It's good to be busy. I will be happy when I am settled in my hotel in FLA but between all the trips and the weather warming up here I have zero winter depression. I just don't have time to even think about the weather. I even lost about 6lbs in the last two weeks. Actually, that is the main point of this blog post. I LOST 6LBS PEOPLE I LOST SIX FREAKING POUNDS!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Went out today for a few hours to check out the hood which was chock free of hipsters and douchebags for once! It was so nice! Everyone was wandering around going to the bars that are open and having snowball fights or playing with sleds in the park with their kids. Didn't get any pics of people skiing of which there were many BUT I did get a pic of the porn store that was open all damn day on 1st ave and some girl playing with some toys in the snow and some other random stuff. I live for my hood being like this though after the sun went down I am super happy to be at home with John watching movies all night and practicing. When that wind blew it was miserable out there!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

David Bowie Sing-A-Long at Union Square Park.

Well just got back from London and am leaving for a short weekend to Asheville North Carolina this Friday. Yippie! This is the year of music, writing and travel. And parties. And women of loose morals. Went to a David Bowie fun singalong last night at Union Square with about 200 or so other people so here are some pics and video from that. Saw a free people I know there and more showed up after I left. I like how it look like someone is about to do a big line of glitter on the ground there. Heh.
What a loss for the world this past week in terms of great actors and musicians. But the outpouring of love for Bowie is really heartening. He was so fucking weird yet so popular even with the mainstream. A hard feat to achieve.
Lots going on lately and it's only two weeks into the new year. Oh, dear.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Well shit. RIP Lemmy, Alan Rickman and David Bowie and whoever else is next.

With all the cancer deaths abounding, now only in LaLaWood but in my personal life too...I can't help but wonder about what we are putting in our bodies. I assume it's fucking poison so it's good I have stopped eating! Yeesh, the last few months have been sad ones in terms of friends dying and celebs that I loved. Just got back from a VERY short trip to London. Was supposed to be Toronto but London was good as we are going back for a week or so in April for a big special Art & Beauty gig with Crumb. Actually have two more trips planned, one next week and another in februrary so this year is already nuts with travel. London seems like quite a city and I can't wait to go back.
As soon as my jet lag was a little better I headed over to the Bowie memorial at his old apartment in Soho to take some pics. Too out of it to write much else right now but the memorial was nice and I blasted some Bowie from youtube as it was very quiet there which everyone liked.
Going out for sushi with the breastie(that's a female bestie because of bosoms) and I will post more soon. We have a gig at Jalopy coming up and our next CD release the Old Time Radio Show is being shipped out this week which is great!
So here is the memorial on Lafayette...tons of notes, flowers, candles, stuffed animals, glittery high heels and a spider from Mars of course. RIP Starman. You were part of my childhood.