Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington Square Park Folk Fest and Fare thee to Bendy Tree.

I feel like I have been up for days now trying to enjoy the last of summer and hit every single thing that has been going on. AND BY THAT I MEAN HIT EVERY SINGLE DIVE BAR TIL 5AM. Just kidding. Sort of! Today, Sunday, I went to the folk fest at Washington Square Park...I missed the beginning of it but did catch the last 2 bands and the insane square dancing that happened at the end! The best part was the look on everyone's face who was just walking by when about 100 people began to attempt to square dance. Then I went to Tompkins for the Blessing and Goodbye to the Bendy tree in there they are cutting down this week. It's next to the "krishna tree" and it is so old and huge I feel really sad about this. Also, a mama rat has been living in there with her babies and I don't know where she went. No one has seen her for days now.
Here is some square dancing...

And here is a 10 second video of Rev Billy hands on the sacred tree of rat babies. I got there just in time for this cause I went home to work out as I have become a fitness fanatic somehow.

And Eak the Geek hugging the tree goodbye.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sophie and Aline Crumb's Art Opening last Sunday!

Last Sunday the 7th, Sophie and Aline Crumb had a art opening at the DCKT Contemporary Art Gallery on Orchard Street. The each and about 10 pieces in the show on two separate walls. This is the first time I have ever been to a mother/daughter art exhibit and it was as crazy as you can imagine it was! So many different walks of life there...people from Csquat, art dealers and managers, old friends of Aline's from the 60's, my damn parents came even as a painting of my mom was sort of part of the exhibit in the back. My sister came too with her hubby and her son. I felt overwhelmed by the people that showed up so I can imagine how Sophie and Aline felt! I think Sophie sold five pieces by the next day as the show will be up for about a month. Here is the link to the gallery with a summary of the work and some pics I took and/or stole off of other people who were there. Whee!
Some exciting band news for John and I is in the works as this continues to be the year of Getting Shit Done for us. Whoop whoop! Their show had a mention on Gothamist too with Sophie's pic!
Pics from the DCKT opening:

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Heaps of Crap!

There is HEAPS OF CRAP happening every day since I got back to NYC and the next few posts are going to be a jumble of me getting stuff off my desktop that has been on there for weeks in no particular order I JUST WANT IT UP HERE ALREADY DAMMIT! I have been running around like a maniac enjoying the end of summer...I never got around to uploading some funny videos from the Troll Museum Benefit from two weeks ago...Hell, I have video from France and Spain I still want to post...but it's 90 degrees out every day and I cannot be online long. Too much happening out of the doors!
So here the top pics are from Derek Berg...who took them of me with one of the three giant rats that are now at Social Tees. Plague, Pestilence and Bubonic. Awww....he sent these to not realizing grieve knows me. Heh! So grieve passed them on to me! Further down you can see the rat selfies I took...trying to make the rat look as huge as possible. Plus, my pal Holly showed up from Waggytail dog rescue to get that pic of Robert holding the rat and her tiny chihuahua Kiwi.
Then Fly snapped a pic of me at Csquat reading the new issue of Peops! that I am in...Page 1! Aline Crumb is also in that issue with many other cool interesting folks. Love it!
I stopped by to see Ray when I was wasted and was shocked that there is now fruit there!
And the bottom pic is a painting Aline Crumb did of Joan Rivers...RIP to that wonderful crazy bitch Joan! Next post is about Aline and Sophie Crumb's art opening in soho which was chock full of hilarity and madness.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Unbearable Lightness of Blogging.

Just a quick post with some stuff I have seen since I got back last week...the nice black and white pics  are from the show we did at the Crumb Gallery in Sauve. Someone took some nice pro pics so I figured I would throw them up here. The top pic is of our new splatter vinyl of Chimpin' the Blues. We have so much new stuff coming out this year and next and that podcast album keeps selling out which is great! Every few months a big check from our distro rolls in right when we need nice! Making money from what you enjoy and create!
Then we have DAVE DAVE DAVE in the dog run with a new shirt on! That's how you know it's still summer! Then some golf clubs and bag propped up in a phone booth on 2nd ave..this seems to be a trend lately Thrown out golf stuff. Good-o!
The bottom pic is a blurry one I took on my way to Reverend Jen's troll museum benefit which I will post about later on this week..some seniors were tap dancing for a big audience on east 4th st with a harmonica player helping them out.
So much stuff happening...and you know how much I like stuff! It is 90 degrees tomorrow and i am so much enjoying this second summer I get to have after my european summer!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back in NYC! Here are some pics and videos from gig in France!

I am back in the big, stinky rotten apple! Nice to be back when it's still warm out but feels weird to not be in the little medieval village now. I have to wear shoes and don't have to try and speak french and no one is kissing me 3 times on the cheek every day when I see them. Sniff. Man, I love it there. What a fantastic summer I have had...played music, went to Spain, went on a boat in Marseille to swim in the bluest water ever. Waterfalls, beach, great food...I only gained 4 lbs and I lost 2 already. THIS MAKETH ME HAPPY! Next year it's the Queen Mary 2 to the UK, London visit, south of france for a month and Lisbon in the middle with the Crumbs for sun and flea markets and 78s. I can't wait already!
Here are some pics from the show we played with Sophie's band Les Sauviettes at the amazing Crumb gallery. Some video of all of us too together. Great night! We did 4 podcasts..or maybe 5 with Robert. Recorded a bit...finished our double CD/album podcast. Damn, I am so freaking lucky. Love the Crumbs. Love Sophie and the kids. Love the friends we made there. Such a weird, artsy crazy little scene! I feel like I have two homes now.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Francidy France France France!

Well, still in the south of France and still having a blast! There are dozens of unposted videos and pics on my laptop and I since I will post them all eventually and I am lazy I am just picking random ones to put up now. I get back on the 15th and the next day I go straight to a show at Csquat where I get to drink and see everyone at once which will be both surreal and great! I am so used to buying fresh bread every day at the little specialty store here, swimming, beaching, and also not understanding the language that it will be a bit of a culture shock to get back to NY. But some great stuff to look forward to when I return so I expect no depression at all. Still summer and lots of stuff going on to be excited about. After almost six weeks away I am pretty beyond refreshed and inspired to have a productive August and fall.
AnyFrog, first is the flyer for a big gig we have this monday at the Crumb gallery playing with The Sauviettes which is Sophie Crumbs amazing trio. Then we have a few pics of John and Robert during the podcasting. We had some technical issues and have done only three so far...hoping to get some more done before we leave if the parts that were ordered come here in time. I hope I hope!
If not, we have three great ones including the second half of the 2 CD/album release we are putting out early next year. Yay!
A random pic from Marseille..Le Tom Cruise! One of Sauve at night at La Place where all the kids come to play and the parents can hang out and drink. The new lights they put in the village are too bright for my tastes but I have to admit they make form some pretty great photo ops.
Aline Crumb painted her friend Dominique with MY MOM ONCE AGAIN! I love it!
It will be part of an art exhibit in September that Aline and Sophie are having in NYC on the 7th. I invited my sisters and my mom of course. It is going to be a crazy mix of people and i can't wait!
Plus, I get to see Sophie and Aline in NYC three weeks after we leave France. How INCROYABLE IS THAT??

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Barcelona! Parc Guell and Las Ramblas.

We are now in Barcelona! Planned this trip while in NYC, booked the hotel and bought train tickets while in France and now having a great time. I love when I plan something out form just a passing thought and suddenly I am here! Hotel is one block off the main strip in the Ramblas so it's quiet at night...has wi-fi, cheap and awesome. Today we went to do one touristy thing and saw Parc Guell and the Gaudi art. Pretty freaking cool! The we walked around the area at night for hours and man is it amazing here. Just as great as I heard if not more so. Roman buildings everywhere next to the best tapas and bars. Street kids and crazies galore and everyone parties all damn night. I posted a ton of pics here cause I have so many more to put up plus tomorrow we hit the famous Encants flea market which i am excited about. Then I made all of John's dreams come true but finding a movie theater we can walk to that plays Planet of the Apes in english. HE IS FOREVER IN MY DEBT!
This is a nice break from Sauve and when we get back there it's all beach, waterfalls and music until we leave on the 15th. What a great summer. I love traveling and seeing new countries if only one small part of it. Then i get to run wild in NYC and make up for all my sobriety here by getting wasted for a month straight!