Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's My Happening and it Freaks Me Out!

I collect big eyed children from the 60's paintings, not so much Keane as Lee, and since I seemed to have lost much of my funny/weird pin collection last year I have started anew! Found a ton of great buttons from the 60's on ebay last week and my pro-streaking patch arrived today. Since I do most of my writing at The Bean i will now start some winter sewing there to break it up. Soon everything I own will have a vintage patch on it and every top and jacket will have a pin. Here are some good ones that should come next week. John being the best husband in the world has already got me saving items on ebay for xmas though I am a Jew and my Sag card hasn't come yet so i can submit for work. I am a lucky gal I am I am I am! And when I get some dough coming in I have big plans for gifts for him. BIG PLANS.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last show of the year in Tompkins today! 10 Punk Points for going!

Went to the last show of 2014 in the park today and it was packed. And was by far the most fun show of the year in there. Dawn of Humans played which means there was paint, costumes, and some nudity. Love that band! So much stuff going on this week and through Halloween! This fall fucking rocks so far. I took some pics and videos which are probably shaky and bouncing up and down like the entire stage was when they played.

video video video

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tompkins Dog Run Halloween Parade!

I took all these with my iPhone but some came out pretty decent! Ran over to the Tompkins Dog Run at 2pm and now getting ready for my best friends fire spinning show in BK at Big Sky Works. I love that Halloween is like a week this year! Most of these pics are self explanatory. Though there is a chicken in there for some reason in a baby carriage. Named Beyonce. We even have ebola dog, Pugasso and punk rock chihuhua's!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

So far I do not hate the fact that WINTER IS COMING!

I have no "seasonal depression" or whatever it is people call it when I can't stand to be freezing my ass off when I am outside and the air is actually painful on my face. I really hate winter and it's not actually winter nor is it cold out yet really but usually right after Halloween I begin buying lotto tickets dreaming about spending 3 months in Maui...John and I spent one month there years ago and we loved it.
AnySnot, my point is there is lots of good shit going on for me this fall and winter so I hope the good feeling lasts. Been going to a lot of parties and mics and shows which is why my head is killing me right now. Have vague memories of grabbing my friend Emleigh's boob and then dancing around at Coal Yard Bar. Ow.
The top pic is part of that NYC 30 years ago project and is a pic of 7th and Avenue A hanging on a pole by 7th and A. How is that for meta? Then there is a rally for the neighborhood gardens going on in Tompkins. John had that day off work so we did jokingly celebrate The Sweetest Day and I think we are the only people in NYC who did. Further down you can admire John TRYING to play Ms. Pacman at Barcade on St Marks that night...and the wonderful hobo clown I bought for him.
The middle pics are of my friend JR Helton reading from his new book The Jugheads at Cakeshop on Sunday night. I love his stuff. Below the Line, which is about working in the scenic arts for film and TV, is my favorite by him with his novel Drugs coming in at a close second. He encourages me to work on my own book which I happily have been.
John's book, a huge coffee table one full of old band pics with a CD insert of some of the old bands music and our music as well is set to be proposed to Abrams Comic Arts Publishing next week and that is fucking huge. Charlie Kochman, who put out The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books and My Friend Dahmer and so much more is going over John's proposal to try to sell it to Abrams soon and if this goes through I will die from joy. It's a great book John put together and he was set to put it out himself but Abrams is awesome and huge. His book could wind up everywhere with our music in it. Holy shit. HOLY SHIT! Well, fingers crossed! Life is exciting and I guess thats why I don't care about winter this year. YET.
I only hope it sells as well as that Little House cookbook did! What a bargain!
All kinds of Halloween fun coming up soon...starting with my friend Erin spinning fire at a show in BK this weekend. I love this time of year. Halloween is going to last four freaking days. Yip!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oy Vey!

Fuck a bunch of fall! I got my SEXY EBOLA Halloween costume all ready for my favorite holiday! But first there is The Sweetest Day this Saturday and since it's John's only weekend off up until December we are actually celebrating this dumb fake holiday! I really don't think those cards have been selling at all.
I meant to post a review of Bayside the Musical along with my snap bracelets from the night and that pic of Screech but well...I am busy and just go see the damn play it's hilarious, okay? Theater 80 on St Marks Place!
That bottom pic is for John's side project The Hen Pecked Husbands. R Crumb is going to draw his album cover and I am on half the songs despite it being John's side string band project so they wanted me on the cover. I could be on all the songs but I want to concentrate on playing my new guitar and the fiddle and banjo stuff is something John loves a lot more than I do so I just play and sing on the songs I like the most. Robert loves this kind of photo stuff. My tiny yet amazon self ready to beat on everyone.
I have been really working on the Slumgoddess book the past few days... one chapter is finally getting done and edited and finished with since I unraveled the mystery of one of the craziest people I ever had the bad luck of meeting. The 50 Crays chapter is both sad and depressing. Sometimes researching a really mentally ill person makes you feel like you have crawled into their skin and into their twisted brain and I feel like I need a shower after writing sometimes. I have a private blog that is password protected I have been using. I suppose once more stuff is edited I will give more people the password but for now it's not going super public. Some pretty detailed stuff on there about all kinds of crap that has happened to me and as hard as some of it was to write most of it is humorous and just weird. Well, ALL of it is weird but the chapter I just finished...Man, some people you are just better off not knowing the truth about. And some people REALLY should never have kids. It is scary the crazies that breed...well, it's all almost online now so that is a relief. Because poop stories are my favorite so far. Ones where I am stuck pooping in various awful places. On a freight train while kids throw rocks at the dark at a rainbow gathering into a fire pit i thought was a shitter...and while hitching rides through Quebec while I had a bad stomach and had to jump out of the cars every five minutes screaming. About poop. LOUDLY.
I love writing and am getting a lot of encouragement from many to keep going. I start to tell someone what I am writing about which just seems normal and sort of dull to me and they are all, "I WOULD READ THAT SO FUCKING HARD SO YOU BETTER FINISH" which is a good sign. I guess what I consider normal life stuff makes for good reading to some.
 My friend JR Helton is doing a reading from his new book The Jugheads this weekend at Cakeshop and I look forward to discussing writing autobiographical stuff with him. It can be hard knowing how much to put in about people and what to leave out. Deciding what matters to you to get down on paper and what a reader would find long winded or uninteresting. I am finding my voice and it feels great.
I also pay my damn SAG dues this Friday which means I can register to get my FYC freebies!
Free movies and voting all through December! I do have pics from all kinds of shows and stuff I have gone to in the past two weeks but I am just distracted by the book lately which is a good thing. That and some new recordings John and I have to do for our own new album. I think John's new comp is coming out first. And it is a fucking doozy. 3 CD's, and vinyl of course...and crumb artwork of course of course of course! And some amazing music both wonderful and rare. I get excited thinking about promoting so much stuff coming out in 2015 that I am ALMOST looking forward to winter. I hang out within a ten block radius of where I live so who cares if I have to throw on another layer or ten.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Pigs in Space!

Goodbye summer...sob! Well, it is now fall and I am dreading winter but I have all kinds of stuff going on including taking a uncredited French class at The New School over the winter, working on Slumgoddess the Book, finishing our new album and other assorted fun projects. I pay my SAG-AFTRA dues this week so I can start with the BG extra work again soley for cash. Probably will hit up some auditions too and see if anything comes of it. They are kinda fun to go to...
BUT not as much fun as the Drone Guy of Tompkins! He s out several times a week with that drone statue thing and flyer. Even during Circus Amok and the Bendy Tree stuff he was there with it.
Then I took a pic of Ed my favorite Ray's regular. Kevin McGlynn long time regular of Ray's was arrested in Juily for stalking Rhianna and I am trying to find out if he is in jail still or a mental ward. He was remanded and deemed unfit to stand trial which he. I know Kevin pretty well and he was never violent and I don't believe he is violent but he does believe he is Jesus Christ and that Rhianna, Jay Z and Kanye stole material from him and are sending him messages through their songs. Crazy, yes. But violent, no. It is kinda sad he lost his shit and stalked her because he will never stop unless he is locked up I suppose.
Then someone REALLY cares about you getting your hat back! And in keeping with signs that try to be clever here is the sandwich board from Organic Grill on 1st ave. Oh the laughter!
Some super exciting band news coming soon...until then we now play at least once a month at Jalopy's Roots and Ruckus.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Washington Square Park Folk Fest and Fare thee to Bendy Tree.

I feel like I have been up for days now trying to enjoy the last of summer and hit every single thing that has been going on. AND BY THAT I MEAN HIT EVERY SINGLE DIVE BAR TIL 5AM. Just kidding. Sort of! Today, Sunday, I went to the folk fest at Washington Square Park...I missed the beginning of it but did catch the last 2 bands and the insane square dancing that happened at the end! The best part was the look on everyone's face who was just walking by when about 100 people began to attempt to square dance. Then I went to Tompkins for the Blessing and Goodbye to the Bendy tree in there they are cutting down this week. It's next to the "krishna tree" and it is so old and huge I feel really sad about this. Also, a mama rat has been living in there with her babies and I don't know where she went. No one has seen her for days now.
Here is some square dancing...

And here is a 10 second video of Rev Billy hands on the sacred tree of rat babies. I got there just in time for this cause I went home to work out as I have become a fitness fanatic somehow.

And Eak the Geek hugging the tree goodbye.