Monday, September 19, 2016

Some pics from the punk picnic and punk show too.

Hit Ralph's BBQ last week...the annual punk picnic. Never being super punk myself really I did not know half the people there but I knew many. I am just weird. Ex squatter who was on Dead tour for a year, was a hippie for several years, began squatting on Ave C and 9th and hop trained and hitchhiked all over the country. Now I like old music and am a 78 expert sort of and play with R Crumb. My life is weird hence my book which is coming along! I guess I like the weirder punk like Rudimentary Peni and shit like that. No Sex Pistols crap for me.
So the picnic pics go right into the Tompkins show pics where I knew just about everyone there including the cops and it was all mellow and fun. Love how my friends who have had kids let the dye their hair blue and all that Some bad ass kids are going to be adults and teens soon enough! Man they grow up fast as hell.
 A version of Choking Victim played  the park. the band my ex Shayne was bassist in for a while...and I will go see them again in October. I hate the summer ending but I paid my SAG dues and am applying for work again and things are going well and I just cant complain. I had the best summer of anyone I know and John and I will hit Florida in Feb to once again see the Crumbs there while they are on vacation.
Did something great this week...well Aline Crumb did on behalf of us and waiting with baited breath on the results of this! Good things in the works so winter won't be so bad I think.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Protest against the Dakota Pipeline in other words #NoDAPL

So last week there was a big rally against the disgusting greedy travesty that is the Dakota Pipeline situation in Washington Square Park. From about 5-8pm there were speeches, singing, drumming and chanting. Funny thing was some juggalo looking band was playing on the stage that was like right near the rally. Was very strange! So nice to see such a big turnout and to see that people come out to stuff and don't just post crap on fb or wherever. I took lots of video but i will just post some of the pics I took right now...really funny punk show in Tompkins sunday and between that and a party saturday night where i was up until 6am i am pretty shot. I need a few days of sleeping like 10 hours I think. There was also a fun punk picnic in BK so I am glad I have been getting to go to some fun shit since I got back. It's going to be 90 out tomorrow but you can feel at night now how fall is coming.
I also got a pic of my favorite 6'7" Jew who always wants to heal me. And the performance artist that is in the fountain every day there posing on a statue.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Join the Police! You can have a gun and there's money in it too! (Not the gun).

That quote is from an episode of The young Ones where Neil the hippie decides to become a cop then has to break up a party at his own house. He smashes a Steve Hillage record then gets upset. Heh. I would like the smash all Steve Hillage records. Not sure how many people know who that is but I am a music nerd so I do and he is NOT GOOD. I hate all prog-rock really. HATE.
Anywho, there was a really fun and funny Cop recruitment event in Tompkins the other day with a weird show on stage and free stuff and  Dj who played name that tune and i won a teddy bear which I passed along to a kid there. So I took some pics and as I know most of the cops there from the 9th precinct and chat with them almost every day since I live right next door just about it was a hilarious day. One asked me to take a pic of them scooping ice cream so I did then texted it to them. I have a few of their numbers in my cell actually in case I am bothered by anyone creepy or crazy. Nice of them! I tweeted the pics to the cops twitter and offered to play music at their next event on our block. They were like, "uh..not sure about that!" I assured them we have kid friendly songs and in the middle of all this the DJ was playing like Geto Boys or something. I was dying.
I took some video too I will post and got a NYPD Join the Finest bracelet which goes nicely with my WEED CRACK LSD COCAINE bracelet someone gave me as a joke. Heh. This one cop was a great dancer and next to him was a little girl who was so good and it was just adorable. Bottom video of the "nay nay" is the best thing ever.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Quick post cause I am tired as shit. Does shit get tired? Ah, mystery.

Just a quick post at midnight on a weekday...very tired this week as they are "upgrading" the electricity in my building and I wake up every day way too early to the sounds of drilling and the apt shaking. They will be quieter soon as running BX cables won't be loud so I need to just go to sleep earlier and wait it out. I met the workers and they want it done too as everyone here hates them. They loved me though. We shot the shit for half an hour on the stairs a few days ago. They also put plastic up on some assholes door who was a dick to them and left it up so he couldnt get out which I thought was pretty funny.
Weather is GREAT though and I am happy though tired. That top pic is John's solo album which is up for pre-order order on Amazon now. The link to order is here and the cover is the best yet! Crumb just keeps topping himself! ORDER HERE.
Then we have the adorable Angelina from the small dog rescue I volunteer for Waggytail. I learned a bit of iMovie so I edit videos for them and other stuff...well I will now that I am back anyway. More about that in my next few posts..Then my new hair do...did i mention I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT IN FRANCE??
Then some dumb guy made a dumb flyer. Seems pretty NOT AT ALL FUNNY. Then we got some Whey. A lot of whey. And the 6 foot 7 inch Jew rapper is back! He is like two of me. Freestyle rap and healing. What CAN'T he do? Then the true to life statue of Trump in Union Square...sans balls of course as he has none.
The cop recruitment event was in Tompkins the other day and it was so funny. I won a teddy bear by playing name that all kinds of cop swag...saw many cops I like and know as I live next to the 9th precinct. Had fun talking and gossiping and watching the show they had going on on stage. A cop did the Nay Nay and I love martial arts and twerking. I love the 9th...most fun cop shop ever. Plus they love me so I am well protected too if needed.
That stuff will be my next post and I hope I can get the cop dancing up!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rev Jen's Troll Museum on display at Chinatown Soup Gallery.

Months after the sad eviction of Reverend Jen's apartment and Troll Museum the gallery Chinatown Soup decided to display part of the illustrious trolls in their gallery down on Orchard St. I am pretty much over my Jet Lag from Europe though I still get tired at like 9pm. Tomorrow I hit Otto's Shrunken Head for a friends show so I shall partake in my favorite lit on fire Tiki drink and get drunk for the first time in about 3 months. Yep. Did not drink in France at all but some sips of good wine. Too hot to be hungover there and I barely drink now. However, I can nurse a glass of wine for hours while I have fun, crazy nights in bars here for the end of summer. I prefer to drink at Csquat though. Not much of a barfly but for Mars Bar. Nowhere else can compare with that place or the old Bowery Poetry Club.
So here are some pics from the Troll Museum resurrection at Chinatown Soup. It's down now I think but it was pretty cool as you can see. I think that is NY Magazine interviewing Jen there. Also, BK Magazine did a story on it I will link at the end of this post.
First post in NYC and i will far more up on this now. Been really busy with recording, guitar and I begin to work again in September hopefully...John got offered his possible dream job but I don't want to jinx it! We will see....but so far my first week back has been great! And it's as hot as Satan's taint and I love it! The heat AND the taint! The last two pics are of the best garbage I have ever seen...a bedazzled wheelchair with a huge clock behind it...and that sticker that I see everywhere. Lots of dumb annoying flyers and stickers since I left. Dan Smith must be sad.

Brooklyn Magazine article: