Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nico De Gallo

My friend Nico De Gallo had a small birthday party for herself over at Csquat last week..It was fun-there was a lot of people there and I recall at least one person puking on the floor at some point..but other that that it was pretty mellow. Nico lives in my old room over there now. I took some pics of the party, including an adorable blow up sheep which I fell in love with! Her room has lots of neat stuff hanging on the walls..The bottom two pics are of the 5th floor art gallery thingy going on there which is pretty cool. How do you like all my great descriptions? "Neat stuff" and "cool"...Well, whatever..I'm hungover. P'shaw.


  1. Fuckin' Cisco...... I've seen that dude do some weird shit.

  2. Ahh fuckin nico...quite a lass

  3. she reminds me of my neighbor. and my neighbor is cool