Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sort of funny, annoying goddamn catchy youtube shit..

Every day I get tons of fb mail..this is just what happens when you accept every friend request. I used to be more picky and I still won't add anyone who is going to write about Jesus all over my page or is some insane right wing conservative who is going to send me hate mail over Occupy Wall Street or anything I post that may be offensive to them. My page is public. It has offensive things on it I MYSELF post..they know what I am like yet they still get offended! Some guy left 50 comments on a joke I made..until I told him it was just a joke..then he acted like he knew that already and said I was just like "Fox News" for deleting his dumb comments which all my friends were getting notifications for. Then I had to block him as he emailed me insulting me..and posted a status about me being a bitch who took away his freedom of speech on my page. Mind you, this is a 57 year old stranger who had no pictures of themselves and about 50 friends.
I mean, who the hell knows who that was? Anyone can make a fake page and add you and then serial kill you! That site seems to turn people into kids again..petty arguments,, posts to hurt exes and ex friends..arguments over religion and politics which resort to name calling..I'm glad the internet wasn't around when I was a teen. I was bullied enough. The funniest is when an ex friend or ex bf or someone you don't care for comes up as "someone you may know" to add. I feel like making my shit private and reblocking the few crazies I had blocked last year..but i am scared to touch my settings. The new format sucks and I don't want to switch to it. See-right there I sound like a baby! "I WANT TO BLOCK PEOPLE AND THE NEW FB SUCKS!" Har.
It's true though..there are some real loonies on there and not the fun kind.
BUT the fun people send me links to inane YouTube videos and they are so dumb and retarded..they get stuck in my damn head all day..Here are a few of them for you to enjoy. May they forever be driving you crazy as they are me!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

One of my tweets is in Steve Martin's new book!

So, I am on twitter under @eden_brower. I decided I will take the underscore out when i reach over one thousand followers. I have about 830 right now. Not amazing, but not too bad. I go on at about 4am and tweet really silly offensive shit for an hour then I pass out and wake up to see if I got new followers from tweeting stuff like. "Hitler joke are so last Hilter!" and "Why isn't it Live Free but STILl die? Wake up people!" I can't seem to get up to the thousand mark..and I have a fuckload of really crazy people who write insane things to me every day.
But Twitter is fun. There are a lot of celebrities on there and there is something fun about being able to write to them and know they will possibly read it. I harass Judd Apatow for being an egomaniac. Steve Weber and Andy Dick write funny, dirty stuff to me. Edward Olmos, The Barbi Twins and Jeff Ross all follow me. I mean, how weird is that? It's a little world of funny, craziness I have been enjoying more and more.
Anylumps, I tweeted some silly joke to Steve Martin and he put out a book of tweets which includes a bunch of stuff people wrote him that he found funny..and one was mine! Now if only he would let my band open up for him..So here is a link to the book and the page my thing is on's just a tiny little book and I get a tiny mention but i'm still excited! In the pics above..the bottom one is what Martin tweeted about the Oscars..the top one is a few replies to him with mine in there somewhere..
Steve's Book..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Justice for Vylette page and story..

These photos were sent to me by a friend who was pregnant..gave birth at a birthing center where a mothers nightmare began. She was ignored, told to go home, told to not push when she knew it was time to push..which all resulted in a very painful birth and the death of her daughter who had been perfectly healthy in every way. This is her story..I am going to link her facebook page Justice for Vylette here..people can go there and read exactly what happened to her and why she is suing the place..and is beyond heartbroken.
Here is the beginning of her account:
my daughter Vylette Moon was wrongfully killed by the disgusting negligence of both my midwives and doula from a birthing center in Brooklyn, nyc. i wanted the most natural spiritual birth i could give my child, drug free, with tender love and care and instead i ended up with the most horrific birth story ever imaginable! My mission is to get JUSTICE for VYLETTE. to never allow these 'midwives' to be anywhere near precious new life or pregnant women, and to have this careless center SHUT DOWN. ------------------- please come to my page Justice for Vylette to read the rest of the tragic story in greater detail as well as see images of my beautiful daughter who was completely perfect for the duration of my entire pregnancy.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Unicorn Madness!

Yeesh it's been a long time! I went to a party last Friday and I think I got alcohol poisoning form drinking like 15 glasses of white wine! WINNING! Well, it was a fun night so I guess it was worth it! Haven't drank much since then except for half a beer but I finally feel better and back to normal Well, what passes as normal for me anyway.
Here are some unicorn pics that people have been posting on my page on facebook. Facebook is just so crazy since I have been accepting friend requests from people I don't know at all and have thousands of fake friends who are making me nuts. I wake up to dozens of weird fan emails for the band and strange messages and once in a while hate mail for something I posted usually from some right wing anti Occupy Wall Street person who has decided to vent on me for no reason. Thank Xenu for the block button though I am scared to go into my settings the past few months because I don't want to be timelined. I really hate the new "look."
But anyhoops, here are some damn uncorns for you to enjoy! My next post is going to be for a friend who went through a nightmare giving birth to her baby and is in a living hell right now. I figured I would post these pics first before getting into that.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Pics Time..

I am so lazy about blogging..mainly because I forget to tape tings I go to or take photos of weird stuff I see around the hood..Lately I have a lot of stuff to post about so hopefully I will remember to blog more..Here are some random things I saw this week that I either find funny or depressing..The way Subway is taking is opening on St Marks soon..Ugh. A sign at a bar..A commercial for AXE body spray-Spray of Douchebags! being shot on my block..and sign from The Bean on second ave which I love to sit at and study..