Thursday, September 26, 2013

A frolic around town.

I woke up with the flu today which is no surprise since John has had it for a week. Boo! But I have nothing to do really but write and rest in the sun. Tomorrow we get our photo taken as part of the Lower East Side Girls club neighborhood artists series. Should be fun. I got "peoped" by Fly a few days ago plus our new Cd's came so I over did it on the celebrating and got sick sick sick! Still super happy though!
Here are some random pics I took in the past week. Some East River String band fans at the Bean... a Batman sticker at Coal Yard bar. Those things are everywhere and I DO know who makes them!
Someone threw out a trampoline. WHY WHY WHY? Theatre 80 has the Saved By the Bell musical!
We have Eak the Geek and Angel in Tompkins on a sunny day of which there are plenty of lately...The Joe Strummer mural halfway done-I blogged about the unveiling already.
And two pics from the Washington Square Park Folk fest..Grammy winner Steve Earle and Pat Conte playing.
Still warm and still a lot happening everywhere!
I will be posting how to buy our new album in a week or so when the Cd's and vinyl are up online with images and track listings. Oct 29th is the release date! SO EXCITED!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Joe Strummer Mural at Niagara is unveiled.

Just came from the dramatic unveiling of the new(and improved?) Joe Strummer mural at Niagara Bar. Mick Jones was there and Jim Jarmusch was spotted, along with Dick Manitoba, Trigger and just about every neighborhood person that has ever been into punk rock. It was a reunion of sorts. I saw people there I haven't seen in ages Like Vinnie from A.P.P.L.E. Crazy!
I took some pics and a few videos. No real speeches were made, and no songs were sung which let down a few folks but it was pretty packed and still going strong when I left at 1am.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Some photos of LES Jewels I have taken over the years....

I went to one of the memorials for Jewels who died a few days ago and I took some photos. I will upload them soon and I will take more on Friday at the official memorial in Tompkins Square the meantime I searched my blog for pics of him and found a few. Very weird to not be seeing him around St Marks and Avenue A. Gothamist linked some tweets about him, including all of mine, but the real commenting is going on at evgrieve who heard about the death at 10am.
Man, I have been so busy with parties, shows, friends...but it's almost fall and it's time to find some work and be more productive. Been writing a lot lately...I have to keep redoing this chapter in my book  50 Shays of Crazy which is about a mythomaniac I knew last year who almost ruined my life with her insanity and lies. I keep hearing about crazy shit she is still doing so I have to keep on updating the damn chapter! So far it's 50 crazy things she had lied about and there are far more than 50 that is for sure. Most likely, it will end with her alone as usual a victim of her own making...but in the meantime I update. Would have been funny if her and Jewels met. Even her crazy is no match for Jewels when he is in LES JEWELS MODE.
Lots of talk about the shitty things he has done of course...and yes, there are many. But not when he was sober. When sober he was calm and normal and fun to talk to. When drunk...well he certainly left his mark on the LES and East Village!
I will post some of the memorial pics in a few days. Here is Jewels performing poetry at Csquat. panhandling during SantaCon and getting naked on Avenue A while on Sparks.

Friday, September 6, 2013

First post of September..can you STAND THIS MUCH EXCITEMENT?

Fuck fall! I want it to stay summer forever! Actually, it's still going to be in the mid 80's all week so that makes me happy. I LOVE traveling all summer but I also love NYC the most in the summer so it's great when it stays warm late in the season for me so I get to experience both.
Took some pics with my phone the past few days...with all the parties and shows I have been going to I should have way more interesting posts but I have not been bringing my real camera out with me lately.
Things are pretty amazing...I have our new album coming out next month...both in CD form and vinyl! Another East River Records project coming out in November...Todd Cambio of Fraulini instruments is building me a custom guitar...short bodied with pink leopard inlay....writing is fun and coming along well...and the Crumbs come into town this week for a short visit...Robert gets to stay in France and babysit his grandkids so I get to shop and gossip with Aline and drink and hang out in the park with Sophie...and hopefully go back to Sauve for a visit in resting just going to keep on having a blast through this coming winter and ignore the cold!
First, we have the LSD sign...Do people still want to get dosed? I thought the brown acid at Woodstock changed all that..then the Krishna juice bar on east 5th has given up trying to lure people in with samples and just has them sitting there all day. Place is always empty and since I love juice and smoothies I suppose I will try them out soon. NO CHANTING PLEASE.
The guy with the stand up bass who is in Tompkins every damn day playing that thing...Did Dan Smith teach him how to play?
Then THE PEE PHONE! Someone piled it high with BOOKS and LEARNING yesterday! Walked by many times and no one took a book. They could be there now still..I will check later.
Dave's new t-shirt..he got it for his birthday which he always celebrates at Odessa's with the dinner ending with the owner giving him a pie in the face.
And finally, one of the can ladies scored big time! get it? BIG TIME! AHAHAHAHAHA!
Hope to be updating more on here fellow friends and stalkers! Lots of good stuff coming up soon!