Friday, February 7, 2014 last time for psychotic drug addled stalker. GO AWAY JONATHAN LICHATZ.

This post is kind of funny but at this point it seems necessary...that lovely top pic is of "junkie" Jonathan Lichatz who I had a fight with 2 years ago now...except he is super skinny, 10 years older and is way more fucked up looking than that these days. I told him after knowing him for about 3 weeks, to stop texting and calling me to meet for coffee or drinks after he nodded out at Coal Yard bar and kept lying to me over and over again about his drug use. Typical opiate addict stuff-his eyes are pinned because the sun is in them and he is tired and my favorite..he doesn't feel good because he has "food poisoning." Heh! He called his dealer his "therapist" and just bought morphine, oxy's, dope..anything he could saying it was for back pain. I told him to fuck off sorta..he had been hanging out at Tompkins, near my work, near C squat hoping to run into me..and he posted all kinds of craziness on Facebook. Linked John and I doing a Cee-Lo song...called me a bitch, whore, cunt etc. I retaliated and then blocked him. Texted me over and over until I walked over to the 9th precinct to talk to someone there about him as he was scaring me and I know some of the cops. I filed a complaint and eventually he stopped. If you put "unrest is in the air" in the search box on this blog you can see his wonderful comments when he posed as a woman on here claiming she had a boyfriend who did heroin but she let him because she loved him. Yikes. Scary and sad, both. Funny too as I have a tracker in here and if I was too dumb to guess it was him his address showed up. Heh.
Then about a year later he was living somewhere in the south I guess and he started in again. A couple of comments on youtube videos-some mean, some nice probably depending on if he was high or not. More facebook posts including this event at Fish Bar I went to..he kept saying "yes" to evites though he wasn't in NYC to get my attention so I finally wrote saying to leave me is a snippet of this guy's relationship with me last year:
Anyway, the point is someone went to Library Bar last month and just sent me a pic they took of the bathroom where my friends had put my band stickers up. Jonathan had been in an awful power ballad rock band long ago and he had defaced my stickers with his own...which did make me laugh when I got that pic of it..because it's just pathetic. Not only does he act like a 10 year old at the age of 43, he looks nothing like that bare chested rock drummer now. He weighs like 80lbs and is covered in rashes and cuts and resembles an old man. What a horrible band too! AHHH! Fucking Def Leppard wannabe. Put some shirts on, PLEASE! Awful. That sticker of his is from a photo that is 2 decades old. That band broke up long ago. I asked around and sure enough, he had been at the bar the night before my friend was there drinking.
Obviously I don't give a shit about someone taking my stickers down, or ripping them off or writing on them. My friends and I put them up expecting them all to be down within a week. People want to keep them and rip them off to steal, the street cleaners clear the poles every week, it rains or snows and they fall off. Or they just get ripped down for the hell of it. That doesn't bother me. But what DOES concern me is that fact that after two entire years of ignoring and not seeing this guy he is STILL obsessed with me and trying to get my attention. He did this to several of John and I's band stickers and defaced a few of them at my favorite local bar hoping I would see it. Wrote very weird stuff on them and ripped off John's head in a few of them. And put his own head on there. Woah. LOONEY TUNES MUCH? Saying "yes" to every event I am going to on facebook then at least not showing up. Smart enough or too scared to come which is good he SHOULD be scared.
Facebook is your only friend, Jon if you are reading this which I am sure you are. You vent on there and of course your friends sympathize and agree with things you post about me and others, as you give no details about what you are doing in reality. If you did, no one would sympathize with you of course. So this post is for you. Leave me alone. I know you are likely still single and alone because if you were happy you would not bother harassing me with your childish games. Also, who would want you? What girl would even hang out with you? You're sick.  I saw every post you made because you added See Squat on fb in your stalking of me..then you forgot I guess because you began bashing squatters on there while we all sat around reading your posts laughing. We especially loved the parts where you said I had "pull" in the scene and you were scared. And that I was a hippie, punk rocker street urchin! Which is it? Am I all 3? You seemed to have left out the fact that you were stalking me, high as shit at my gigs and nodding out, texting me hundreds of times a day, lying to me over and over, stalking me on my blog and youtube pretending to be other people, flipping because some friend of yours emailed me asking if he could take my bands photos at a gig, making me delete that guy Kenneth Young on Facebook because you hate him for some reason. Does he know too much about you? I added him back by the way! and on and on and on. I could post all the crap on fb and prove your psychotic but I would rather deal in reality. It's bizarre how you somehow can still see my page to stalk me on there. Guess you have a fake profile just so you can stalk little old me. Aww... Then you take my posts about you and cut and paste them to your own page saying YOU are being stalked. Meanwhile, I saved every post you made and people can see all your comments bothering me. Even your friends don't believe you as you complain about some "whore" and "two faced shit talking bitch" every few months online. Always someone new you hate, nothing lasts. How many women have blocked you by now? A dozen? Two dozen? More?
You are sexist, horrifying, have no life and you are scary. Every female is a "whore" or a "bitch" to you because you can't have them. Then you lie and make it so you are the victim. The whore part cracks me up as you claim you were once was a real gigolo and woman paid you for sex. And were some kind of rock star orgy king? Har! All hail the king! Is that all in your old bands Behind the Music? The orgies of the power ballad jam band from utterly impressive.
I know you were in Tompkins and on Avenue C stalking me every day for months after I told you to let me be. I ignored you and walked away. I could have gotten any number of friends to go after you in there. The entire crew by the chess tables alone would happily just break all your arms and legs if I told them you were bothering me. Still will actually. But I chose to just ignore thinking you had to get the message soon and move on. But now it's years later and I am sick of crazies and sick of junkies. Of course you're miserable and alone. Who would want you? Scary thing is you copy my jokes now too. Take things I said and pass them off as your own. Are you Laura Palmer's dad? Do you want to be me or you'll kill me? This is not flattering at all it is fucking scary.
I have screenshots of every dumb comment you have made to me, about me and on this blog and on facebook. It's all immature, childish ridiculousness yes...yet this has been gone on long enough. You left NYC because you were suicidal and a drug addict, had no life, no money, no friends and I have no idea why you are back. You will die here bitter and alone. Just leave me out of it. I did enjoy the fact that every time you trashed me online someone would comment that I was adorable and they liked the video or say that I sounded "cool." Hilarious that you trash squatters while you walk around high as a kite with old blood stains on your clothes from some bar fight you got into or some time when you got beat up. No squat would even let you in with you being high and fighting and bothering women all the time.
If I see you on Avenue C I will get my friends to make you leave. If I see you at the bars you know I go to I will do the same. I am tired of you. You live nowhere near me but now you're running around a block from where I live? GO AWAY. Remember John, my huge husband? He knows all about you now and is just simply going to beat the living shit out of you if you go near me. He's had enough too.
Go away, Jon the Cat Lichatz. You are a sad, pathetic loser and you are worthless and useless. You are a living joke. Do you get it now? Hope you do! I still feel sorry for you but you make your own misery. You make yourself a joke.
I rarely use my blog for this but now your name will come up in google when people search it. Unreal that you are trying to walk dogs again. What person would look at you then give you the keys to their place and trust you with their pets? I recall when you were outside my bank and were pissed when some woman gave you a look and walked away from you fast. You wanted to know why everyone runs from you and acts weird. You really don't realize how fucked up you look nodding in front of a bank covered in bloody clothes? She thought you were going to rob her. You were mad potential clients took one look at you and said they would not hire you. You really can't see what you look like which is just crazy. And none of your friends care enough to get you help? Wow, nice friends you have there. No one gives two shits about you. I texted you when i heard you had possibly died which was a mistake as you went into hundreds of texts about how you hate/love me and how you are clean and et etc. The you probably went on Facebook and posted about whores and cunts again when i said to stop. Now i would not care if I heard you died. At all.
Just go die now, please. Get some tainted heroin and leave everyone in the world alone. You are miserable and you just bring misery to people. Sad, sad joke of a man. You ruin everything you touch. And you will come to a bad end, sadly enough. But at this point I too won't give two shits. Hope it happens soon. The sooner the better! :)


  1. oh my god is that mugshot real or did you photoshop it???
    Looks like he is just in love with you so call john if you see this guy and that should take care of it. I am surprised he messes with you at all considering John will totally just smash his head in. i guess when you're high you don't think about consequences.
    Nice to see you the other night and glad you still have your sense of humor intact despite this nutcase!!! you cracked me up!!! Don't worry you are safe and have a million friends Eden.

  2. Oh that pic is real! It's old though. I am sure I can find more recent ones and if he keeps harassing me in any way I will post more and more personal stuff about him on here. He cant win. He is just alone with no friends updating on how miserable he is on fb 24/7 probably. I didn't want to take much time finding a photo cause it makes me sick to look at him. That was one I remembered from two years ago. I don't care to look any further it just makes me feel ill. I got a ton of emails saying if he messes with me they will make sure he stops on facebook from a ton of friends so i am not worried now. Thanks! It was great to see you too! That was a funny crazy night!

  3. To whomever is leaving threatening comments on this post you should know that all of your comments are being moderated by me, her husband John. We have a tracker on here to the person who just threatened her who is in Brooklyn right now, read two posts on here, looked at our band photo plus one photo she took in the park. We have your IP and address. Any fucked up comments left on this post are going to my email, not hers, and are then brought to the 9th precinct along with Jonathan Lichatz's previous threats which have been going on for over two years now. This is between you and I now. None of your posts are helping you Jonathan. They are only proving you to be a dangerous and insane person. Keep it up and I can't wait to see you in person. Last time you saw me you ran. We know where you live and where you work. I will happily ruin your life for you if you keep this up. I will contact people who hire you. I will contact your family and forward all this to them. If you want that to happen keep trying to comment, keep telling "friends" to comment and keep bothering her. And then it will happen. Leave nyc before you die here.