Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tompkins Tompkins Tompkins! (park).

Hello hello dear friends and such...the past two weeks have been fun what with Comic Con going on and various other thingies...trying to enjoy the last of the warm weather as my TV and phone apps keep threatening me with COLD AND DIRE CHILL. Things are good-o...crazy as usual because I know far too many crazies(as usual). Looks like some travel may be in John and I's future but no gigs until April possibly in London with Crumb.
The top pics are from the Tompkins Hearts Around the World event...they had hearts printed out on paper and you could paint one and hang it up. I did not paint one as I got there about ten minutes before it ended. I've been at the gym almost every day lately taking their BURN and BOOTCAMP classes which are killing me but I seem to be addicted to them.
The annual Dog Run  Halloween Parade is coming up soon which I will be at for sure taking pics. As silly as it is I love this event. I think it's on the 24th this year..or the 25th..I have to check my ticket.
The two pics are really self explanatory. That is the just LOVELY AND COMPLETELY SANE Nicholas Marcilio or "Nick" Marcilio who just loves being on the internet behind his computer all day and night doing really normal things! Like harassing and stalking me for almost two years now crank calls and all the rest. The screenshots are new...updated in 2017 two years later to show how much he looks at this post trying to hide his spying by hitting google cache which doesn't work at all. have no idea why he thinks it does. Apparently this is his "thing" and what he does with his time. This is a person I have met twice and who emailed me about half dozen times from his mothers house in 2014. Now that he forced me to go to the 9th precinct after he and his one friend's HILARIOUS shenanigans and they said I can open a file on him, I hope that he finally leaves me alone once and for all. If he doesn't, well I hope he enjoys NYC jails! Getting a "friend" to call me up at 4am on New years eve to call me a cunt is illegal and considered harassment. It also is bordering on violence and of course, sexism and women hating. So is sending a dirty pic of her after I asked to be left alone. He admits to the call as he has to but not anything else. I have it ALL saved though. I have saved the call from Jennifer Evans from Ontario and played it for the cops. That alone can get me an RO on him, forget about him leaving me alone for 10 months then suddenly getting Jennifer Evans the "amish comedian" to follow me on twitter after calling me a cunt. Possibly he hacked her twitter is what the cops think. They do not believe she decided to suddenly go after me again after 10 months out of nowhere which is what he claimed. He claimed to someone that no one called me a "cunt" and if they did they deserve this blog and more as that's a horrible thing to do. The call went(I have it saved and memorized and have uploaded it to my private site I can make public anytime), "Hey Eden! It's Jen! Just calling to say hi! Hope you're doing great! SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY!" then I heard her and Nick laughing and they hung up. He can deny he called me a cunt all he wants but I have the call still. Apparently he tells people she yelled, "See You on Wednesday!" haha. He's got a GREAT imagination and that makes a TON of sense considering she used one of the dumbest, oldest jokes in the book.He then sent me a gross dirty pic of Jennifer Evans making the sign for cunnilingus. I asked him to stop and to leave me alone or I would tell everyone what he is doing and then he did stop for about 10 months. I have the pic of Jennifer as well. Lovely, sane woman who claims she can heal people and speak with the dead. Uh-huh. You cannot make this shit up. She has since deactivated her twitter account and according to my tech guy she is no longer friends with Nick on Facebook. When Nick blocked my path on Ave A  a few months later I decided to not be a coward like him(he runs if he sees me with John now), and looked him in the eye and said Fuck Off then went on to meet my friend who saw this whole thing from across the park and was running over to help me. Nick is telling people I said to Fuck Off because I am SO SO mad he unfriended me on fb. HEH! I forget what his twitter account is completely as it was a bore and he uses it only to spy on people and the Fuck Off by me was over him calling me a cunt not some fb immature shit I could not care less about. It was pretty creepy how an hour after meeting the guy he added me on fb, followed me on twitter, google plus, LinkedIn and more. Social media he uses only to spy on people with. He was obsessed immediately and all over me online. I noticed he unfriended me after the crank call and also saw he was online wasted and it was his bday. This was months and months after I had last seen him which was at Mini Thai with his kids. He wanted me to come in and talk but I said sorry and kept going as I was not only meeting someone but I simply don't like Nick. That probably pissed him off and perhaps he did his "unfriending" then. I have no clue as I was with real friends having fun.
Must have been a fun party he threw just calling girls who have no interest in you whatsoever cunts all night over the phone! Maybe when he hits 50 years old he can send me a fax?  Have no idea when he "unfriended" never noticed and could not care any less. If I did see it I would have felt relieved and thought "oh good." He lives online and things like Fb and Twitter are his whole life. Some people go nuts on Fb and unfriend people who don't like their posts etc..I guess Nick is one of those people. So weird to think that for 10 months he was stewing over me getting madder and madder, unfriending me on this site and that one and I never noticed and then on his bday he spends it asking friends to crank call me at 4am while he is wasted. This is someone I forgot all about after I stopped answering his drunk emails and left for Europe for 6 weeks. He was just a weirdo I made the mistake of talking to because he was super depressed about his own life.  I never looked at his page except to warn him if he kept scaring me I will contact his mother about him. I am sure she knows her son has issues. He lied about me "bothering and yelling his kids names" at him in the park. Never happened. The cops said he had no video at all just me asking to be left alone over and over and calling him a stalker. I have that video too. I have video where I tell him if he bothers me I will contact those closest to him and ask for help. I also texted that to him and I keep my word. I emailed one relative and asked if he was going to hurt me and said he needs help before I get him deported. He was warned I would do this by me and yet he kept going harassing me. Then I realized he is in all kinds of accounts and has multiple fake ones so i blocked that relative and all of his relatives. I have screenshots of this i showed the police. I have about 50 people with his last name blocked at this point. I have a special needs niece I can no longer take to Tompkins because of Nick. I have texts between me and my sister and mother talking about this after I played them his call and showed them his dirty texts. But since he DID have a friend call me a cunt and he DOES admit if he did that he is a horrible person I guess he deserves this post which at this point only he reads as he is OCD about it. His exact words were "if someone did do that call someone a cunt that's really messed up and they deserve what they get! I don't speak that way!" Well, Jennifer Evans does speak that way with his encouragement and they sure both laughed very hard at the funny joke. Haha. Who needs a tracker? When someone looks at this post it's him or some relative he asked to look at it for him as the cops banned him from reading this all day as it's scary behavior. This is my third most popular post on this blog all thanks to Nick. Heh. But one needs to know if he is violent or has a history with women of doing this stuff. No kids were mentioned at all though he has added me from their pages on Facebook which is creepy as they are far too young to be on the site full of pervs. He insists they have accounts for some reason and lied about their ages to Facebook. In fact, I have screenshots of some porn he accidentally linked from his daughters page. He must have forgotten he was logged into their account and made comments all over my friend Abby Editrix's sex podcast. What a gross man. I would have no idea he even had kids or what their names were if he did not keep liking my public FB posts from their accounts. And bothering me on the street when he is its them. He likes to use the fact that he has kids as an "ace in the hole." He kept telling the cops and I assume his family that this blog being up is a threat to his kids as they live with him and I put their pics and address online. Not a grain of truth in that and not one single person would EVER believe I would harm a fly let alone do any of the things Nick told the cops I did. He made up that someone rang his bell and threatened him at 3am while his kids were there. Another lie of course and I told the cops let's look at video footage right now in court of his apartment to which they said there is no need he is obviously making things up that he thinks will get this post down just as he did in court with his divorce which I saw after googling his name. He is using the same "wife tactics" he uses in court for his divorce as he is trying to stop it from going through. He told me he learned to be a nuisance though eventually he will be divorced, of course. Anyone who talks to Nick for five minutes can tell easily that there is something creepy and off about him and he should be on meds I think. He went to the DA and the 9th precinct who are my friends to get this post down and that right there shows what an utter psycho the guy is. He  has gone down in the Eden History Book for doing that and of course, failing miserably as he just lied and told more lies until they cops made him leave telling him to leave me alone or he will end up in jail and deported. I assume me not noticing or caring about online stuff infuriated him as he has no life and no relationships or friends here. And that some crazy anger built up on him and the fact that I barely know him and that almost a year passed since he called me a cunt means nothing to him as he is not normal and does not live in the real world. He is known for making fake accounts on fb and seems to have 3 for himself according to my friend Markus, an InfoSec guy, who took over keeping me safe and private from this insane harassment. Markus said he pretends to have businesses in other countries like Brazil and to work jobs he does not work but just pretends to. Yikes. Nick also uses darknet and proxy addresses to read this post all the time which is another fact I do NOT need to know...shudder...some days he is the ONLY person who read this post but it will show up as him in Iceland, Latvia, Toronto, Australia, Vietnam...just him using proxy after proxy all within an hour of each other. He has no clue that they do not work. Obsessed much, hmm?  I told Markus I do NOT want to know this. I am scared enough of the guys behavior as it is I don't need to know any more than I already do! I simply found Nick creepy, off in the head, crazy, ugly, a shit talker, a gossip and possibly mentally disturbed from the few conversations we had and the many drunk emails he sent to my hotmail which I could barely understand nor did I want to understand. Not a person I wanted or needed as a friend at all. And they say no fury like a woman scorned...a possibly mentally ill man being scorned seems to lead to being stalked for over two years now since Dec 30th, 2014. That is how long this man has been angry about me not wanting to see him and ignoring his texts as politely as I could. In real relationships a woman stalked can often times end in the man perpetrating violence towards the woman. In fact this happens VERY often. The statistics for this on Safe Horizon are insane and sad. This scares me as he keeps insisting we had a "real" relationship and he will go to "family court" to get this completely truthful post down as he insists we had years of dating. If he claims that in court it is fully in my favor. If you DID have a relationship with a guy and then he won't leave you be there is like a WAY larger chance he will commit violence against you. A stranger usually gives up in two years. When he claims he "dated me" many times and these dates mean he can go to family court I will happily show up with my husband and about 30 friends who witnessed or heard about his harassment of me. And perhaps I will contact his ex wife too. Quite sure she is not a fan of his after a NY judge said he is making his case with her drag on to be a nuisance and wasting time and money not to mention doing mental damage to his own kids he claims to care about. So scary he thinks we had a relationship. I just LOVE hideous, crazy, sexist men with the worst body odor I have ever smelt. Well, he actually doesnt think we had one that is just what he claims because he thinks that will help him get this post down. I think he has me confused with his wife whom he talked about viciously every minute of the day to anyone who will listen. He admitted many laws he has broken here in the states and how he is trying to "get away with as much as he can" and I saved it all. And funny, I recall being with my husband and my friends and traveling not dating a person I met twice who grossed me out. Nick tells people he caused a major rift and issues between John and I HEH! John was with me at the cop shop and said I always feel too bad for losers like Nick and I am too nice. Now we just make fun of Nick and John comes with me to file complaints. Nick says I have filed none against him however they are all uploaded on my other blog along with safe horizons advice and help they gave me. Cops dont have to tell you or look up anything they dont feel like looking up and they sure did not care for Nick. I spent short amounts of time with Nick two times exactly and once he was crying about losing some passports or something. I don't know as I left cause he lived in a mess of a dump and I could not help him with what ever packing he said he had to do. I simply felt bad for the guy.  All his fake fb things and stuff he does to me are really just to get this post taken down any way he can. Just as he bragged about being a nuisance in court for revenge he tries to bother me in the same way. This honest post is his real obsession and google. He is not afraid for himself and certainly not for his kids whom he no longer sees as much possibly at this point which I am sure adds to his misery. Much of his harassment of me in real life and online has been with his kids there staring at him in confusion as he blocks my way on the street. Both of his kids are taller than I though he told the cops they were babies pretty much. How delusional can a man be? With this one who knows? I look over my shoulder when I walk down the street and I have two cops numbers in my cell phone on call. One of them, Ferguson asks me about Nick every time I walk by...asks if I need any help wth him and to let him know if so. I get asked "any more trouble with the loser?" several times a week when I walk past the cops. Nick seems to think he could have had me arrested. "I could have had her put away from the whole weekend but that seemed too mean" is what he told a total stranger online who then forwarded their entire conversation to me as it was terrifying to her. HAHA! Nope! You don't decide who goes to jail. HE almost got arrested once I showed them my blog and my proofs. He had cut and pasted bits and pieces to try his best to make me look like a threat but they caught on to that right away. They also follow my twitter and Facebook as they have known me and my husband for 10 years now. So back to the story-after 10 months of silence after his "cunt call" to me the twitter harassment begins...then the linkedIn adds after another...though he told the cops he never had my hotmail so he is not doing it. Said a friend hacked his LinkedIN. Heh. Then more hang up calls from him but blocked...then the fb adds began...hacking his relatives pages to add me or making fake pages of them. I reported this all to Facebook and was told if I take him to court they will trace whoever made these accounts from a "marta betania marcilio"that he is now apparently accusing me of making to try and show I am stalking HIM. Heh. No woman would even say hello to this man let alone "stalk" him. The cops said this is what stalkers do. The old switcheroo and they were on to him the minute he opened his mouth. Anything he claims I did is just him doing it and if he keeps it up so I can have him deported. Any Fb things he tries to say are me are good in terms of proof. Twitter too. Fb tracks EVERYONE and knows who makes what accounts and has no issues opening up that info if asked for it. He wants desperately to get this post down and checks it 50 times a day from different IP's all traced easily back to him though he tries to hide it. He has tried all kinds of fake pages on Facebook to mess with me or say I am harassing HIM even though I am not in the states right now. No one is stupid in court or at the precinct either and the fact that he is making pages pretending to be me "stalking him" online is an old trick and no one is falling for it. No one will ever fall for it. I have been in France with my husband as I update this post now and will be here for months still. Fb can see this and they can see his IP and they will know I have done nada. He is the one making them. Which is illegal. And he will be the one in trouble for it.  My pal Markus is a tech guru and he handles all stalker stuff now and tells me what's up if he deems it a threat to me at all or important to my safety.  Nick denies emailing me drunk emails from his mother's house though i have them all saved still and the cops read them. He told the cops the proof that I "stalk" him is because I know he has a mother and I know he has a wife and was getting a divorce.  And I wrote this blog about him. That is his "proof." All of those things are what he talked about to me 24/7. Emailed from his mother's place about 6-7 times complaining to me about his life and his wife  and his mother over and over. Who wouldn't want to stalk this hunk of man? This success in life? This go getter full of dreams and goals? He is one of the loneliest people I have ever met who hates being stuck in NYC and someone even saying hello to him would probably cause him to obsess on them. I wish I had realized that before I spoke to the guy. I wish I googled his name and saw all of his court info online much of which is disturbing and paints him as a crazy liar. He sure googles everything and lives online. Sad. He hates to work and said he has no intention to ever. Just stay in school as to not get booted out of the USA as long as he possibly can. So this is what his life is... his wife and divorce and seeing his mother and kids I guess still. This is all he talked about to me. He also seemed bothered that I have a career in music and know a few celebs. He said he is also a musician who knows famous canadian bands and was in them and on and on...It's like he is jealous of my small successes and happiness with my own fun life. All he did was bitch and moan about his own. Insecurity I guess though I barely talk about my ins with anyone well known except if I have gigs and am hanging with them like this summer. Most tell me if they were me my band and Crumb art is ALL they would talk about. Not my style I guess. I like jokes and writing and acting and have many interests besides my band and "connections." He spends hours saying I am not famous at all I hear and how sad it is that I think I am and how Crumb is not really that famous that he is from the 60's only and no one knows who Crumb is or cares.  HAHAHAHA! I had NO idea he was so resentful of me knowing Crumb and having a band who tours and makes money but now I realize this since he can't play at all and has no band.and never will. He lives in the past when he was happier I think. So he has sour grapes. He emailed a woman about 8 pages full of stuff about how Crumb is a nobody and a has been and on and on...I was fucking dying!! Nick is SO SO mad I have such a great life while his is shitty. He likely reads all my posts over and over getting more and more angry the more I accomplish. From what I recall he even had a fb album he showed me called celebs and me or something and it was him standing next to like that old dude from the b52's and other people no one cares about anymore and never did. He is totally impressed by celebs-the type that would follow them around hoping to impress people with a pic while the poor guy or girl just wants him to go away.and leave them alone. I had no idea Nick wanted to be famous he has zero talent whatsoever with music. A 12 year olds taste in it from what I recall. If he only knew all the pretty famous people I know in real life as friends he would shit his pants, cry or both. I should probably promote a lot than I do and get some sales going. Sigh...if ONLY Robert Crumb were famous! Crumb thought that stuff was pretty funny when I told him about it. Heh. BUT.....
MOST IMPORTANTLY on May 5th, 2016 at 12:27pm he "anonymously" left a comment on here saying to take this post down that was so scary, so sexist, and so disturbing that when I showed it to the 9th precinct they said to get an RO on him ASAP as the comment was threatening in nature. He tried to throw me off by posting things like, "this guy does sounds like a nut and I feel sorry for you but a real women would take this down" and much much more. All spelled wrong and really creepy. At one point he forget he was trying to be anonymous and posted as himself with the pronoun "I". I have that saved of course. The irony of my stalker leaving a comment about how bullying is bad and no one should do it...after he has bullied me for years now and he knows it. He is right about that. Bullying IS bad and wrong and a bad example to children. No one should call me a cunt over the phone and then continue their campaign of harassment as he has done to me. Because I don't want to be his friend? This is an almost 50 year old man. Woah. Scary as he is describing things he has done to me in order to guilt me into taking this down. Shows he has self awareness that what he does to me is wrong and crazy yet he can't admit he did it and continues with it still. Can't even admit he was wrong, acted crazy, needs help and apologize like a real human and a real man. Beyond irony his comment on here was and I went straight to the cops and gave them copies of it all with his IP tracked. My fave comment he made was "more of your bad decisions." HAHAHA! Does he mean my bad decision by seeing him twice and emailing not to kill himself? He told me he had a mental breakdown years ago and is scared he is having another one. Or the bad decision to talk to him at all out of pity? I mean he seemed crazy but also vaguely funny in a sad kind of way. But oh man..COMEDY GOLD. One officer said that it was the worst apology ever, and others said he sounds dangerous and to get an RO. I have the comment saved and did not put it through of course. I have moderation on. Went to the precinct instead as advised by the dozen or so people I forwarded it to. All were shocked and said watch your back he has lost it. Gone further round the bend. Sounded crazed and dangerous. I have more than enough for an RO and since he reads this I sure won't post everything or even the tip of the iceberg about what he has done but once again I filed another complaint on him that day in May and talked to the cops for a long long time about him. How he is not a citizen here, and the things he had lied about like saying I put his kids pics on here. Nope. Never happened. No old cached or saved pages he claims to have will show that nor new ones. There are no new pages or posts about him as I am letting the cops handle this now. He kept bringing up two tweets that a friend made to him calling him names. They were angry for me and grabbed my phone and tweeted at "amish comedian" on twitter and Nick kept trying to use those angry tweets against me. My friend who did this talked to the cops too and admitted they did it trying to help me and they will happily make a statement saying that. Also, the tweets are gone now and have been for over a year. Also, I sure won't put it past him to post pics of his own kids PRETENDING it is me doing it to get this down. Cops already said to be on the lookout for that. Internet is all traceable though. It's possible if he breaks the law here he can be deported. The two lawyers I spoke to about him on the cops recommendation and Safe Horizons both said that as a non-citizen what he is doing can put his being in the USA in jeopardy 100% especially considering he is no longer even married to a citizen or won't be I guess at some point. He also thinks by googling the cached page of this and cutting and pasting that into his browser he cant be tracked. Nope! Everything he does is tracked including making fake Facebook pages of people I don't know that are related to him that he claims I made. And fake ones he claims are me. See- I have a life and I don't act that way and I don't call people up and call them cunts. Nick does these things. Yes, that is how crazy and desperate he is to show how I "stalk" him. Facebook is often used in court and they are willing to trace who made ANY page for court and often do. It sure makes him look bad that he stalks my blog using proxy servers just about every day. Guess he cant help it as he is obsessed. I could not care less what anyone posts about me on the internet and most people would not give a crap yet my blog has taken over his life and is apparently all he thinks about. And talks about. To anyone and everyone. Sick how he uses other people to shift the blame off himself and get them involved. Like saying Jennifer's name was Lisa and having fake texts in his phone under that fake name from her admitting she is harassing me not him. The cops said they must have argued and fought about the call they made together with him trying to pin it all on her and telling her he will make up a name so she wont get in trouble etc. I gave the cops all of her info and will happily call upon her to testify about what Nick did in 2014 if need be. In the ten months when he left me be I assume he had some sort of a life or even a relationship that distracted him from his total obsession with me and my life and I forget all about this man I have met twice, once being when i was almost blacked out drunk in the days of my doing that years ago. A glass or two of wine does me in as I am a lightweight who barely drinks though he sounds really off or wasted in his scary misspelled emails and comments to me on here. He told the cops I drink a lot and when he called me a cunt he assumed I was at a bar and was just mad at me. Sorry, but I drink maybe once a week if that though Nick drinks every day apparently. I like two glasses of wine or so once a week because the rest of the time I work, write, play music, see friends, do gigs, travel, hang out with my hubby and have a great life. When he called me I was in bed with my husband who worked the New Years Ball dropping as he has ya know...a good job and stuff. Nick was drunk in every interaction we have had and admits that in an email to me.  Funny how on the one hand he claims he barely knows me but then claims we dated for months and he just knew I am at a bar at 4am cause he knows me so so well. I hung out with Nick at a bar one time exactly. So which is it? Are we besties or not? Sniff! But after 10 quiet months his sick OCD mental illness kicked in as something must have happened...he got dumped, lost in court...something happened and he began harassing me again. Told people he loved me and I hurt him. UNFRIENDED ON THE FACEBOOK OH NOES! Heh. I have almost 4,000 friends on there with about 1,000 being fans of my band. Never in a million years would I notice or give a shit about a lunatic I met twice unfriending me. Probably never would have noticed to this day if not for him asking Jennifer Evans to call me a cunt at 4am. I have so many texts from him saying "I am sorry" in other languages he pretends he can speak but was obviously using google translate. Who would answer texts like those? No one with half a brain that's for sure and I have quite a nice brain if I do say so myself! The cops were looking at the texts he sent so confused. They were just like, "Who DOES this? Why is he DOING this? This makes no sense!" Well, it made sense to Nick for some reason. I just kept telling them he is crazy. There is no other explanation. It's why he has no friends or life in NYC and is miserable here.
So kids, remember to save ALL texts and calls you get that are harassing even if you think you don't need them anymore because you never know when you may need them. This includes old texts and emails you sent to your friends and family saying how freaked out/scared you are of said person,with details of how they have harassed you and the advice they gave you back etc. Save it ALL. I did. Takes a second to screenshot something and it can really help you out when dealing with people like him. VERY happy it ended the way it did and I am sort of 9th precinct famous now in a good way while he is famous with the cops in a bad way as in they ask me every time they see me if the " crazy loser" is leaving me alone now. And yes, he finally is. On the street that is.
Until May 5th with that scary comment and also an incident in June, 2016. A pretty disturbing one. One that is about 15 pages long and was sent to me by a VERY scared women, a stranger, who said I need to get real protection from him...She never met me or him but was so disturbed by him emailing her and what he was saying about me that she reached out and then forward me their conversation. He brought my name and blog up out of nowhere first thing to her and made up a bunch of stuff including that he had me arrested. HEH! He also admits to this woman he barely knows me and only met me twice but he did some research and he told the DA and his lawyer we had a long relationship with WELL  OVER 3 times of meeting as that means he can take me to court. 3 dates means he can go to Family Court apparently and he readily admits to a stranger online that he made up that we met many times to have more of a case. I have this all saved, printed out and I gave it to the 9th as well. I guess emailing strangers online about me is his therapy though his story kept changing as he admitted  to this girl he is just mad about google. Said he knows I am not any threat and this whole thing is a non issue and has been for a while but he's mad when he googles his name. Nice to have all the proof and I appreciate this woman emailing me to warn me. The precinct REALLY loved that lie that I was "hauled off to jail" by them when I showed Det. Ferguson my print out of their conversation. He can't seem to stop lying and cant seem to stop talking about me to anyone and everyone who will listen but seems to have no sense of how crazy he sounds. And how obvious his lies are. This woman was scared for me and and sent me everything he said as a safety precaution for me. Said she did not want to see in the papers a crazy man had harmed me. I was in was all fantasy what he told her. And he refused to admit he called me a cunt because he likes me and I don't like him. He would only say "I was drunk when we did it." People who act like psychos and stalk people when drunk are only hiding those same traits when sober as he proved with all his fb nonsense and twitter too.But it was like he was fantasizing to a total stranger the way he had WISHED things had went down. So fucking creepy! The point where he dropped the act and just told her he needs this post down because it shows up first in google is the ONLY honest thing he said to this poor girl. His anonymous comment on here in May ended with everyone deserves another chance and I could be ruining his with this blog...then he ended his long comment with more threats and craziness. Because he simply cant admit this is all his fault and he did bad things to me for years for no reason other then I did not care for his company. That's all I did. I ignored the guy. Period. He cant apologize correctly because he cant admit he is wrong and his 15 page convo with this woman online shows me beyond a doubt how important it is to have this post up. He fed her one obvious lie after another not seeming to realize how crazy he sounded to her. She emailed him and others because her new man told her it was not nice to ignore all the guys who emailed her on a dating site so she wrote him to be polite and he apparently thought she actually read his page, saw those name dropping awful pics and liked him. This girl looks like a model. She was simply being polite. Kinda sad he thought she liked him but what she got in response blew her mind. And her boyfriends too. She said he had no self awareness. Didn't even mention being so "scared for his kids" the whole exchange was how he is mad about google which is funny as he refuses to work and no women would ever date him. So why does my blog matter? It wont effect his life as he has none. She googled him as he was writing her and was horrified. All his court stuff comes up with judges saying he is being cruel to do this to his own kids. And how if he continues to cause mischief it will not be tolerated as he is wasting people's time and money. His mom must support him as he hates to work. Sad. How crazy it is to be even still talking about this post and obsessing over it. He was like "who googles someone's name? A STALKER THAT'S WHO!" to prove to this woman I am the stalker here. If googling the name of a man who has been harassing you for years makes you a stalker what does his harassment of me make HIM? MEGA STALKER? META STALKER wth bonus points? How about reading this post every day for the rest of his life? When the cops told him not to? And thinking he is hiding his tracks by cutting and pasting to avoid my tracker? All Nick does is stalk online and I am sure I am not the first woman he has done this to. Just a guess but he seems experienced at trolling. When I met him he told me he had creeped a woman out by googling where she works to send her flowers. Nope, this guy is not a stalker at all! That is totally normal behavior! Apparently she was not happy he did this. Ugh. Poor girl.
I WILL say that he does not try to bother me on the streets anymore since I went to the cops. Scared I will tape it I guess. They advised me to if he did. No longer following or blocking my path, crossing the street to make sure I see him, rubbernecking me on a bicycle...he is mainly just avoiding and looking almost embarrassed. And if I am with John he TOTALLY acts differently. No pretending he needs to grab his "kids" who are both taller than I..none of that fakery. He simply looks at the ground until we walk by as John knows whom he is of course. One time he even said "hey" which my friend and I thought was incredible. Hi? Like we are friends? He was trying to save face as I hid when he saw me and he was with other people he would have to explain that to. I always try to hide when I see him. There is MUCH more to this but he has already taken up too much of my time. After a few really gross things my friend Markus told me about him I asked to not hear any more about him unless he does crazy things like leaving comments on this post a few months ago etc or making fake FB accounts pretending to be me. Anonymous comment took the cake though..where he calls HIMSELF crazy and says the guy(HIM) sounds like a real loser and nut job and I need to "move on." He is posting on a 10 month old post anonymously to get me to take it down yet I need to move on? Yup. Holy shit, right? Like that will guilt me and throw me off his trail...Heh! Unreal! "A real woman would take this post down..." Those words sent a shiver of fear down my spine. My husband was like let's go with this to the cops NOW. What happened to make him this way? So utterly abnormal and online obsessed I wonder? I have no issues with him getting deported as this has to end at some point and I sure don't want it to be with me being hurt by a man I met twice. Read the is quite common. He blames all of his life's problems on this post I think. An easy way to be in denial about his own mental problems. A part of him may even be happy to have this to blame his failures in life on. The blog! It has ruined my fresh start in life! The blog! The blog! My life would be great if not for THE BLOG! I would have women and a great job but the BLOG is ruining my life! Heh! He told that girl who emailed me he showed it to a lawyer and forwarded it to a "kinda crazy" friend and both told him to let it be. That it's just my blog and there's nothing he can do and just move on with his life. Pretty sure any lawyer would see immediately how off in the head Nick is and would not advise him to keep on harassing me over a post that is one year old. They also probably suspect he DID do everything I wrote about as he is pretty obviously not normal.
So, that is some of the story and a police officer suggested I end this updated post by writing "he needs to be a real man and move on." Both the cops and Safe Horizons advised me to permalink this post forever.Which I have done and then some.
UPDATE! Nick seems to still be talking about me to anyone who will listen to him which is basically no one. He just looked at my blog post for over 13 hours today. Cops said this could be considered a threat and intimidation so I posted it. Next time he looks I will show his IP address which is legal to do to prove it is him. Once again he tried to use google cache. Once again it does not work. So I am slowly making this blog post shorter, more concise and ONLY about Nick stalking me. I talked to the 9th precinct today and they suggested posting how much he looks at this is a a good idea and further proof of his mental illness and obsession with me. Did he pass out weeping over my blog calling him out and wake up 13 hours later still looking at it? Was he drunk maybe? He told my friend he "knows his crank call was A Bad Idea and A Bad Thing to Do(yes that is how he writes) but he knows he is in the right about all this. Then admits he is scared of google and not getting laid ever again as no one likes a bully who harasses women. I actually think he believes that too..that he IS in the right with all this somehow. Though he harassed me from 2014 on and even admits the drunken phone call calling me a CUNT was a mistake. Guess he forgot when I asked him to leave alone his response was a dirty pic of Jennifer Evans who is insane and disgusting. Yet somehow HE is in the right about this "shitty thing in his life"as he refers to this blog post as that HE began. Eh he knows deep down what he did. And how crazy it was and how insane he acted. Guessing his divorce finally went through which he took years trying to stop and spent thousands of what was probably his mummy's money. If he leaves me be I won't update anymore. If he doesnt I shall update this until the end of time and post a NEW one about him showing many more things he has done I have now heard about.
I also have the name of the OK cupid page he has that is a fake one pretending to be a woman to harass people from. Is Nick's fantasy to be a Hot-Kitten? Wouldn't be surprised! Beware all men and  gay women. Do not respond to Hot-Kitten on Ok Cupid as it is Nick Marcilio of course! He looked at my new friend Unicorny's page on there from it and it's the same fake pics he used before. What an exciting life he leads just online all day and all night. She also made her own profile on there all about Nick stalking her on there and I can post that on here she says. I also know the names he uses to harass people with online and leave horrible reviews from and I will post that also. Nick Marcilio-whose biggest enemy is himself. As usual! My other private blog already has dozens of uploads about him and proof of shit he has done and i can make that public any time and I REALLY don't think Nick would like that at all. Not one bit. He drunkenly wrote way too much personal stuff to me back in 2014 and to others on OK cupid that I am pretty sure he would not want made public. He is lucky i have not posted it yet. Think I will post this 13 hour thing on Facebook right now. Get some opinions.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Whitney Browne's photo exhibit-Ray's Candy Store.

Here are some pics from Whitney Browne's gallery opening last week...the theme was Ray's Candy Store and not only were there some great photos she took at Ray's and of the people that go there but there was also chocolate shakes available for the taking and matchbook covers with her art printed on them. I stayed for almost two hours and the space was packed even in the rainy weather.
I met Whitney when we helped clean up Ray's apartment while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery and he needed a super clean place to come back to. Evan helped clean too and he is making the chocolate shake in the pics above.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Adam Purple's memorial last weekend.

Quick blog post as this is going to be a crazy week for me...but wanted to get pics up of Adam Purple's memorial in La Plaza last weekend. It was packed with people, some of which I haven't seen since I turned 18 or younger. I don't know why there is a pic of me at my spin class mixed in there but oh well! I am getting buff this winter!
First there is Dave and his dog Cookie posing in Tompkins for a photographer...and me in the crazy reclining chairs that are going to be "reserved seating" at movie theaters in NYC soon. Now that should work out well! Heh! WTF!
Then there were bags of fresh garlic at Adam's memorial...t-shirts you could tie-dye purple right there and then, a message board, and many people wearing purple in Adam's honor. He was a true LES legend and one of the first people I met when I started hanging out in the "city" from Queens.