Monday, October 16, 2017

Honk NYC AND Zombie Crawl

So this past weekend was full of events and though I kinda have the beginning of a cold I went out to them...Honk fest NYC was in La Plaza and featured an all female marching band who were later joined by another marching band and we made our way to Avenue A to Drom bar for the after party which I skipped...I ended up on St Marks by Theatre 80 where I will be applying for work this week and was accosted by people dressed up like Zombies which was the Zombie Bar Crawl. It's cheesy and drunk but far better than Santa Con which is right around the corner so I joined them for a minute by doing the Thriller Dance.
I took some videos and some pics and it was all fun. Now I just need to take it easy and get ready to record with John and finish our new album finally....and work on not getting this flu everyone seems to have this week. Lots more stuff going on next weekend and of course Halloween is almost here. As  commercial as it is and as many Slutty Cats that will be out and about I still love Halloween. I plan on seeing World Inferno Friendship Society that night as usual. I's fun show and an escape from the insanity that will be going on all night when all the slutty cats will be puking on St Marks st and Avenue A too. I added in a cute pic of my friends son who was scared of the halloween decorations that are up at La Plaza now. He made me hit the witch for him. And also someone kinda wheat pasted a memorial for people who have died on the corner of Avenue A and east 5th st. I don't know who did this...Emily Mullen is there on the top right, Bob Arihood, David Peel, Adam Purple, Cowboy Stan, Spike...Erin O'Connor....not sure of the others...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mike Diana closing party at Art on A.

Mike Diana is an underground cartoonist and artist whose work got him thrown in jail in Florida i believe some time ago. On grounds of it being obscene or some such nonsense. When I worked at Forbidden Planet a decade ago with John I read all his Boiled Angel comics and loved them.

I hit up his closing reception at Wendigo Art On A space which always has some cool stuff going on. 
I have a lot of stuff to post on here but that 85 degree weather made me just not want to be online too much. One good thing about winter is I am a lot more productive and am indoors a lot more. When it's summer out I walk one block, run into 12 people I know and end up who knows where doing who knows what at some weird event. Which I love but I am trying to write a book, learn guitar for real, and also find some part time work which I am pretty close to doing I think. And record with John of album needs some tweaking.
So here is a video of the art event and some pics...He's a nice guy and I am glad he's still out there doing his thing. Here is his WIKI page too with his info.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

My niece's birthday party upstate...I RODE A FUCKING PONY AT LAST!

On Sunday John and I rented a car and drove my parents upstate to attend my niece's birthday party who is two years old now. There was a PONY and a bouncy castle and my sister is not too into having many pics of her daughter on the internet just yet. I just have a couple. People who insist their underage kids have fb pages are scary and weird...that site is full of pedophiles and sick fucks who prey on kids and teens. However a few om my blog here is okay as I don't have THAT many creepy readers, just a few perhaps!
Most teens are not interested in Fb anymore really...too many new sites cropping up I cant even keep track of them all. Nor do I want to as I am not 12. Pinterest and all that seem like the biggest waste of time ever. My web stuff is more than enough...Not sure I need snapchat and all the rest.
But I did take some pics and videos too OF THE PONY and all that. My mom blessedly passed out in the car so that was a nice bonus. All in all it was fun and my niece is adorable. It was beautiful up there and we walked around an abandoned mansion next door..The Belvedere. Long drive back but I got to sing along with some Yacht Rock 70's music for about two hours which John LOVED OH HOW HE LOVED IT! The hot redhead on the horse is my sister Gena whose house we were at.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Miss Subways Pageant!

Last night was the revival of the old Miss Subways contest from way back in the day and it was a hilarious night of insanity. I managed to take some pics and lots of videos throughout the 3 hour show. I got lost on the way there but ran into Janeane Garofalo who was one of the judges and we found it together. She's really sweet..I love Janeane. We live a few blocks away from each other and John and I have played a few comedy shows that she was part of. Baratunde Thurston and Roger Clark from NY1 were the other judges along with Reverend Jen who made this whole event happen.
I am far too lazy to look up the names of all the contestants but my friend Lisa Levy won and I do have a video of that being announced along with the runner ups!
I also have a short clip of the contest promo that ran on NY1 all day long the day before with my friend Dylan Mars kissing Roger Clark haha...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Martine Blue's film screenings and party at Csquat.

Had a FUCKING GREAT time at the screening of my best friends films at the Morus Museum over the weekend. Her short film she made at C decades ago was hilarious and her feature Hunting Pignut was wonderful. The place was packed as hell and people were tearing up as she really caught the feel of squatting and trying to find yourself in an alternative lifestyle. So so proud of my friend who has come a long way. She is from Toronto and Hunting Pignut was also screening in 20 theaters across Canada.
Here are some pics from the night and a few videos, one of us ladies dancing and singing badly to the Bangles that John captured for us. WOTTA GUY! As you can see it was a blast and a mini reunion as ex-Csquatters came from all over to see the films. Also, I got wasted and somehow made it home at 5am to pass out. YAY ME!

Monday, September 25, 2017

This is not a blog post. Or a pipe.

Just some pics I have on my desktop I will post up...had a GREAT week hanging out with my bestie Martine Blue who lives in newfoundland and was here to screen her new film at Csquat by way of Toronto where it is showing in theaters all week. I will post pics of that next but hungover me just wants to get rid of these other photos taking up space. Its so hot out and with all these events, shows and parties I am loving it. I got my two summers after in France and one in NYC through september. I AM ONE LUCKY BITCH.
We got Hilda and I at at a park show pimping for the Shadow scathing political commentary in The Villager paper this week...Creepy mannequin that is gone now and boy do I miss it. A squirrel eating either a baby carrot or a severed finger...a stroller full of chuhauhua's...a group pic of the hardcore show that apparently did me in as I am on the ground. Vice interviewed some folks in the dog run recently for their was about happy ending massage parlors but if only Dave makes it on the show with that shirt I will be thrilled. Shit was hilarious. Though would be cool if Penny and I make it on too. Dave kinda stole the show though of course. Demonic pizza sign..Groot in the garden on Ave C and 9th..a hamburger hoodie I kind of want and Diane O'Debra and I at a wedding party in Queens last weekend. Elvis has not left the building I guess!