Wednesday, December 30, 2009

East River String Band mentioned in yesterday's Wall St. Journal

My Band got a small mention in December 29th's issue of the WSJ in an article about blues music..Strange to be in the Wall Street Journal twice..but i'm damn happy about it!

Article in WSJ

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random artworks and Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic

Alrighty then..Holy Crap it's cold outside! Why does winter have to be cold? I call bullshit! I did get a fake Snuggie™ for the holidays..Sam the Snuggie-he's awesome!..Anyways, We have here a bit of Graffiti above the Mars Bar toilets warning people of possible dangers that may be lurking in there..We have some weird geisha girl mural where the guy has TWO, not just ONE lady to pleasure him..This mural is not at Mars though..Didn't Obama promise this to everyone if he got elected? Where's my two girls? I want to play travel scrabble with them!

Then, I have been enjoying the Open Mic at The Bowery Poetry Club monday nights..Performers range from singer/songwriter type stuff, to stand-up comedy, to well..uh..kinda crazy people who just get up on stage and use their 6 minutes to kinda go nuts. Here, I recorded(rather dark and blurry though) my favorite..I forget his name but every monday sometime between 10pm-midnight he dances around to some cheesy song. I think I love him. Come check out the open mic at Bowery Poetry..only 3 bucks to get in and it's really fun and funny..Rob Shapiro and Touching You are regulars if that's an incentive to come..both are pretty funny. Here's a link to Bowery Poetry Club

And they even have a live streaming camera so you can check it out at home on your computer if you are one of those people who hasn't gone outside in like 10 years..

The camera goes on when the show begins and the open mic starts at ten..and before the Open Mic is Drag Bingo. What more can you ask for?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ray slashes prices on weird cell phone pics..

Vell, vell , vell..what to write..what to write? I got a pic of this guy spare changing with an interesting sign..Then this is a can of cat food from Sweden..Har!

I visited Ray today and tried to show him how to use Itunes..He cut the price of his Belgian "Obama" waffles to $2.00..Don't know if it was the right thing to do..but his business is slow...PLEASE go there and support Ray's Candy Store..If he closes Avenue A will have lost an icon..

Then, I just thought I would put up a photo of Chris Elliot from Get a Life trying to kill me..Just because I am really proud that Chris Elliot strangled me.

Kinda can't wait until xmas is over..not so much because I'm a jew..but I am really sick of xmas music and the whole bullshit holiday..Ah, whatever. I feel bad for the people selling's sooo cold this week and no one seems to be buying much from them.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic

Last night I ended up at The Bowery Poetry Club for their open mic night..I used to go to the one at the St. Marks Underground theatre thingy but it shut down..this one is basically all the same people..I had a fun time heckling and took a lot of pics..and got pretty drunk. Yup. First, we have Rob Shapiro who was pretty funny..He has a kinda well known twin brother Rick who does comedy as well. Wasn't there like some Gallagher scandal where Gallagher's brother took over and they didn't tell anyone or something? Twins are weird-they freak me out. Like doublemint gum.

Then the host..Victor I think? (who was very funny..had a contest where you put the weirdest thing you can text a girl who he had gone on a date with a few days before in a hat and he would read them aloud and choose a winner and text the weird message to her..The winners got to chug-a-lug some beer..My entry was something along the lines of, "Had a great time with your vag last night..I'm gonna say those 3 small words you've been dying to hear..FULL BLOWN AIDS!" I didn't win but the bartender and performer Touching You liked my entry enough to keep chanting "Full Blown Aids" randomly..That was pretty neat.

I got a pic of Victor hosting, one of some weird shit on the walls, the chug-a-lug contest, my friend Ilya with a VERY strange guy who later sang "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer..This was the fault of awesome sound guy Ed, my friend who encouraged me to attend the open mic.

I got some pics of Touching You singing his hit song, "Subjugate your Tits" while he sat on the bar and everyone threw stuff at him. That was pretty cool..Then I got the weird guy doing MC Hammer..and the No Sale register..

I had a fun time and will most likely return..Bowery Poetry Club..monday nights Open Mic at 10:00pm..Be there!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

hijinks and shenanigans at Mars Bar..

Well, Mars Bar never lets me down in terms of craziness.from last night I have a way too dark video.of Poison Puss with another sideshow performer egging her on as she puts a sperm shaped balloon into her nostril and pulls it out of her mouth..She was dressed as a sexy santa and was calling herself Panty Claus last night..The we have a pic of Ali and I-the blonde bangs gang..Then some guy stood on the bar and preached about Mars Bar being the last real New York place left in the city..

Then there's the sideshow peeps hanging friend Ed with a tampon just chillin' in his friend Skeilera and I, Sheikera with her sexy Texas Chainsaw massacre shirt on..We share a love for horror films..

And now the bathrooms are labeled Boys and Girls in a way with some new graffiti painted on them..Plus, more words to live by..DON'T BE A HIPPIE!

And lastly a pic of Geoffrey(Jay) molesting the martian girl mural..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brief review of our gig at Banjo Jim's in The Villager paper..

Here is a little review of East River's CD release party at Banjo Jim's on Satruday which was fun as hell..This is in the Scoopy's section of the paper The Villager..

From left, Eden Brower, Dom Flemons and John Heneghan playing at Banjo Jim’s. Eden, John and Ray’s blues: We stopped in to see what was up at Ray’s Candy Store Saturday evening, and overheard that Eden & John’s East River String Band was playing over at Banjo Jim’s on Avenue C, and decided to wander over. It turned out it was the release party for their long-awaited new CD, “Drunken Barrel House Blues.” Those who enjoyed their first album of early rural blues won’t be disappointed by this offering. We really like “Yellow Bee,” as belted out by Eden Brower, who channels Bertha Lee, singing about being “buzzed” by her light-skinned lover — who turns out, of course, to be “Papa Johnny,” her boyfriend John Heneghan. “Raise a Ruckus Tonight” is also terrific: “Well, well, well!…” Oh yeah, Spidey — Shaun, the daredevil rickshaw man — was also in the audience. Check out Bob Arihood’s blog at Neither More Nor Lees to see how Brower literally “hung” with Spidey one night — dangling in the air off the bar of his rickshaw. After going down to Florida, Spidey’s back in town for about 10 days, he said. Anyway, it’s a great CD, with the cover illustration by R. Crumb, who is a huge early blues fan… . As for Ray, the Avenue A senior hot dog slinger said his latest headache is that his green card expired and he has to renew it. At this point, he said, he just hopes he can finally collect some Social Security in the next few years — by the time he turns 80. There’s gotta be a better way.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some really nice photos by Chris George from Cd release gig..

Well, Aunt Flow is in town again so since I'm a freak bitch today, I am staying in tonite..thought I would post these nice pics a fan Chris George sent me today..Considering how crappy I feel I had a productive digital headshots taken for NY Casting which I joined this week, mailed off some promo band shit at the insanely packed post office..took my friend Crazy Jay out for his birthday dinner..and now i'm writing this blog..not bad considering I WANT TO FREAKING KILL EVERYONE!!!! Nah, just kidding...but yeah, this monthly shit ain't no joke man..

Anyway, here are the fave is when I'm drunkenly yelling at John for playing too fast..Well he WAS! hehehee..

I love you all, but then again i'm on painkillers..

Peace Out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Show at Banjo Jim's..

Here are some pics from the show at Banjo Jim's last night..The first few are of John and I playing taken by fellow blogger Melanie..First is me and Steve..don't know why my hair looks purple-though I am dying the ends pink next month..Then we have some pics of the Bill Murray Experience who opened up..That's Jessy Carolina singing who has one of the most amazing voices ever..

Then we have a cute noir pic of me of me and kenan..and Matty looking mad at the hillbilly music..Then some pics of the Dust Busters with Eli Smith and Peter Stampfel..A cute pic of Hubby and Jessy cutting a rug..and then some pics of Dom who sounded fantastic as usual..A lot of friends, old and new showed up..I feel so loved!