Monday, January 26, 2009

Ray's Birthday Bash!

Last night was Ray's 76th birthday and there was a small shindig at his store on Avenue A. The usual suspects were there..Biker Bill, Bob Arihood, Chris Flash, John Penley, and of course me. And Ed was there! Ed is my favorite weirdo..He likes to tell me what he eats every day, if cat food is on sale at the store, and how he is looking for a wife. Check out the pic of him at the top..He should be a character actor! The girl danced and stripped on top of the counter..and Ray was pretty happy as you can see. He had two birthday cakes, fancy beer, and a free bottle of champagne provided by Ziggy from Odessa Bar next door. Aw..Everybody loves Ray! Not Raymond. I hate Raymond.


  1. Eden ,Take a look at an old Preston Sturges movie and you'll likely find a guy that looks just like Ed .

  2. Hey!!! Ed rocks!!! I love this town!!! I really dig the blog!!! Keep up the great work Eden....

  3. outrageously funny, i have to admit i was a bit scared, but i over came it, and what good times persisted