Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slacktivists celebrate Pagans passing...

With the passing of Antonio Pagan, former NYC councilman, hated by squatters, the homeless, and pretty much anyone else that gives a shit about saving this freaking city, City Hall will be flying the flag at half staff to honor his memory. Rumor has it that the SLACKTIVISTS will also be honoring his burning a flag in Tompkins Square Park this saturday around 8:00 p.m. I'll be sure to attend! Here's a link to the NY Times article with all kinds of comments about Pagan below it...


  1. ding dong pagan is dead!!!!!!
    come celebrate the commencement of civic improvement caused by cosmic removement!!!
    therefore come celebrate in the park and say we say "bye bye bastard-another yuppie scumbum bites the dust" and we will sing "happy funeral day" to the tune of "happy birthday" as the night wears on!!!!

  2. I remember that son of a bitch! Where did he get buried so I can piss on his grave. Now- if only Guillanni would kick the bucket!

  3. Doom! Did you leave the rotten apple already?

  4. I really have no comment about the "Bastard";or any other bastards for that matter...But,while I'm here I wanna say what up to "DOOM"..."What up DOOM!!!!"