Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Best Garbage Ever.

Today I found the best garbage ever! Walking home on East 7th street I spied the most wonderful thing just sitting out on the curb..The Hand Chair! I always wanted a chair shaped like a hand and now all my dreams have come true...Much to John's dismay, I made him carry it home for me. Everyone stared at us on the street, and some laughed..but they are obviously all jealous of my chair! Hopefully it doesn't have bed bugs, but even if it's worth it. Because it's a chair. A chair shaped like a HAND! Oh, the joy I felt when I sat in it and it cradled my buttocks tenderly. Here we see John carrying it home, me resting in it on the way (because watching him made me tired), and our friend Dom enjoying himself immensely whilst sitting in it. And yes, it does take up a third of our apartment.


  1. Congratulations, This it truly fabulous.
    If you have a gig near home you should take it to sit in.
    Give the little lady a big hand!

  2. Oooh that is an excellent find. I once found some bright green life size legs in Soho. They were fabulous, but I couldn't sit on them, and alas they had to move to storage in Queens (or, the halfway house for garbage as I like to call it)

  3. HAW!!! Funny thing is when I got up in the middle of the night to pee the chair was kind of glowing and I forgot we brought it home and it freaked me out really bad...Not as much as green legs would have though maybe..

  4. Neat score. Now all you gotta find is a chair that flips you the bird! Someone in NYC HAS to make one of those things! May not be so comfortable to sit in though.

  5. I've heard this same story at least five
    times now. Each time tragedy strikes the
    household. This hand chair is cursed Eden.
    Prepare to be fisted.

  6. I am ALWAYS prepared to be fisted....sob...

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  8. Ooopsy...
    Actually I think the chair is amazing,
    you should convert it into a toilet...
    Or a real baddass chamber pot.
    Imagine the convenience.

  9. I love your new chair--it's great!!!
    You have a great sense of style and uniqueness.

  10. Eden,I have,"hand" it to you that really is a great "hand",er...I mean chair....