Friday, February 13, 2009

Hardy Har Har!

These are photos of humorous signs I took at Ray's Candy Store tonight. First we have the IT TASTES BETTER IN A COP sign. A young cheerleader from the 1980's holding a huge phallic ice-cream cone. Underneath, well...What once tasted good in a cone now apparently tastes better in a cop. Ray has a few of these old looking campy signs in his store and always seems confused when drunk ironic hipsters eagerly ask him if they are for sale. Ray also, at times, tries to stop his place from become crowded with too many folks just hanging out and not buying anything. He made a bunch of NO HANGOUT signs, which got defaced almost immediately. One of the signs that said NO HANGOUT quickly became SNOW HANGOUT. Poor Ray...Another sign went from NO HANGOUT to NOW HANGOUT and presently says NOW CHANGEOUT with the W resembling a pair of boobies. Alright, I admit I added the nipples to the W...You, dear readers, had most likely already figured that out.


  1. The ice cream cone model kind of, sort of looks like a younger version of you.

  2. I wish I looked that good when I was younger. Maybe I'll post some old photos of myself this week..complete with glasses, afro, and buck teeth..I was a man killer!

  3. Eden,please don't post those old photos;"I'm a scared!!!!