Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kiss My Ass In Macy's Window.

That is exactly what the SUPERBOWL can do. What a bore. Spectator sports are for wimps and losers. Actually, I'm just mad because I was told I'm too tall to be a jockey...Wait-I think there are no height limits for that. Just weight limits. I guess my height was too fat to become a jockey. Pshaw. Okay, I'll admit I just watched the half time show and I think I hallucinated Bruce Springsteen sliding crotch first into a cameraman. Wow. I have such a vivid imagination! I guess I'll just post some photos I took at C Squat the other night.. First there is Hassan, a lower east side icon..I love Hassan..He's lived a thousand lives and done just about anything in this world worth doing. He's been everywhere and knows everyone. If you let him, he will fill your ears with fascinating stories of all his adventures..You may at times want to doubt him..He'll tell you that Ghandi and he once owned a smoothie stand in India..Then one day Ghandi will saunter by and say, "Hassan! Remember when we owned that crazy-assed smoothie stand together?" And then there is Jimmy Stewart. Quite the character is he..I think he was half in the bag before he began molesting some weird silver mannequin and showing of his muscles.


  1. I never saw the attraction of The Boss.
    I hate football. I'm from the town were to Hall of Fame is so was done with that by Jr. High.
    To sit around and watching people play games. . .I have enough trouble sitting around watching people play musical instruments.
    It's better is they have interesting outfits and move about.
    (Or are naturally gorgeous with their little metal uke of course.)

  2. I think I used to go to Hassan,and Ghandi's smoothie stand in India back in the day!;but I used to do "a lot" of drugs back then and I can't remember for sure??? Darn! I hate when I can't remember those great times...Hassan always has to remind me....