Friday, February 6, 2009

Riding the Crimson Wave

This photo of my beloved cat lady Jocelyn Wildenstein reflects how I feel on the inside today. Yeah, Aunt Flow is coming to town and she's one nasty bitch. Why is so hard being a woman? ...sniff...Everything annoyed me today. Everything I tried to accomplish didn't quite work out. It's also freezing outside..then I ate a pint of Ben and Jerry's and became even colder..and fatter. My doctor thinks i'm nuts because I told him I think I have thrush, scurvy, or maybe leprosy. Well? I MIGHT GODAMMIT!!!!! This neighborhood is just so depressing...Love Saves the Day is closed..A VALUMART will probably open in that spot..or a freaking FRO-YO place..What the fuck? FRO-YO? Are people payed large amounts of money to sit around and come up with cute little names like that just to annoy me? FRO-YO is almost as bad as the phrase LOL. No, you're not "laughing out loud" while you're sitting there typing LOL. Well, probably not, at any rate. I guess when half of this neighborhood becomes empty storefronts, which it will, there will be plenty of places for me to busk in front of..Maybe someone will kick down a cupcake and a Fro-Yo! It sucks, because I really love Sascha Baron Cohen and Borat..but his girlfriend needs to go away..Her and that shopping movie that's everywhere now are more repulsive than Sarah Jessica Parker and those Sex and the Shitty Crones. I really miss those trash can fires that used to be in Tompkins..If there was one there right now we would all be so toasty warm and cozy snuggled up together!


  1. Love your blog. born and bred. used to live on west 27th, and (part time) with my boyfriend on e.3rd... the hell's angels block. loved them (once they recognized me as "neighborhood".) now we are living in oregon (where the boyfriend, now husband is from). Every time I go back to NY there is less to love- more and more like a suburban mall. I have great hope for the economic downturn and the artistic rebirth of NY.. in the meantime, portland will suffice (and I get to have fruit trees) Keep up the good posts! Don't let aunt Flo get you down!

  2. is it my imagination, or is Jocelyn getting a little bit of an Andre the Giant thing going on?

  3. I really do laugh out loud when I type LOL! Except then of course!