Monday, March 16, 2009

Myspace Versus Facebook

I will admit that I am addicted to Myspace..Oh, the fun I had! Uploading photos, sending out bulletins, posting obscene horrifying photos on my friends pages(until photobucket deleted them all)..It's a dumb site but it is fun..There are so many hilarious fake profiles on there..There are pages for God, Satan, a toilet bowl, a dildo, serial killers..just about anyone you can think of. My friend made a page called A Photograpic Study of Myspace where he steals all the really disturbing, crazy photos that weirdos have up and collects them onto one page. Myspace even has a founder that everyone loves to hate..Tom Anderson, or as I call him Fake Tom. The real Tom isn't on there anymore(if he ever was), but the corporation that bought myspace acts like he is..He is in charge of the place and people love to make fun of him as you can see in these pics I posted.

Now everyone is in love with Facebook. Facebook is where all your old childhood friends are..People post links and stuff but it just doesn't have that psychotic edge that myspace does. People there just constantly update what they are going to eat at every meal and that they have a headache. I miss myspace..Myspace needs to entice people back to their site..Offer everyone free candy or something. I post weird stuff on facebook and everyone seems confused and uncomfortable. I have the urge to update what my bowel movements look like every day-complete with photos-but I have a feeling if I did that everyone would delete me. I never thought I would write a blog complaining about how no one goes on myspace anymore..but there it is.


  1. Crazy Jay wants to stay on MYSPACE to make sure it keeps it's "psychotic edge" Eden!!! "Long live MYSPACE"!!!! Amen...facebook....

  2. You might be interested in this review of a book on the creation of myspace in the NY Times book section today: