Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random Crap.

Not much happening lately...I am in denial about the snow and freezing temperatures outside so i've been indoors a lot..Pretty dull, but i try to keep busy by sliding the take-out menus back out into the hallway a second after they slide them under the door. I like hearing the confused silence out in the hallway as they try to decide whether to try again...It's also a lot of fun to try and keep the telemarketers on the phone as long as possible when they call to sell me shit..I keep telling them how lonely I am and then start reading to them from TV Guide. I did go out today for a bit and took some photos..The first couple are of the wonderful Whole Earth Vegan Bakery on St. Marks by Avenue A. This place has been under threat of eviction for years now, but are somehow hanging in there. Peter, the owner, is awesome and I try to support them as much as possible even if I just buy the day old two dollar specials that they have out daily. They still taste pretty damn good! Whole Earth is Reverend Billy approved...I just love Rev. Billy and am ever so pleased that he is running for mayor! He's totally got my vote, unless of course David Cross decides to run too. That dirty beer ad is in the window of someone's apartment on 7th St. This window looks like a storefront of a great old junk store..but I think it is just someone's apartment who decided to put a bunch of cool old stuff in their window. There's all kinds of old puppets and vintage toys on display as well... Half of the shops on East 7th st. seem to be closed now...It's a bad luck block for retail it seems. I hope the Whole Earth Bakery sticks around, unlike the pricey dress shop I saw today which had the sign displayed in the bottom photo.


  1. I like the "great head" right next to the smiling Bill Clinton doll .Seems so appropriate ...and perhaps intentionally so .

  2. Yes! I hope Whole Earth Bakery is around forever...

  3. Whole Earth $2.00 special kicks ass Eden!!!!