Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shayne Speak.

Hmmm..Not too much to write about lately...John and I are playing a short set at Jalopy tomorrow with Dom Flemons, Feral Foster, and Blind Boy Paxton so that should be fun..anyway, the free wine I get will be fun for me! The other day was so nice and spring-like and now it sucks again. I'm trying to figure out if I can sue the weatherman somehow over this. There has to be a way to cash in!

I did hang out with my friend Pezent Shayne who says the wackiest things..Let's see...He stated that Daylight Savings was a gyp and someone should figure out a way where we gain an hour in the winter AND in the spring. He seemed pretty outraged over this. Then while I was speaking to his girlfriend Jes on the phone, he told me to tell her that, "It's okay to almost get arrested." Then he mentioned that fireworks are not good wall insulation.

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  1. "Almost getting arrested" is the next coolest thing to beating the rap after you have been arrested....