Friday, March 13, 2009

Someone violated my terms of service..

At least that's how my head feels today after numerous glasses of white wine last night. I am so glad we played at jalopy..What a great night of music..We had fun playing, and Dom, Blind Boy, Eli and Elizabeth Butters were sounding amazing..It really felt like a special night. I guess that's why I got wasted and giggled like a moron for hours..Then I got home and apparently sent all these drunk emails out to authors that I like on myspace telling them how much they mean to me..I guess it was appreciated judging by the nice emails I got back from them today thanking me..It made me really confused for a few minutes until I checked my sent mail! Whee! My head is aching! White wine=delicious=pain. I must keep that in mind.

Well, at least I didn't put anything like LOL! in those emails or ROTFL or whatever the hell all those cute terms are that people have for abbreviating their messages and emails..I actually have some of my own that I use frequently. Like SYTYDW stands for Shut Your Trap You Dirty Whore. And IWFYSTMCMC, is obviously short for I Will Feed Your Spleen To My Crazy Mexican Cat. And how can I leave out YTYACSCBITYAAHC. Yes, that's's You Think You Are Crazy Sexy Cool But I Think You Are A Huge Cockwad. I do use these cute little fun phrases often! I also often get these weird, confused emails back from friends telling me I need "help" and that I'm "really screwed up." But life is strange!

So here's a nice pic that my friend Steven Aloyisis took of us playing yesterday. And a pic of a solution to drunk emailing.


  1. I got loaded and told television psychic
    Chip Coffey to choke on a dick under the
    guise of Seymore Rainbows...No Lie.
    He wrote me a personal message telling me
    I should be ashamed of myself. I tried my
    best to make sure the guy who's likeness
    I stole would get his ass kicked somewhere
    and sometime. Nice story and oh you're
    playing the guitar in public.That's new.

  2. I am so happy that you guys had a (Er?),"gas" at "Jalopy" Eden!(no pun intended as per the Er!)...I look forward to the day when I can be in attendance....

  3. I have a friend who collects old parlor guitars. He has so many similar to the one you're playing. I periodically will buy one if I see an interesting version that is an old Stella, Harmony, or has some retro scene painted on it. I like the ones that have hula girls or cowboys or minstrels playing to damsels. Like the one you're playing, I am partial to the ones that have the perloid (faux mother-of-pearl) finish on the fretboard. Most of those guitars were very inexpensive, which means two things: 1) they were made with very thin wood/no bracing so many of them didn't withstand the years (making a lot of them in good playable condition rare and, 2) because the wood was so thin, they resonate really well. When they don't have good intonation and good action, they can become really cool slide guitars. Okay, I got my nerd/collector groove on for a minute, now I'm done. Thanks. I'll bet yours in the photo is a Stella from the late '30's (although the ones that were Harmonys from the '50's were virtually the same guitar in the way they look/were made. How's the shift from uke going? Do you use both at shows? Do you guys always use a condenser mic for vocals in addition to picking up the instruments? Will I find Stonyfield Farms organic yogurt at the grocery tomorrow? Okay, the last question was unrelated, but I just thought you might be clairvoyant and, since I was asking questions, I thought I might be able to save myself a trip since I don't really need anything at the store other than yogurt and the store usually is out of a lot of items on Sundays. It's just that I eat oatmeal with yogurt and walnuts for breakfast most days, and my friend who gives me unpasteurized yogurt she makes from her goats' milk (she has five lovely goats--they're so cute) is out of town, and another friend who is watching the goats doesn't make yogurt and I really want oatmeal for breakfast tomorrow...what to do?

  4. Well, I guess the guitar I have(which I know not much about-John bought it!) is from the late 20's and was made by Oscar Schmidt. John says that the perloid on mine is real, and it's in perfect condition..It was black but has turned a nice shade of blue now due to how old it is. It's a three quarter size Stella which is insanely rare(according to John)..It makes it easy for me to play and I am liking it a sounds incredible..I don't yet, but this guitar is really well made and the sound is so good..I'm scared to play it because it's just like one Memphis Minnie had and could it actually be hers? No one knows...John bought it for me on ebay and i'm really liking it..though I only play one song so far.I like the ones with paintings on them too..
    John is asking, "What about his nice Oscar S. stella from the teens he is playing?" He feels left out..
    We try to use a condenser mic at shows if we's sounds so much better for us..
    The store will definitely be out of yogurt when you go there..You will ride one of the goats all the way there and get so mad by the lack of yogurt that you will punch the little old lady waiting at the checkout counter for her lotto tickets..She will end up suing you for everything you've got and no yogurt will be bought for a VERY long time..BEWARE!!!!

  5. Wow! An Oscar Schmidt! From the '20's! I'm sure it sounds sweeeet!...I was going to ask about John's guitar but got carried away about the yogurt (thanks for the advice, btw, I can't seem to figure out the goat saddles, anyway, and I don't need ANOTHER lawsuit). I couldn't see John's guitar in the photo very well but saw that it was not his trusty Harmony (that one is the most intriguing guitar I've seen, and I even show off photos of it to my collector friends and pretend John and I are really close friends), his is a Stella from the Teens! It's intriguing to me to think about the personal history of old guitars like those. I love it when I run across parlor guitar cases from so long ago that are in good shape, as well...Thanks for all of the info.