Friday, March 20, 2009

Teen angst.

The other day I stopped by the Tompkins Library to see a panel of young adult authors read old stuff they wrote when they were in junior high and/or high school. I love young adult fiction-though I'm in my 30's I read the stuff all the time. Partly because I am trying to write my own YA novel, and partly because I just like it. The reason I stopped by was because Scott Westerfeld was speaking..I love his "Uglies" trilogy..and so do many others judging by the amount of folks who showed up to hear him, both young and old. The panel was really funny..their old writings were so painfully bad. They could barely get through them because the whole room was in hysterics...Scott won the crown and the title "King of Suck" because his writing was voted the worst..They were all pretty damn bad..and now they represent the most popular authors in YA fiction. The pics I took are pretty lame..they all have demonic eyes and look annoyed I was snapping pics..Such is the price of fame!

Well, if my YA novel never gets written or doesn't sell I can always try to write some Dr. Seuss in yiddish I guess...


  1. I was going to say something witty about the Yiddish Dr.Seuss, using parody....I came up with bupkes! I then realized I hadn't really read any Dr.Seuss. This may make me sound like a meshuggener, but we were too poor :-( Actually, I went from the Dick and Jane drivel of the early '60's to O. Henry at age six (didn't have reading at home), but we were still poor, and we suffered. :-( Of course, "we" didn't suffer; I suffered :-( anywhoo...

    This must have been kind of a hoot, this panel of writers, considering they're established but read early unmemorable crap. Did they share possible publishers?'s so cool, you're writing a YA novel and all (of course, you mention this in other venues). I don't know what I would do without reading, and I feel it is such a fundamental thing in a young person's life. Every kid feels a bit disenfranchised just after puberty, and I think finding worlds in which so many things dwell beyond what a kid might see around him/her is so important...okay, I'm getting a little farklempt, here...

  2. Haw! You had bupkes! Not even a piece of matzoh?
    My love for reading pretty much saved me from completely hating life when I hit 10 years old..Every weekend was spent at the damn library..
    Teen angst and gothy type YA novels are SO popular right now..I should really get on the ball and write more than two chapters a year..
    I just finished a great YA novel called Unwind by Neal Shusterman..Man, it was pretty sick. Best YA i've read in a while.

  3. mean that you don't hate life??? Please don't say that...Satan doesn't like it! And,the Dr.Seuss in Yiddish,he doesn't like that either!!!!