Saturday, April 25, 2009

Jalopy Theater and School of Music!

Jalopy Theater is in Red Hook, Brooklyn and is one of my favorite places..Actually it is John and I's favorite place to play a gig for sure..Lynette and Geoff Wiley own it and run it and they are just super nice people..Geoff repairs and sells instruments, the club has music classes, plus it is an awesome space! It's huge, they serve beer, wine, and coffee..There is always the weirdest art and instruments hanging up on the walls..and instead of chairs they have church pews. East River String Band usually plays there on wednesdays as part of the clubs weekly Roots and Ruckus show hosted by Feral Foster(guy in the black suit) who is hysterical...The vibe in Jalopy on wednesdays is always really fun and vaguely strange..Even in bad weather and in the middle of the week-it is usually packed full of all types of people..Weekly regulars are Feral himself, Jessy Carolina(who has an amazing voice!), Hubby Jenkins, Dom Flemons and more..Last wednesday I snapped some pics of the place..a weird painting of a sea dragon, the creepy bust on the stage, the cigar box ukes, old accordions and cool sculptures..Business seems to be good there and I really hope people support this special place..

Wow, this post was so normal for me..I feel strange leaving it as is..I guess i'll have to post one more pic of my friend Dave in Tompkins wearing the best fucking t-shirt ever!


  1. Well, I guess I'll follow suit and just say this place looks like a very special place and one where I would be every Wednesday night! I have to say that Fredericksburg used to have a few places sort of like this, but now that it is a hip destination for people with money, the rents have all gone up and forced a lot of these kinds of eclectic businesses out... :-(

  2. Eden, that bust disturbs me! It looks like a young Randy Newman!

  3. Best fucking T-shirt ever, indeed!

    Does it come in black?

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