Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Naked Pee Phone

The first pic I put up is at a gay rights/marriage rally in Union square..I thought the Jesus Said Love BITCHES sign was kind of funny..

The two other photos are of some clothing that someone seemed to have left behind by the Pee Phone last week..I like mystery when there's a pair of pants lying on the sidewalk for days and days..How did they get there? Who took them off? Did that person walk home with no pants on? We may never know..But someone did hang a suit in the tree in front of Ray's..When Ray came in he took it down right away saying, "I don't like when things are different." Did someone use the Pee Phone and then immediately go stark raving mad and rip off all their clothes? Did they happen to have a hanger on them so they could hang the suit up neatly in the tree?

Ah, who cares anyway? As my jewish mommy would say, "There are people starving all over the world and THIS is what you write about?" And then she would tell me how fat Sigourney Weaver's thighs looked when she saw her on the street last week.


  1. First, let me point out, in my inimitably pedantic way, the importance of punctuation and how a well-placed comma (not coma, although that occurred to me) would have made all the difference and brought unity to the crowd; if only the gentleman in the photo holding the sign had printed 'Jesus Said Love, Bitches!' ...Now, see? Huh? A comma in between Love and Bitches would have turned a frown upside down!...BTW, your camera caught a particularly lovely late-afternoon sky :-)

    And thanks for the Pee Phone update; I worry sometimes about its status. Good to see it's going strong...hmm? I wonder, was the suit jacket a 42 regular? ...just sayin'

    My mother sounds like yours, except she would have questioned why the suit looked like the guy who wore it wasn't getting enough to eat or that he would now probably catch cold, and she would have remarked: "'I saw Sigourney Weaver on the street last week, and she looked so awfully skinny, why don't those movie stars ever eat anything?'" She's Italian, though...

  2. That missing comma annoyed me too. I felt downright IRKED by his poor grammar. If it had the proper punctuation, gay marriages would be legal by now. Plus, cancer would be cured, donuts will have 0 calories, and Tab would be making a comeback. Now what sounds better.."Jesus said drink Tab bitches." OR "Jesus said? Drink! Tab"%$"Bitches?+()!!!"

  3. Maybe Sigourney Weaver wasn't wearing a stitch of make-up...that can certainly ruin your mom's day! Ever think of that?