Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reverend Billy For Mayor!

Today I was at the Whole Earth Bakery buying some cheap-ass vegan delicacies when the wonderful Reverend Billy came by with a small camera crew..He was out and about in the neighborhood visiting local shops, campaigning for the upcoming mayoral race..Yes, Rev Billy is running for mayor. I do love him so, and was honored when he asked if he could film me while I stood behind a small podium and spoke about why I wanted him for mayor..I kind of suck on camera because I always laugh for some reason, but it was fun and I even got to sing a part of a song for them which may be on youtube or something..It was The Rev Billy version of New York, New York..

I felt bad because I had been on my way to visit Biker Billy who is in a nursing home in the west village with a fractured hip...I guess I sold him out for Reverend Billy and my fame-whore side..but I'll make it up to him by bringing him some biker magazines tomorrow and a chicken sandwich. Biker Bill, that is..not Reverend Billy. Reverend Billy probably wouldn't want a chicken sandwich anyway...

Anyway, on a happier I was walking home some drunk guy asked me to go for a drink with him! I told him I have gaping sores on my vagina but they probably weren't that contagious. He seemed sad for a minute and then said, "So the answer is no?" Awww....


  1. When will that wuss Bloomy debate Billy?

    (And our best to Biker Bill...)

  2. Reverend Billy is God!!! Biker Billy for President!!!