Friday, April 24, 2009

Super Duper Weenie and The Villager!

Over the weekend John's mom took us to this place called Super Duper Weenie which is in Fairfield Connecticut. I try to eat healthy most of the time and don't eat too much meat but once in a while I let myself go nuts and eat stuff like this..I really love junk food and if I wasn't afraid of putting on weight I could easily eat ice-cream and twinkies and pizza every single day..Anyway as soon as we drove up and saw the sign that said "Area maintained by Super Duper weenie-God Bless America" I knew I had to take some pics..So we have the lovely signs, the framed photo inside the place, and some flyer that said to arrest your friends..for charity! Apparently they have these kind of fund raisers in Ohio too, according to my friend Jes..but I thought it was funny. I ate two "New York Dogs" which were pretty damn good...

In other news, this blog and my band got a small mention in the local paper The Villager this week..The Villager likes East River String Band and writes nice stuff about me and the band once in a while..Here they wrote about a little song and dance thing I did with Reverend Billy on the street a few weeks ago..It's under the headline The Campaign Spirit.


  1. It's a great write-up...Congrats on the well-deserved ink!

    But Whole Foods...and not Whole Earth?

  2. Like you, I really try to stay on a healthy diet, which is a mostly vegetarian one of daily fresh organic vegetables, fruits, whole grains (we old folks love our fiber!), and lots of various varieties of beans. I do eat dairy, occasionally (about once every two weeks) chicken and fish (the latter meats are only what my local farmer friends raise or catch and are organic, free-range types). That said, I love junk food! I am a discerning junk food eater and, fortunately, there is little junk food worth mentioning from Virginia. I miss getting a good pastrami sandwich from when I lived in New York (the pastrami has to be steamed in a steamer designed for that purpose, and on toasted rye--good rye--with slaw and Russian dressing!) and I like a good hot dog (the kosher ones are the best, with mustard and onion, maybe some sauerkraut sometimes). If I lived in New York today I'd be big as a house, what with all of the good pizza, hot dogs, pastrami, bread, other Italian meats (I love mortadella, prosciutto di Parma, good mozzarella...) I'm getting hungry! Ooh...blintzes, perogen...When I go up to D.C. the first ting I do is gorge on various food, as there is a good Italian deli, and a good Jewish deli (just okay by N.Y. standards), a great Lebanese deli, a pretty good Indian place...Okay, that settles it! I can't go to New York tonight, but I can--AND WILL--go to Washington! *I suppose New York also has a better selection of vegetarian and vegan foods. Let's face it, New Yorkers will not accept mediocrity when it comes to food!...looks like you've got some celeb status with The Villager; they term you as '... recently threw her support behind the performance-artist, preacher turned politico...' Of course, there had to be a story on some pastry shop underneath your blurb...with a picture, no less!!!