Monday, April 20, 2009

Typical Tompkins Day

It was like a billion degrees outside this weekend which means that Tompkins Square park was a freakshow of fun..I love that park in the spring and summer-it never fails to entertain. This saturday was more fun than throwing a hotdog down a hallway! Wait-that's really kind of dirty and makes no sense but i'll leave it up anyway..First I met this really scary clown. He was holding a doll with its head bashed in and fake brains and puke were dripping all over him..I thought he had a good vibe so I took his photo and chatted him up. Then there was a tie-dyed ferret which matched my retarded Michael Jackson shirt so I got some pics with it..And of course it was fun running into almost every single person I know in the city..John took some photos of Jes and I looking swell and stuff..

I know the next few days will be crappy weather but that's okay..I have to practice and record if this damn CD is ever going to get done..Plus the weekend will be hot again. John and I will busk in Union Square..Now that park is a whole other level of freakshow. I find the people who stand there and give out FREE HUGS the most disturbing of all...Why do they want to hug everyone? Do they have lice they are trying to get rid of? Are they really just trying to grope people's buttocks? Are they stealing wallets? Usually I just tell them I have a rare but deadly VULVA disease which can be passed on through hugging. They just grin good-naturedly when I say this which makes me want to punch them all the more.


  1. Who's hallway your hallway. Your gross.

  2. I used to have a two door garage.

  3. You know, ordinarily, one sight of a clown such as this would disturb me greatly (even a clown without the disturbing, cradled doll--most clowns I find fascinatingly disturbing); yet, a clown's eyes do not lie, and you are right: there is a good vibe about this one...I love ferrets! I had one a long time ago; they are sweet, curious and, at least the one I had (Max was his name), affectionate. (He seems to like you!) And, much to my dismay on several occasions, they can compress their little bodies into the smallest of places...