Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dance Parade party at Tompkins...

Well, I got out of the house too late today to catch the annual Dance Parade, but it didn't matter anyway since they all ended up at Tompkins Square Park getting their freak on..It was pretty entertaining..all sorts of dance groups performed and mingled with the park regulars..Women in striped wormy suits were wiggling around the chess tables where the drunk usually hang, half naked men wandered around on stilts, hula hoops were in abundance, and all sort of dances were being done on the main stage and in every corner of the park. The regular noisemakers were all giddy with excitement..The Hare Krishnas were chanting with a fervor i've never heard before...and that annoying marching band that is there every single fucking day even had a fan! A shirtless wingnut danced madly to them for hours! They played even better than Steely Dan on 'ludes..

Then it all gave me a headache so I went to Ray's and drank tea..Next week, John and I will be playing in Tompkins on sunday as part of the Old Time Hootenanny..I hope some drag queens show up and shake what their mama's gave them.


  1. i didn't know Ray had tea. i feel stupid about that.

    great photos! i took some on Saturday, too. wish i had seen the parade. please tell us what time you're playing on Sunday!!!

  2. I'll probably post a blog about the show..but here are the details!
    When: Sunday, May 24, 2009
    Where: Tompkins Square Park, Manhattan, East 7th Street + Avenue A
    Times: 2:00pm - 6:00pm


    > Feral Foster - 2:00
    > Roger Manning -2:30
    > Eden and John's East River String Band- 3:00
    > Hubby Jenkins- 3:30
    > Dom Flemons- 4:00

    Possible Jam afterwards with the musicians that played..

    [Sponsored by The SHADOW, the Lower East Side's underground newspaper]

  3. oh, wow, i love roger manning. i first saw him in '89 when he played in the student union building at the university of utah. and i'm happy i get to see your band! can't wait!