Thursday, May 7, 2009

I Learn to Work the Saxophone..I Play Just What I Feel.

Why can't I get freaking Steely Dan out of my head? Grrr...Here are some random photos of random stuff that I put up randomly. How random can you get? Only Steely Dan knows..First we have a friendly looking cute little doll at Csquat..She needs a hug! Then we have Nico de Gallo holding up an even stranger doll she found somewhere..must be someone's art project or something. Or Reese's new promotional campaign.

Then there is the Csquat band Pigshit Engine..Great name and as part of their merch they made some pink Pigshit Panties! Just in time for mother's day! I got a pic of Jerry the Peddler at Csquat underneath them..And if you were planning to rush to the pharmacy on east 5th st. and buy some ninja's then you're shit out of luck...No ninja's for you. So don't even try.


  1. That dolls eyes are always following me. It kinda freaks me out.

  2. I came to this blog today, had to leave suddenly; then, I came back, Jack, to do it again and, although, I am kinda reelin' in the years, I can well imagine what a great band Pigshit Engine must be. Any band with their name and logo printed on pink panties (or "pannies", as the young folk say) must be good! I know this must seem like a kind of pretzel logic but, hey...BTW, has anyone seen Rikki? I haven't heard from her in a while...I'll bet she lost my number!

  3. Oh, THANK YOU. Now I keep singing... "and they call Alabama the Crimson Tide..."

    I feel like I'm at the airport Ramada somewhere...

  4. Why is Alabama the crimson tide anyway? Does it have its MENSES?
    Brett-at least you didn't say "Manties"...If you did, rikki will never call, believe me..and Pants-you know that doll comes alive at night!