Sunday, May 10, 2009

It Takes An East Village

Well, spring has sprung and there's all kinds of shit going down around town these days..Girls are wearing much less clothing now that it's warm and guys seem pretty happy about this..Buttocks and boobies are out in abundance. There's so much stuff happening...all sorts of street fairs, art performances, people playing instruments in the park and all around the number of lunatics around the village and lower east side has suddenly doubled..Wingnuts are EVERYWHERE especially in Tompkins Square Park it seems..I can't count or remember all the people i've seen running around the park just yelling their heads off and generally freaking out.

I didn't take any photos of these people because I value my life, but I have some shots of other stuff..Like Lindy Loo at Banjo Jim's hosting her monthly night..She is quite a character..part Bette Middler, part Dolly Parton..I dunno..She sings well and when she takes off her fancy hat she has an even smaller one on underneath it...Now, that's one sassy lass! I really like this lady..

At Tompkins, some girls hung some silk ropes from a tall tree in the park and did acrobatics and circus-type stuff on them all afternoon..That tree is pretty tall too..If they had fallen and blood came gushing out I like to think that I'd have run over to help before snapping a pic..but who knows? I like to think a lot of things! For instance, I like to believe that my own farts smell like delicious raspberry tarts!

Then today my friend and longtime LES resident Jimmy The Greek sang on second avenue with a church choir..Apparently this church accepts all members of any faith-as long as you are not anti-community. Jimmy was in the back so it was hard to get a shot of him. Also, the Bodies of Pyongyang were performing in their clear cube at Tompkins..They try to raise awareness about women's issues in North Korea. It was kind of creepy seeing all those masked women trying to escape from the cube. Well, that horror movie CUBE was a lot creepier really I guess. A small dog stared at them for a while in utter confusion.


  1. The silk-robes-from-the-tree performance was ... uh, well. Do they need a permit for that?

    I'm sorry that I missed the Bodies of Pyongyang.

  2. AH! - it's like cirque du soleil. kinda way more exciting out in the open than in the wamu theater.

  3. which reminds me, now that wamu is no more - what is wamu theater called? jp morgan chase theater?

  4. Looks like Lindy Loo has a little bit of Minnie Pearl in her, as well (anyone who has a resonator guitar player in her group moves up a couple of notches on the respect scale, for me)....There is a troupe just like the Bodies of Pyongyang down here, at least the ones down here have a similar looking cube...Does the one in Tompkins Square Park make sweaters, as well? ...Okay, okay, I know, that wasn't very politically correct of me: everyone knows sweaters are mostly made in Shri Lanka!

  5. Good stuff Eden...I remember when everyone started clapping for the acrobats,and I was like,"Oh my God,did she fall!!!" Jimmy wasn't only hard to see,but I am pretty sure that he was the only baritone that showed up for that! Half of there choir could not make it...poor fella. And,I am so pissed off that I did not go over and see the Pyongyang! Shit Eden! I would have hopped right in that cube with them!!! No bullshit...Yup! You betcha...good times Eden;nothing but goodtimes....

  6. Oh yes Eden,I almost forgot to mention that Lindy Loo most definitely has some Cyndie Lauper in her too!!! Something,(a little voice;coming from the little hat...),tells me this. Yup!