Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, just some crap...

Well, John and I were both sick on my birthday which sucked but I got me a tiny pink acer laptop as a gift that I have no idea how to use! But I can take it when we travel and be on-line everywhere..Yay! Her name is Minnie. I can tell that my love for her shall grow..Here are some pics I just have on my computer..First there is Helen a friendly neighbor always on Avenue A walking her dog. She is really sweet and always has some crazy get-up on..Hence, the pink pants, pink socks, and yes, a viking hat! C'mon-she's awesome!

Then we have to note that Ray is now selling smoothy's! I haven't had one yet, but I certainly will soon..Though Tamarindo is not listed as a flavor like it is on his eggcream list. Oh just ain't never perfect. Then that fancy Indian desert is what I ate at Tabla, a swanky place where the swells all go..we didn't see any celebrities like my mom had hoped. Though this guy who I love from The Wire now goes to my gym. He played Ziggy, one of the best characters in the show.

Then I snapped my mom posing on Madison Avenue. She told me not to put it on the internet but there it is...Last, I like this weird blurry pic John took of me touching the fake snake that's wrapped around Priscilla, the torso I found on the street. There's just something about severed torsos, huh?


  1. If Sex Baloney were a falvor of smoothey,,,I'd surely try one!
    You should introduce HB to your neighbor,,I'm sure they'd get along splendidly,,,,especially with all that pink!

  2. Helen! Yes, she is magnificent.