Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reverend Billy's Singing Campaign Endorsement screening.

Sunday night Reverend Billy and his choir performed and screened their new singing campaign endorsement at Billy's Campaign Headquarters. I missed the damn screening by ten minutes but did get there in time for many free jello shots! The screeening was packed and apparently my wondrous performance in the video sparked applause..Actually, it was everyone's dislike for banks and frozen yogurt which caused the applause, but I still wish i had been there..After the screening some of us went to a bar around the corner..I hung out and gossiped with Barbara Lee who sings in the choir and is an ex-squatter..We know all the same folks but never really hung out before so that was fun..

Anyway, the video is online at Here is the link to it since I don't know how to upload it here.


  1. jello shots, isn't that dead animal hooves or something. i hate animals i live in nyc. i vote for rev. billy. just joking rev. billy for president. president right, mayor or governor i forget. vote billy

  2. Haw!!! "Biggest Pants";Rev. Billy for something,eh??? I am still convinced that the Reverend Billy is God Eden!!! Yup...but what the heck;if he is not God;then the Reverend Billy for God then!!!! Yup....

  3. What a great video! And you had the best voice! I know I shouldn't reveal my sensitive self, having a reputation for being the pillar of stoicism and all, but I got a little verklempt watching the video. New York City has always been about the neighborhoods; it is about communities comprised of diverse, small businesses. I really hate the way every community is becoming homogeneous in the US. How many McDonald's™, Subways, CVS's, Wal*Mart's, does one country need! My personal opinion is: NONE! It's not like they offer anything of good quality or value (okay, I sometimes go to CVS for a prescription I can't get at the ma and pa pharmacy, but I refuse to go into any of the other places). Hell, I don't even like the Apple store, would rather get stuff for my Mac from an Apple dealer who is a small business person. And all of that corporate stranglehold stuff is linked to everything bad, from regional/global economic collapse to global warming...may it be the Lord's Will that Reverend Billy be elected mayor...and/or, you know, Allah, Buddha, Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Brahma, The Baby Jesus, Elvis, and Satan!