Monday, May 4, 2009

Worker and Immigrant Rights Mayday

So on May 1st there are all kinds of marches, protests and pagan celebrations going on around the city..I had planned to run around all day taking photos but it really rained that day. The rain came pouring down the way one might imagine yeast might pour from the vagina of a woman with loose morals..Anyway, I made it to Union Square and got some pics of the Worker and Immigrant's rights rally..There were tons of cops there and tons of people with banners and signs. A stage was set up with different people making speeches..and then the sky opened up and it just fucking poured on everyone. I took shelter under the Virgin Megastore awning as did dozens of other people. The rally went on despite the rain, but I really didn't feel like getting soaked. I stood under that awning for over an hour and made all kinds of new friends..except for the Virgin employee who kept yelling at all of us to leave because we were blocking the door. The damn store is closing anyway..He should have just joined us under the awning as we discussed who would win in a cage fight-Wolverine or Batman on steroids?

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  1. Glad to hear a megastore is closing! (All they do is push out smaller businesses and ruin local economies and trample on workers' rights--not to mention ruin any sense of regional culture, and any half-wit economist knows that many smaller and diverse business communities are what keep an economy strong!!!) Okay, I have left the soapbox first, I thought, Wolverine, hands down; then, the idea of Batman doing what he does but on steroids!! Now that would be something!..Your photos always genuinely capture and convey something about the moment and truly reflect something about diversity. Around here, that kind of community protest over any worker's rights--let alone raising the issues of immigration--would just simply not happen. Virginia is a "Right to Work" state--translation: Conservative/ultra pro-big business. The idea of Unions is verboten! Many folks here, sadly, use immigration issues to mask racist tendencies. It is a kind of smokescreen to perpetuate a broader narrow view of this country...