Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's the etiquette for bikini line waxing?

So I got my bikini line waxed and fuck! it was extremely painful! Was it worth it? Who the hell knows? I'll tell you when my crotch isn't on fire anymore(no-not with THE HERPS). Then I saw the lady who waxed me on the street..I didn't say anything really..just vaguely looked at her..Do I say hi? Make small talk? Thank her for ripping the hairs off my body? I just don't know..'s a few pics I took over the weekend..My friend Dave with another great tshirt, plus now with fake moustache! Some random guy demanded to have his picture taken with Dave so I took it..He then told me to email it to him as he pranced away..He didn't leave his email so I just sent it to He'll probably get it..

Then I was at Odessa Bar to see the moonwalk contest..I didn't see it but everyone outside was trying to moonwalk..I never really realized how difficult it really is..Then I caught the tail end of a show at Tompkins Square park..I saw Dethrace play who dress like GWAR and kinda sound like Dethklok..It was fun..I won't be in town for the big show coming up in July..I bet the cops can't wait for that one!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

There goes my childhood...

Woah..Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both die in one day? Farrah has been sick a long time now I guess.Probably wacko jacko has been too, though only those close to him would know about it..This is kinda nuts..What's going to happen to his kids? What dirt will come out in the next week or so? Oh man, the circus is gonna start soon..What about Bubbles and Little Blanket? And is Punky Brewster in good health? I hope so!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Rent Guidelines Board Circus..

Attended the Rent Guidelines Board Vote tonite at Cooper Union..Of course, it was complete insanity..People yelling and screaming..and since it's such a circus of bedlam..Everyone had on red clown noses..Well, it's a joke for sure..Tenants lose as usual..3% increase for one-year leases and 6% for two-year leases..I do feel lucky to have a rent-stablilized apartment or else I couldn't afford to live in the east village fo' shizzle..Yet, it's going up up UP anyway..I feel for the seniors in the room who looked so angry and bewildered..thinking maybe this year with the economy being what it is-maybe the vote would swing the other way for once with a rent freeze. But, NOPE! Even the wonderful Reverend Billy Talen couldn't save us..Fox News was there and they seemed annoyed I kept trying to snap their photo..P'shaw..

Soon even the yuppies won't be able to afford their Fro-Yo or mochachocaloca starfucks coffee anymore!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Tree Grows at Ray's...

Well, I'm back in the SHITTY and nothing much is going on..Going away for less than a week is definitely not enough..I can't wait to go to Europe for two weeks in July now..However, I did have the great fortune of spotting the BIBLE BUS on 2nd Avenue as soon as I got here! They give you bibles, free advice and even free water! They were so nice and friendly..I loved them..I mean, if they weren't really my friends why would they have offered to WASH MY BRAIN??

Then I saw that with all the rain, the tree in front of Ray's Candy Store is becoming so lush and's expanding and hopefully will soon take over the whole block..The duck is still sitting pretty in it..and the plastic bag of love as well..It's just harder to spot them now.

The last pic I put up is one someone snapped of some Ray's regulars hanging out in front of....YUP! You guessed it! Ray's, dummy! oxoxoxox, Eden Bee

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Woman on Your Mind..

Playing in Chicago was fun fun fun! Well, when we were at the airport we had to lighten our bags for check in..They charge so much now for carry-ons and shit..Do they think I'm made out of money?? I told them I was made out of sugar and spice and everything nice plus lice, but still they tried to charge us..So we gave them some CD's and signed them..That was fun..I like signing stuff. After not getting enough love in my childhood I need the assurance that I am swell!

We had a nice hotel and were with Dom Flemons and Blind Boy Paxton so we got to have a late night practice jam..The sound people at our stage(which was sponsored by Zone Perfect, which I found funny for some reason) were really nice and sold some merch for us while we played..I think Barry Dollins, who booked all of us, was pleased with how we all played-taking turns.each doing a song then all playing together..We had a good sized crowd and I got to sign more CD's! I kept wanting to write weird stuff on them like "Don't you hate pants?-love and doody, Eden!" but I resisted..

Anyway here's some the airport, Blind Boy Playing, Dom Flemons on the bones, the statue of Daddy Stovepipe on the new Maxwell Street was pretty cool...The old Maxwell Street is all Starfucks and Fro-Yo now just like the gentrified NYC I guess..Sad sad sad..Anyway, I sure can get used to this flying around and getting paid to pay music thing..Now I just need to fucking play better! I'm practicing uke and guitar every day now..No matter how drunk I may be or whatever...Speaking of..tomorrow is wednesday..Mars Bar! Yay!

Our in-flight films today will be Fearless and Alive...

Well, I am back from my short band tour of two gigs..It was fun and tiring too..Just being in airports most of the time is enough to make you crazy..but I'm also scared of flying..So our plane out of NYC was delayed due to bad weather which made me pace around like a freak..North Carolina show was fun..very humid there and we didn't have a car so we had to keep bugging people to drive us everywhere..We played early too so there really wasn't many people there, but the crowd seemed to like us and we got to meet some nice Christopher King and his wife..He and John nerded out about 78's for quite some time while I found some New Yorkers to sit with..Our friend Dom Flemons was playing too and The Wiyos..I got pics of them jamming..but have no pics of us! When The Wiyos played the PA went out so they moved up to the crowd and played without amplification..Dom sounded great as usual..We kept eating at Ruby Tuesdays where they loved us but kept asking us in confusion why were we in Eden, North Carolina when we could be in NYC?..Hehehe....Every airport had nice and helpful folks except the one in NYC of course..They were horrified that we had 3 instruments and big bags full of stuff...They acted like we ate their babies or something..umm....babies.....drooool...

I was going to get my pic taken in front of the Eden Drive-in theater, The Eden gas station, and the Eden church which had a sign that said ABORTION IS MURDER!!!! but I figured that would be overkill..I did take a few pics though..

Chicago was really fun where we played with Dom again and Blind Boy Paxton..I'll post those pics up tomorrow..It's kind of nice to be back in the city..but now I'm excited to go to play in Italy in July!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

East River Gigs this weekend!

This weekend East River String Band is playing two gigs out of town..The first one is in Eden(yes, really!), North Carolina.. We play at 6:00 pm. as part of the Charlie Poole Festival. That is on Friday June 12th..

Then we are playing in Chicago as part of the Chicago Blues Festival..We go on at 2:00 the Zone Perfect Route 66 Roadhouse Line-up is: East River String Band Blind Boy Paxton Dom Flemons All this info can be found at our website on the GIGS page

Anyway it'll be fun to leave the city for a weekend..I'll take lots of pics and post them when i get back..But for now, just so I don't forget NYC, I posted a pic of some trash can that was apparently set on fire right outside the Ninth Precinct..Who knows how or why? Mystery!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ray's benefit pics..

So the benefit for Ray's Candy Store went off pretty well considering it was put together in like 4 days..mostly by Brett at Csquat..I've got some pics here of..let's see..Fly and Craig from God is my Co-pilot, Casa De Chihuahua acoustic Leftover Crack set..Popeye, Mike, some pics of sweaty half nude men dancing to STZA, great pics of Crazy Dave and his latest t-shirt..A pic of Erin and I..She looks drunk I guess but we are just hungover from the 80's Dance-A-Thon..You can't dance to Thriller without paying dearly for it the next day, ya know..

See this BLOG for more pics of the night..