Monday, June 8, 2009

80's Dance Party at Csquat Saturday..

There was an 80's dance party at Csquat last night..kinda for my birthday which was 3 weeks ago..and Erin's birthday which was last week..and Brett's which was two days ago. It was also Bill Cashman's housewarming party..So there was tons of people there just drinking and dancing around to cheesy 80's music til like 6 a.m. These triple birthday parties are always fun..We had one a few years ago which was a leotard themed dance party and every girl there wore a leotard..and a few guys too. I recall a fellow with pink spandex on and some guy with no pants on.

Anyway..shit was slammin' as you can see by these pics..Observe the creepy lotto guy watching us all..I beat him up because he promises me the world and never follows through! Cashman got tied to a did Chicken Man. Every 80's dance party demands a sacrifice so sorry guys!

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