Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blues Ain't Nothing But A Good Woman on Your Mind..

Playing in Chicago was fun fun fun! Well, when we were at the airport we had to lighten our bags for check in..They charge so much now for carry-ons and shit..Do they think I'm made out of money?? I told them I was made out of sugar and spice and everything nice plus lice, but still they tried to charge us..So we gave them some CD's and signed them..That was fun..I like signing stuff. After not getting enough love in my childhood I need the assurance that I am swell!

We had a nice hotel and were with Dom Flemons and Blind Boy Paxton so we got to have a late night practice jam..The sound people at our stage(which was sponsored by Zone Perfect, which I found funny for some reason) were really nice and sold some merch for us while we played..I think Barry Dollins, who booked all of us, was pleased with how we all played-taking turns.each doing a song then all playing together..We had a good sized crowd and I got to sign more CD's! I kept wanting to write weird stuff on them like "Don't you hate pants?-love and doody, Eden!" but I resisted..

Anyway here's some pics..at the airport, Blind Boy Playing, Dom Flemons on the bones, the statue of Daddy Stovepipe on the new Maxwell Street was pretty cool...The old Maxwell Street is all Starfucks and Fro-Yo now just like the gentrified NYC I guess..Sad sad sad..Anyway, I sure can get used to this flying around and getting paid to pay music thing..Now I just need to fucking play better! I'm practicing uke and guitar every day now..No matter how drunk I may be or whatever...Speaking of..tomorrow is wednesday..Mars Bar! Yay!


  1. Being that I can't hear photos, I'll first say that if you guys played as fabulously as you looked, then it must've been a tour de force!!! You wear pink on black very well...and John! He's wearing spats!! There isn't anything I don't like about spats! Also, I am a fool for pinstripes! All of my suits are pinstriped. And bowlers are so cool! And of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention/ogle John's guitar in the third photo from the top... (Speaking of ogling, what's up with that rogue in the same photo, on the far right, with the 'Stu and Ted's Excellent Adventure' shirt? He appears to be spending time ogling on his own! He should've at least worn his sunglasses!)...a synchronistic point: I heard Lil' Ed (of the Blues Imperials) on an NPR game show (Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, which was broadcasting from Chicago) at around 2pm on Sunday. He said he and one of his band mates came up with their name when they were watching TV and saw an Imperial™ margarine commercial. Imagine: they could've been Lil' Ed and the I can't Believe It's Not Butter™ Blues Band...Daddy Stovepipe looks so pleased that you are carefully placing some money in his cigar box! Awhhhh...

  2. hey, you didn't sign my cd! sounds like a great trip, wow. i can't imagine how thrilling it would be to perform and then sign cds. what's going on at mars bar tomorrow?

  3. Brett-HAW! I don't know about that guy but man, you don't even know! Everyone there was drunk and guys were perving out in full force! I think because of my height I seem really approachable or something..Plus, I do kinda talk to anybody and everybody in general which isn't so smart sometimes..Guys were saying how great my performance was but it was obvious they hadn't seen it-because they then asked my name and my bands name..I was wearing a little "performers" tag on my wrist..Everytime someone asked I gave a different name and different band name..like, "I'm Sissy and my band Penis Butter and Vagelly and the Moonshine Skillet Punters just played!" Fucking comedy gold!
    WM-Nothing much is going on there..my friend bartends there that night so I like to go over there on that night and watch the insanity..actually wednesdays are usually pretty dead after midnight though..

  4. Eden, if you play Toronto, you BETTER sign my vinyl record "Don't you hate pants?-love and doody, Eden"

  5. Of course i'll sign that! I'll write:
    Dear Anonymous...I KNOW YOU HATE PANTS AS MUCH AS I DO! WHO NEEDS 'EM? I CALL BULLSHIT ON PANTS...Love and Poopin'!-Eden..