Wednesday, June 10, 2009

East River Gigs this weekend!

This weekend East River String Band is playing two gigs out of town..The first one is in Eden(yes, really!), North Carolina.. We play at 6:00 pm. as part of the Charlie Poole Festival. That is on Friday June 12th..

Then we are playing in Chicago as part of the Chicago Blues Festival..We go on at 2:00 the Zone Perfect Route 66 Roadhouse Line-up is: East River String Band Blind Boy Paxton Dom Flemons All this info can be found at our website on the GIGS page

Anyway it'll be fun to leave the city for a weekend..I'll take lots of pics and post them when i get back..But for now, just so I don't forget NYC, I posted a pic of some trash can that was apparently set on fire right outside the Ninth Precinct..Who knows how or why? Mystery!


  1. Nothin' takes away Steely Danitis like a photo of that beautiful Harmony parlor guitar and resophonic National(?) uke! And, it is so inspiring to see you point with your index finger in a 'we're #1!' affirmation! ...Quick lesson for the south: make one syllable words into two syllable words and you should be fine, and pretend John is your third cousin and you're married. Oh, and stay away from Cheerwine™; it looks innocuous enough, sort of like a cherry soda, but it is something akin to cherry Nyquil™ only without the buzz...have fun!!

  2. Thanks Brett! You're number 1 too!

  3. cd is now on mars bar jukebox, ps!