Friday, June 5, 2009

Mars Bar Art, New Best T-Shirt Ever, and Benefit for Ray's.

My first pic here is of Dave with the new Best T-Shirt Ever on..His other shirt said Fuck A Horse, Enjoy a Stable Relationship or something like that..but I think this shirt is my new fave. Maybe I'll ask him to make one for me to give to my 3 year old nephew!

Next, I have some photos of some new art up at Mars Bar..well new to me anyway since I hadn't been there for a bit..and I couldn't resist snapping a pic of a regular passed out..At least he's passed out and not grabbing me like some other drunk weirdo there was earlier that night...

Then I had to get a photo of Biker Bill's new fancy hat..he wants to dye it black but I kinda like it the color it is..

In other news there is going to be a small benefit for Ray's Candy Store at Csquat this coming Sunday, June 7th. We are trying to raise money for supplies that he needs before his next inspection at the end of the month. See my friends blog for more details!


  1. I don't like going to baseball games because of the foul balls.

  2. I like the color of Biker Bill's hat, was well! I love dandy hats like this (but don't tell him anybody used the word "dandy" to describe his hat, please; I just got a biker off my back after describing his boots as stylish way back in 1976)...

  3. No problem! I just told him you think his new hat is sassy much like a young girls heart in the springtime! He wants to know where you live now...

  4. wowwwwwwwwwwwwww