Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our in-flight films today will be Fearless and Alive...

Well, I am back from my short band tour of two gigs..It was fun and tiring too..Just being in airports most of the time is enough to make you crazy..but I'm also scared of flying..So our plane out of NYC was delayed due to bad weather which made me pace around like a freak..North Carolina show was fun..very humid there and we didn't have a car so we had to keep bugging people to drive us everywhere..We played early too so there really wasn't many people there, but the crowd seemed to like us and we got to meet some nice folks..like Christopher King and his wife..He and John nerded out about 78's for quite some time while I found some New Yorkers to sit with..Our friend Dom Flemons was playing too and The Wiyos..I got pics of them jamming..but have no pics of us! When The Wiyos played the PA went out so they moved up to the crowd and played without amplification..Dom sounded great as usual..We kept eating at Ruby Tuesdays where they loved us but kept asking us in confusion why were we in Eden, North Carolina when we could be in NYC?..Hehehe....Every airport had nice and helpful folks except the one in NYC of course..They were horrified that we had 3 instruments and big bags full of stuff...They acted like we ate their babies or something..umm....babies.....drooool...

I was going to get my pic taken in front of the Eden Drive-in theater, The Eden gas station, and the Eden church which had a sign that said ABORTION IS MURDER!!!! but I figured that would be overkill..I did take a few pics though..

Chicago was really fun where we played with Dom again and Blind Boy Paxton..I'll post those pics up tomorrow..It's kind of nice to be back in the city..but now I'm excited to go to play in Italy in July!


  1. I am afraid of flying, too. I never was when I was younger; then one time coming back from NYC, I started feeling extreme anxiety...and...ever since?!?!! It really is fairly rational, in my opinion--you're in a frickin' plane! If there is even the slightest problem at all, death is the consequence!! Can you imagine being in a car and knowing: running out of gas? DEATH! Fan belt breaks? DEATH! Ice on the windshield? DEATH! Going 45mph in a 25mph zone? DEATH! It even had you, Eden, reading the Holy Bible!! ...I guess I should ixnay on the eathday, though; you are going to Italy! Just take one of those tiny statues of Mary, and you should be fine. That whole thing of needing to be christened first, that's just a rumor. I think a strong narcotic is in order, just in case the Mary thing might not work..Sorry, I don't know why I got off on that flying tangent; maybe because it scares the shit out of me!...You say there's no photos of your set?! ...oh well, hopefully there'll be some from Chicago... :-)

  2. Welcome back kiddo!!! I'll see ya at the bakery! Yup....

  3. Ahhh! I'm already dreading the 8 hour flight to Italy! I'm taking a freaking sedative...I just hope there are no raccoons or deers up there in the clouds that we may hit..I hate skykill! DEATH!!!!
    Well, didn't Abe Lincoln state, "Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death..." Wait-I think that was actually Annie Lennox..Same difference!
    Crazy Jay-You're FUCKING CRAZY!

  4. Holy crap, was that a velvet covered bible? I hope you stole it...or at least some towels!

  5. "Fucking crazy"!!! Yup...you betcha Eden....

  6. I wanted to steal these weird tootsie roll pillow but I think they woulda been hard to hide under my dress...sigh...I lose!

  7. This is wierd....., but thought you might appreciate how I found your blog. I grew up in Eden (live in SF now....been gone for 25 yrs. For some bizarre reason, I just remembered a friend from high school who ended up commiting a pretty horrible murder. So I decided to try to find info on it, so I searched : murder in draper, eden north carolina

    And I found your blog. Glad to see you made it out of Eden alive! Oh and since when is there culture in Eden?

    Btw-I showed cows in 4H at the Eden Fairgrounds.

  8. There was no culture there..just some cows maybe!
    That is VERY weird! Whom did they kill? I love the internets of technology!