Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ray's benefit pics..

So the benefit for Ray's Candy Store went off pretty well considering it was put together in like 4 days..mostly by Brett at Csquat..I've got some pics here of..let's see..Fly and Craig from God is my Co-pilot, Casa De Chihuahua playing..an acoustic Leftover Crack set..Popeye, Mike, some pics of sweaty half nude men dancing to STZA, great pics of Crazy Dave and his latest t-shirt..A pic of Erin and I..She looks drunk I guess but we are just hungover from the 80's Dance-A-Thon..You can't dance to Thriller without paying dearly for it the next day, ya know..

See this BLOG for more pics of the night..


  1. Looks like it was a blast - and for a good cause too.

    Just thought I'd drop by and wish you and John luck on your Chicago Blues Fest appearance this weekend - knock 'em dead - and give us a full report with lost of photos upon your return!

  2. Thanks NYC DREAMIN..i'm excited to leave tomorrow morning! Even though it's supposed to rain and i'm scared of flying..