Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some neat-o video from our show at Chicago Blues Fest..


  1. The idea of having everyone on stage taking their turn at a song was great; it created a really good dynamic...the uke that you are using seems a different model than the other resonator uke you use?? It has a different neck than the other one, although they both seem like Nationals?? Are they old? New? What are they all about? Pray tell! With Jerron's piano, Dom's spoon/bone playing, John's syncopated rhythm, your strong voice--and uke lead fills!--there was an organic and authentic sound when everyone played together. The separate performances sounded complete and full (which, in lesser hands, often can sound empty when alternated with a full ensemble). I also watched the video where John plays See See Rider Blues. He did a great rendition of that song; he is to be commended! His syncopation is not derivative, although authentic, and creates an edge that's great!

  2. Typo before--
    Nice One Eden. Glad you had a good time.

  3. No, it's the same Uke..I just gave her a different name so she looks different! We had so much fun playing with those guys..If only everyone would just book all 3 acts together and we could tour the world in a psychedelic van solving mysteries...