Thursday, June 25, 2009

There goes my childhood...

Woah..Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson both die in one day? Farrah has been sick a long time now I guess.Probably wacko jacko has been too, though only those close to him would know about it..This is kinda nuts..What's going to happen to his kids? What dirt will come out in the next week or so? Oh man, the circus is gonna start soon..What about Bubbles and Little Blanket? And is Punky Brewster in good health? I hope so!


  1. Crazy sad.

    I remember renting the VHS video of Thriller when it came out and all the cool kids on my block came over to my basement to watch it.

  2. Oh well, childhood isn't what it used to be...or is it that it wasn't what it was cracked up to be? Or, was it that it was better on crack? Hmm? I can't remember...anyway: I wish! They didn't have crack when I was a kid; it wasn't that we were too poor or anything, it was just that Richard Pryor hadn't invented it yet, or maybe it was that J. Edgar Hoover had taken all of our baking soda or something...good golly, it's been so long... -On a related note: I was so glad when we finally figured out that we could make free base with baking soda instead of ether; it was so much safer! Also, the method with isopropyl didn't ever work very well...those were the good old days; anywhooo, that's another story...These Pop icon deaths seem to happen in threes, and I heard that Punky Brewster has a cold! The really interesting thing about these other two deaths: there is a bit of compelling evidence that Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson were one in the same person! When I look at photos of them, I can't discern which one is which, and I know I've never seen anything with the two of them in the same photo?!?!?...It IS kinda disconcerting to think that Michael Jackson was a couple of years younger than I am! In fact, suddenly I don't feel so good myself...cough...

  3. Yeah, now that I think about it my childhood really sucked. That's why i'm so starved for fame and attention now...It would have been better if I had some crack to smoke or at least some baking soda mixed with neosporin.
    I never did see MJ and Farrah in the same room at the same time..True, i've never seen Axel Rose in the same room as Barbara what does that prove?
    Everything godammit! EVERYTHING!!!!