Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Tree Grows at Ray's...

Well, I'm back in the SHITTY and nothing much is going on..Going away for less than a week is definitely not enough..I can't wait to go to Europe for two weeks in July now..However, I did have the great fortune of spotting the BIBLE BUS on 2nd Avenue as soon as I got here! They give you bibles, free advice and even free water! They were so nice and friendly..I loved them..I mean, if they weren't really my friends why would they have offered to WASH MY BRAIN??

Then I saw that with all the rain, the tree in front of Ray's Candy Store is becoming so lush and's expanding and hopefully will soon take over the whole block..The duck is still sitting pretty in it..and the plastic bag of love as well..It's just harder to spot them now.

The last pic I put up is one someone snapped of some Ray's regulars hanging out in front of....YUP! You guessed it! Ray's, dummy! oxoxoxox, Eden Bee


  1. Only the best of friends will wash your brain!


    Love your blog!

  2. I look forward to hearing the New East River Gospel String Band.
    PTL Sister Eden!!

  3. She's gonna wash that brain right outta your hair, she's gonna wash that brain--It looks chilly in New York--her van is sort of cool, except that it is outfitted with the kind of seats that look ready to transport unsuspecting riders to the mother ship, or to the Kool Aid punch bowl or something--kind of scary: Christian scary...gonna wash that brain...

    Nice allusion to a literary work in the title! I heard that Ray's repertory company is producing an off-Broadway production of A Tree Grows in East, who will be playing the part of Francie Nolan? Rumors are circulating that the part of Johnny, her father, will be played by the wooden bird in your photo(?) It should be a grand adaptation, particularly if you get the part of Francie...I'm pulling for ya, kiddo!...There's no business like show business, like no business I know...

  4. Thanks Anne! and PTL Larry! I said now!
    Brett, I keep trying out for the part of Little Orphan Annie in the production..They keep trying to convince me that Annie wasn't in A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, but I know they are wrong. I'm right and they're I shall just keep showing up in my curly red wig until they cave..

  5. What? Everyone knows that that's where the famous line comes from, when Annie first meets Daddy Warbucks and says, "is that a tree growing in Brooklyn, or are you just glad to see me?!?!", wait...I think that was Little Annie think it was in Little Andy, never mind. I'll have to look it up on WIkipedia...

  6. Yeah, I totally remember that part! It's classic. Like later on in the film when Annie performed that reacharound on that one little orphan lad..Sooooo cute!
    Almost as neat as my favorite film Playmate of the Apes!
    John Bacchus, I love you!

  7. I'm out of brain wash. I went looking for it at Duane Reade, but didn't spot any. I asked someone where the brainwash section was, and he sent me to the magazine section where all the magazines had Jon and Kate on the cover.

  8. Owwwwww!!! Shit I bumped my head really hard!!! I think I know some of the people in this photo by that store...??? What was it called???...what was his name??? Eden!!! Is that you??? Hmmmmmmnn....