Monday, June 1, 2009

What if We Threw A Tupperware Party and No One Came??

The first few photos are of some people getting down to Hall and Oates in the Csquat basement..Yes, Hall and Oates! Hey, they had some catchy songs..unlike SOME fucking band I won't mention whose name begins with Steely and ends with Dan..Hmmmpf.

Then some unknown hero placed two really cute miniature chairs in the Pee Phone by Ray's! No one saw who did it..It was strangely strange yet oddly normal. Then this generic looking guy who hangs out in the Pee Phone every week or so and gets drunk and yells about the US bombing Japan took the chairs and placed them on top of Ray's sign outside the shop. When a random drunk guy touched them the Pee Phone guy yelled, "Don't fucking touch those asshole!" then went back to muttering about Japan. I asked the crazy Pee Phone guy if he knew where the chairs came from and he said he didn't. Ah, mystery!

Then tonite I saw someone had thrown out a plastic bag full of various sized Tupperware..I love Tupperware though I never use it and always wanted to throw a Tupperware Party, but I guess those days are long gone. Now people have Snuggie Parties or something..This Tupperware was pretty neat..It had teeny tiny little baby Tupperwares..perfect for fitting a miniature chair into if one was so inclined. Then there's a weird pic of me to cap it all off..

Very strange things happening around the hood lately...some good and some bad..I'm happy to be leaving town in a week and a half to go play our two festivals!


  1. God bless the Pee Phone!!! And the little Pee Phone chairs!!! Amen...Yup....

  2. I am not into organized religion, but if the Pee Phone were the altar, I would so be a devotee!!!, those conjoined twins sure can dance! I'll bet Gary Coleman never played with Hall and Oates! The wrought iron railing behind the Tupperware™ is really cool: I'm into rust and patina!

  3. Eden! I didn't notice the pic of you when I looked at this post last? You look really happy here...did you find another Pee Phone there???