Friday, July 24, 2009

Back from Europe..

Well, it took forever and a day but I made it back from Europe! We had a great trip..Italy was beautiful and I put up some pics from there..I have over 200 photos from this trip and can't even deal with all of them..France was awesome and so much fun..We are staying there much longer next year and will probably play more gigs in Europe..But airlines SUCK A WITCH'S TWATMUFFER!!!! On the way to italy that shit with John's guitar happened..Then we got stuck in Dublin overnight on no sleep at all at the Carlton Hotel..We were so tired and there was a party upstairs from us that went on til late when we had to get up early for our flight today..So I'm all burnt out but I shouldn't really complain..I had such a good time and we made good money and got invited back everywhere we went...I put up nice pics of Ameno and Pisano where we played in northern Italy..our host is with me in one pic, Roberto Neri who was so nice..He cooked for us almost every night! The panties I saw in the one pic were at the one decadent spot in Ameno..a small hidden grassy knoll where I saw beer bottles, condoms(used), wine bottles, and these nasty undies!

Anyway, I am putting all my pics from the trip on my photobucket account under the screename edenbee..It's a public page so everyone can see all the pics in there..Also i will put a lot up at and also on my facebook account page..Tomorrow I will try to post france pics..soooooo tired.....but happy!


  1. Bonjour, Eden, vous avez conquis les foules, en Italie, vous avez visité des amis en France, qui sont, j'en suis sûr, qui vous est chère. Vive les amis, de fans, et de voyage! Or, as they might say in England, "a bit of the old jetting about to Italy, tickle the pearlies at a couple a' gigs, pop in to France, and Bob's your uncle!" ...Those Brits, they're always going around saying "Bob's your uncle!" What's up with that!?!? I don't even have an uncle Bob!!! And if I did, would I need to be constantly reminded of that fact? I mean, not that any of Hitler's actions could ever be justified, but I did hear that Londoners were relentless with their 'Bob's your uncle!' taunts directed toward him just before the Blitzkrieg. Okay, maybe once, Hitler might have said something derogatory about Churchill's Auntie Matilda, but how many times can a delusional paranoid dictator hear "Bob's your uncle!" before going berserk?! ...anyway, looks like you had a great time. The pics are incredible! My life just is so pale in comparison; about all I did in the last two weeks that is noteworthy is I had some really good Thai, wait, I was going to get Thai food but fell asleep and woke up too late...

  2. But Bob is my uncle! Or IS he? Now, i'm suspicious..I just uploaded 200 pics from this damn trip into photobucket. If anyone is really that interested just go to and put edenbee into the searchbox under the category people. Pages and pages of pics i tells ya!

  3. Congrats of your successful trip and welcome home...

  4. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your European trip, hope you had a great trip..!! You are right Italy is very awesome as well as France.. I also had stayed 2 nights in Carlton Hotel a couple years of back and I enjoyed over there..