Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fun for the whole family!

Alright..still not too much much going on in the hood for me...I went to void some urine in the Tompkins Square Park bathroom and saw that someone had hung up a fly strip in there..within 10 seconds it had about 50 flies on it, but hey-at least they made an effort to clean up the joint! I liked the fly had good vibes. I named it Venus. If they hung up about 50 more it may actually cut the fly population down in there by .000000001%.

Then, today I went to Connecticut and saw John's brother and his family who are in town from Sweden. We went to the aquarium where John and I had fun posing as sea life as you can see..BUT on the way there, I once again voided urine in the MetroNorth bathroom..and someone had hung up an anti-bird porn sticker in there! I haven't gone to the website printed on there yet because I'm hoping it's not a joke and that there is a group of angry people out there who think bird watchers are perverted. I couldn't agree more! These peeping pervs must be stopped! Same thing with people who have ant farms..stop watching ants fuck you creepy little saddle sniffers!

Anyway, it's finally hot out and I wore this tshirt my sister Robyn made me..I love the shirt but not sure I can deal with trying to explain to people what it means..If you watched sitcoms in the 80's then you know. If not, then you just think i'm nuts. Well, I AM nuts but at least I don't spy on birds doing it!


  1. Rerun! I loved that show. (And now he's dead, though one thing has nothing to do with the other.)

    Expect to see these moves soon!

  2. Oh sure, everybody wants to wrongfully malign the fly. 'Flies can bite and make you sick,' 'flies are annoying,' 'blah, blah, blah.' 'Flies don't have souls.' 'We're superior to flies, so kill, kill, kill!' I am a Buddhist, and we are more mindful of living things--no, wait, I hate flies, too...sorry, I was thinking about, yeah, fuck flies; they are creeps and are intellectually dishonest and deserve to be murdered en masse!

    I think bird watchers are disgusting; and they just do it right out in the open and everything! Again, another example of the exploitation of animals. Why don't they watch other people fucking from the secrecy of their own apartments like normal perverts? I think I'll start a club where we take binoculars, go out into the woods and watch bird watchers! Yeah, that'll show 'em how it feels...

    Koo Koo Ka Joob!

    ...Didn't watch TV in the '80's, was too busy with coke and heroin and all; so...'whutchu talkin' 'bout, Eden?' [a cacophony of uproarious laughter ensues] and then announcer says: Brett'll be right back after these brief messages...

  3. But Brett, the shows were ever so much funnier on coke and heroin!
    In ONe HILARIOUS episode, Rerun worshipped a head of lettuce named ralph! Hilarity did ensue!
    You knw, Watching that clip of him dancing Grieve, I realize he really wasn't that good..Story at 10!

  4. This whole Stop Bird Porn deal has gotten my animal rights advocate/activist hackles up, so I decided to go down to the local PETA headquarters and sign up! I feel really passionate about animals' rights and, mostly, I have always enjoyed throwing red paint on randomly selected strangers. I figure that it is not too much of a stretch to throw red paint on people expressly because they appear to be wearing fur or leather. The trouble in signing up was that on the windows of the PETA office they had huge photos of wildebeests (more specifically the brindled gnu!) and captions that read, 'Save the Wildebeests! Now!' The idea triggered something very unpleasant, as I hate wildebeests, hate 'em with a passion, particularly the brindled gnu! Many years ago, a brindled gnu killed my father! Well, hurt him really badly...hurt his feelings; and, anyway, wildebeests are mean and lazy! Why can't they just advocate for themselves? Oh, I guess they just want to lie around, snorting, shaking their antler festooned heads and wagging their tails!?! Jeesh!

  5. Or how about the episode guest starring The Doobie Brothers?

  6. Oh Yes! Rerun learned a valuable lesson about life when he tried to bootleg their fine music..How disappointed the Brothers were! They thought Rerun was their friend!
    Brett, Those Gnu's are fucked up. They have hurt my feelings too many times too count..I wore white shoes after labor day and I never heard the end of it from them! But it was a SUNNY day! And they were sensible pumps! I mean WTF!!!
    Then when I went home to change, someone threw red paint all over me! I wasn't even wearing fur! I had on a barrel and red suspenders!
    What a day that was...What a day.

  7. The bird thing reminds me of the work of the great Alan Abel, and he does live in CT so. . .

  8. ha-that's awesome! I especially like this:

    "They traveled to the White House and held signs out front pleading with the Kennedys to cover their horse's private parts."