Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, I can't post pics until I get back most likely but Italy was awesome!!! Our two shows went great..One in Pisano had about 200 or more folx there..The other was at an artists street fest in Ameno..People seemed to dig us..Our host Roberto Neri was so good to us..he promised a hotel and meals..and we got a beautiful private apartment to ourselves and the meals were all at his house-home cooked by him! The food there was soooo good..I musta gained 5 lbs by now..and the coffee..Damn! They don't SUPERSIZE shit there or have it "to go"..You just stand at the bar or cafe and do shots of espresso or whatever..We drank so much coffee the guy at the cafe musta thought we were mental..It was so good though..and STRONG!!! People were beyond nice and friendly..just hard to get online there..France may be easier.. The only bummer was the airport lost John's awesome guitar..It was very old and set up just right..It arrived in Italy four days after we got there with the neck broken and a tag from MEXICO on it! WTF?? What did it do down there? Attend a sex donkey show? Apparently Italy airlines are notorious for losing shit..some other band from the USA had their gear lost we know..John can get his guitar fixed when we get back and every other airline seems fine with him bringing it on the plane with us..Live and learn I guess.. I've been snapping pics but can't can't upload them..BUT We got to read The NY Times article John was featured in online today! It's in the sunday arts and leisure section and is about Paramount records..John is mentioned a lot along with our band name and a good photo of him! Yay! Now that he's famous he won't allow me to make eye contact with him...Sigh...That silly man.. Anyway..I'll be in South of France by tomorrow visitng the Crumbs..I can't wait! lovems, Eden


  1. Sounds delightful! Except for the broken guitar business! Incidentally, I saw a XXX movie a couple of days ago; it was from Mexico and primarily involved a donkey and a guitar (I guess that sort of thing is popular after all!)...anyway, I had to turn it off, the donkey was being too rough. Maybe John's guitar likes that sort of thing, who knows?!?!? Sounds like John's guitar certainly did more than watch! I understand...a little tequila, some bootleg quaaludes, and next thing ya know you're in a donkey daisy chain; it happens--believe you me, it happens! Sounds as if John's guitar will need lots of therapy!

  2. Bonjour Eden-glad the concerts went well and they loved you. Can't wait to see your photos. Have fun.

  3. Can't post any until I return. I have been putting a ton on facebook though through mobile uploads. In France having having a great time!

  4. That really does suck about John's guitar!!! But,we do have to take the bad with the good!!!,(and the Mexican's,and the Italian's too!!! Hmmmmm...Yup!). I hope that the rest of your trip goes swell,and keep having fun kids!!!!

  5. I finally saw that Mexican movie too Brett. It was horrifying!
    Who knew guitars could even DO those things!
    Well, the guitar was kinda asking for it I guess. The way it was dressed- all naked and seems to kinda miss Mexico too now. Something about
    cheap pills and cheaper plastic surgery.
    Ah well, we shall see where it ends up when we head back on


    south of france