Sunday, July 26, 2009

Show at Tompkins..and a tree fell so everyone got happy.

Wow, as I type this the weather outside is fucking frightful! I got soaked earlier today walking around and after that I just came home and have been catching up on all the intellectual programming I missed while I was away...Basically episodes of The New Degrassi and True Blood. I know it's a corny show-but I am so addicted to True Blood! The acting is so damn good and after tonite's episode ended John and I actually felt pissed off that we have to wait until next week to see what happens! We felt like punching each other or throwing Delgado out the window or something..

Instead I decided to put up pics from the show at Tompkins Square Park saturday and of a tree that fell over today on 6th st. and 1st. avenue during the storm. First, John Penley is back in NYC..He was in the park with someone named Ratbones whom i've never met but I took pics of anyway..They were having fun selling tshirts and stuff..Then I have one of my friend Hilda, Al from the band Hammerbrain who played that day, with David Peel there too. David never remembers me though I met him when I was 15 years old in Central Park. He gives me his card every time I see him..I should make a big collage from them and mail it to Yoko Ono. I kinda forgot to take pics of the bands playing..Hee! I just spent the day catching up with people I haven't seen for weeks..

Then today, this big tree fell on top of a parked car on 6th street by 1st avenue..No one was hurt and everyone there was taking photos from their cameras and cell phones. People were kind of shocked and quiet at first and then it began to have this kind of party atmosphere for some reason. I feel like everyone in NYC just wants any excuse to party in the streets..The girl whose car it was just kinda stood there upset and when I suggested to her it may not be as bad as it looked-she just said she didn't want to talk about it..Heheheh. Her back windshield was cracked and there was a huge dent on the hood-it was all caved in. That shit was fucked up!!! People started posing in front of the fallen tree and asking people to snap their photo for them while they pretended to lift the tree off the car and stuff. I felt like if someone dragged out a boombox and began blasting some music there may have been a street party with everyone limbo-ing under the tree. Anyway-I waited around for this to happen but it didn't so I finally gave up. TREE PARTY! UP IN DA HOUSE BITCH!!!!

I'll post some fun France pics tomorrow..too tired right now. I hope tonite I sleep like a LOG..Get it? A LOG!!! Oh god, I crack myself up sometimes! Alright, I'll shut up now.


  1. The tree looks like a Bradford pear. Figures! They "fork" as they grow, making them real sissies in a storm. Bradford pear trees grow all over Fredericksburg and people are always getting their cars smashed up by the falling trees. It's pretty funny, really; in fact, we usually all stand around and laugh at the person who owns the unfortunate car that got smashed. Interestingly, we also have parties during this phenomenon. The girl who got her car smashed up there sounds really uptight and humorless; I'll bet she didn't even want to dance or have a beer! These days people have simply forgotten how to cut loose and have a good time!

  2. Haw! Yeah, she was a dumb bitch. I kept dancing around her pumping my fist in the air shouting, "Everybody WANG-CHUNG tonite!" She didn't seem too happy about this and when I suggested we all retire to the absinthe bar with the first round on her, she REALLY didn't seem happy! God, some people..sheesh!

  3. I love everyone posing by the downed tree!

    Anyway, it was a great tree.

  4. Oh, you are so delightful!

    I especially like the two restaurant guys posing in front of the tree. Heh.

    I'm with you - a downed tree = PARTY!!!

  5. Heh..I walked by the next day and the dang blasted tree was across the street just kinda dragged out of the way...Like A PARTY WAITING TO HAPPEN!!!! Sigh...