Tuesday, July 28, 2009

what the heck..more France pics!

Here's some more pics of France..The view of Sauve, Sophie and I at her cute house, Me with Aline's awesome barbie collage art, the door of the apartment we stayed at with a flyer Robert did for a festival there, the castles of Sauve, the figs from the tree in the garden..

Hmm..let's see..The town bridge..the cute window of our apartment, John and Robert C. jamming, and Aline and her friend Dominique looking adorable at garden party! Alright, that's enough pics..this week it's back to life as usual in the LES..though I am going to San Francisco in two weeks..Pictures of hippies on Haight Street! Yay! I hope they sell me bunk acid.


  1. Lovely, but....what did you do when you needed a Subway or Duane Reade?

  2. Fresh figs!!! I only recently had a fresh fig for the first time (hey, I'm a late bloomer!), I only ever had dried ones before. The fresh ones ROCK!!! Well, the dried ones do too, but...The knob on the door to your apartment in France ROCKS!!! Okay, suffice it to say, the photos of your trip ROCK!!! Oh, I almost forgot...the various rocks seen on hikes and in stone walls ROCK!!! I covet rocks...they ROCK!!! Of course, I may seem a bit too exuberant because I am hopped up on two Vicodins due to a busted up hand...Vicodin ROCKS!!!!

  3. Your post fucking ROCKS Brett! But that could be because of all the Percosets I took today! Everything in Sauve kinda rocked..with the exception of the Sea of Rocks which just kinda sat there being all rocky and stuff..