Saturday, August 29, 2009

Slacktivists rally outside the Christadora plus more...

Yesterday was a weird day, but then again every day feels weird to me nowadays..In a good way though. I think it has to do with leaving town a lot, then coming back and hearing about all the craziness I missed while I was gone...and of course, having my own crazy adventures on my trips away from NYC..Anycooch, The first pic is my friend Dave wearing one of his DIY funny t-shirts..I gotta put Dave and his shirts up regularly as they are ever evolving!

The next photos are of the rally slacktivist John Penley(who is back in NYC ) organized outside of the Christadora House on Avenue B..Penley was demanding housing for homeless vets, as he is couch surfing since he got back into town..Jim Powers declined to show up to the event, as did Biker Bill who has been staying at a hotel in Staten Island much of the time lately..Bill has some biker parties and events going on this weekend so I guess he was out and about having fun somewhere..The guy I am standing next to with the Housing For People sign, is Richard A. who I briefly dated over 17 years ago..I haven't seen him since then and so my mind was freaking BLOWN seeing him at the rally! He didn't recognize me at first without the afro, buck teeth, glasses, etc I was sporting back then..There were reporters from The Villager and the NY Press there who took photos and such..

I wandered off to Union Square to watch people getting dismembered in creative ways in 3D, in The Final Destination which is playing at Union Square..and when I returned to Avenue A it was quite the night around Ray's..John Penley and Lincoln Anderson, editor of the paper The Villager, ended up drinking at Odessa Bar together..I took some pics of them and this couple whom I don't know, along with the nice bartender..The couple wanted their pic taken outside on the street, but there was such utter chaos out there..the pic ended up having a crowd of people in it like Marlene and a few others whom I don't know who were having fun on the street that night..I managed to refrain from drinking because I REALLY needed to sleep well last night which I finally did!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Condom Lady and Bicycle 80's Dance Party

The first pics are of the Condom Lady who bops around Tompkins Square park trying to give people condoms and dental dams..She then asks you for a donation..I really don't think she is affiliated with any outreach sex safety groups..She just somehow got all these NYC subway condoms..If you give her a dollar she gives you an oddly decorated NYC subway condom in a little paper package with a weird drawing on it..I collect them and it looks like the drawings are done by 4th graders who are told to draw an interpretation of what they think happens to you if you don't use a condom..This pic features a young girl sitting down and looking all depressed because maybe she has THE AIDS or THE CLAP or something..She looks about 5 years old.

The rest of the pics are from a drive-though 80's Dance party done by the group Time's Up..They ride their decorated awesome bicycles from park to park, then blast 80's dance music for about half an hour before driving off and repeating this again somewhere else..It's pretty fun, though I think it was too humid and hot to draw a crowd that day..About 20 people danced around to Flock of Seagulls and A-ha, with some park regulars from the chess tables wandering over at times to join in..At one point hotdog, me, and a few others joined hands and danced in a circle like we were dancing some traditional Jewish dance done at weddings..And a cute little boy joined in and seemed really happy about the whole thing..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pics from Santa Cruz County..

These are just some nice pretty pics from the beaches by Santa Cruz..I really can't think of anything sarcastic or funny to say about was just really beautiful there and peaceful, but kinda chilly.. Some people had actually climbed that huge slippery rock and were hanging out there..Then John swore that we found the beach where they filmed the last scene in Planet of the he made me reenact it.."You maniacs! Damn you all to HELL!"

We saw Greyhound Rock which looked not a thing like a looked a bit like a bowel movement that Jerry Garcia once had in the early 70's..I think it may be mentioned in that song "Shakedown Street." Just a bit of trivia there for you!

Anyhooch, had a fun show tonight at Jalopy with Dom Flemons, even in this muggy sauna of a weekend..We play the Complete Red Fox Chasers CD release party at Banjo Jim's on September 12th..

And it will be back to NYC blogging this week..including Crazy Condom Lady in Tompkins and a short drive-thru bicycle 80's dance party!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Cali...

I got tons more pics from California..I couldn't seem to stop taking photos because i was all nostalgic..The top one is by Santa Cruz train tracks..We drove along Route 1 to all the really nice beaches and redwoods and stuff..Then drove way up into the clouds when we took a wrong turn...It was beautiful but that road is kinda scary at night so we kinda had to turn around and go back to SF before dark..The mural is just at Coit Tower..I love the old paintings in there...Speaking of murals..Is that not the fucking CREEPIEST HOOTERS ad ever? They look like mutants sent to planet earth to eat your soul with their gigantic robotic evil hooters!

Then the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf were really cute..and loud and smelly..much like the girls at that ALIEN POD called HOOTERS we ate at every day!

Then I dropped by the old cracked out hotel I used to live at many years ago..It was all rebuilt with fancy glass, but it was on Mason and Eddy and some guy came out and tried to get me to go because he thought I was a hooker..Hmmp..They would never do that to me at SPACE BEAST HOOTERS!

Then back at our hotel, they had a "vintage" vibe with a piano in the lobby which was probably just for show..but Blind Boy Paxton played the hell out of it and somehow found another guest at the hotel to play sax too when he was left alone down there for 5 minutes..The joint was jumpin' until they asked us to shut the hell up. Everyone's a critic!

Then we see the Quit Your Whoring now guy who has been on Market St. with the same damn sign for like 3 decades..He is really homophobic and horrid but I was so happy to see him! I used to go by and yell at him every morning as part of my daily routine..I took a pic with him that looks exactly like a pic I have with him 15 years ago..I assured him I have not yet quit all my whoring. He nodded like he could tell..Ahhh, the mammaries!

Then I found some nice pics of us from the jug fest at Golden Gate on few group shots when Meredith Axelrod, Blind Boy, and Robert Armstrong sat in with us for a few was instant jug band! Maybe i'll post the Santa Cruz ones up too..They are pretty neat.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pics from Cali-Fornication..

Here are some of the many pics I took while in California last week..The first three are a bit out of order..because First, Blind Boy Paxton and I were smiling and enjoying the Jug Band Fest in Golden Gate Park..Then our pleasure slowly turned to shock and horror as we beheld hippies dancing badly at the fest..And you can see my favorite crazy lady enjoying the Jug fest..JUGG fest..ahem..

We visited Winters while we were there and stayed with awesome musician/artist Robert Armstrong, creator of Mickey Rat, member of The Cheap Suit Serenaders, among other things..We got to play some music with Bob and keith Cary, creator of the Commodium..a bedpan based mandolin!!! Yay! Free the Pee! It was a fun time...I liked Winters a lot. We may just stay there instead of SF next time we go out there..Sf was fun but chilly..

Armstrong has these great robots that he builds all over the place..My favorite was COFFEE ROBOT of course! And we got to see Keith Cary's barn full of fun stuff...Then there's Meredith Axelrod, a great musician from Devine's Jug Band, Bob Armstrong and I in front of that handsome mural! And I was happy to see our LP at Amoeba records on Haight Street..What a cool record store..And I just had to snap a pic of some old hippies on the Haight..They seemed confused that Jerry Garcia was not smoking a DOOBIE on Haight..

I'll post more pics of Santa Cruz County and stuff tomorrow..What nice beaches and redwood forests there..and more HIPPIES!!! That whole state smelled like patchouli and unwashed pubes!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going back to Cali...

So I am leaving for San Francisco tomorrow afternoon! John and I are going to hangout and visit people, and we are playing two gigs out there as part of the SF Jug Band Festival..We play in Golden Gate Park on Saturday August 15th at 3:00pm..Along with Blind Boy Paxton, Devine's Jug Band, and The Barking Spiders..That show starts at 10:00am and goes until 6pm..

Then we play the next night Sunday the 16th at a club called Amnesia at 853 Valencia St. at around 8:00pm...Other than that we will be just hanging out with people that we only know from the internet..but never actually Robert Armstrong and others..I lived in SF for a while like 15 years ago and i'm curious to see if the tenderloin is still all cracked out or if Starfucks and fro-yo places have crept in over there too..Hopefully I can get online there a lot and can post stuff..

Smell ya later!!!! xoxoxo

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Biker Bill still waiting to cage fight Biker Billy the chef!

This here is the latest installment in the Biker Bill Versus Biker Billy the Chef series..I think you will all agree that it is on par with any Coppola or Scorsese film. We have Biker Bill at Ray's Candy Store challenging Biker Billy the Chef to come to NYC. Jimmy the Greek is there too..and we see a quick glimpse of the busy Ray serving up some food...Ray has many bills to pay and is always on the verge of being shut down..Business has been slow..If Biker Bill kicks Biker Billy the Chef's ass up and down Avenue A, its bound to bring in a crowd..C'mon chef boy! Come to Ray's and say hi! You can even pee in the Pee Phone!

Anyway, I'm sure once Biker Billy the Chef sees himself being called an ass clown, ass bandit, and turd he will get in touch with me and we can set it all up..CAGE FIGHT! CAGE FIGHT!

Those little dried up fishes are redunkulous! I went to Brighton Beach a few days ago and found FISH JERKY in the bodegas! Complete with tails still on! It is so disgusting! I made myself eat two before I admitted it was gross..Then I couldn't give the things cats wouldn't even eat them. I thought about giving them to the weird guy that was hanging out in the PEE PHONE all night..he might have taken them but I didn't want to initiate contact..The fact that he was drinking like a maniac and screaming at everyone who walked by wasn't giving me a good vibe. But who knows? Fish Jerky could have changed his life!

Get in touch, Biker Billy the Chef! We are counting on ya!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Weird Pictures

I'm all behind on my blogging so I want to catch up before I go to the west coast next week..Here are some random photos i've been meaning to upload lately but haven't yet....nothing too exciting really..First there is Ray at his store and I all gussied up for a night on the town..My friend Dave with the best t-shirts ever gave us these fake noses with glasses and a streamer thing that pops out when you blow into it like a kazoo..I think Ray actually wore his for part of the night..

Then I was on 14th street heading back from the Food Stamp office(where I have the best caseworker ever!)..Yup, that's my life right now..getting paid to play shows in Italy, then coming back broke and going on welfare..Yay Welfare! It's been tough to go out vending with all the rain every other day here..Anyway, this shop-which pretty much looks like a pawn shop is doing free "piersing"! Awesome! Because everyone should go get pierced at a pawn shop that can't spell piercing correctly. Infections for the whole family! Or "hole" family..Nyuck nyuk nyuk!

Then I was excited to see that vintage water(warm only) is on sale at the bodega! Because everyone knows the best way to keep your PIERSING clean is by using a mix of hydrochloric acid, bananas and vintage water. Especially from the year 18ought3. Then I have an adorable pic of my psychotic boyfriend/cat Delgado being all cute under the Skoodle Um Skoo sheet music..

Stay tuned for other exciting posts such as really lame, blurry pics from when I stalked Julia Roberts and James Franco when they were filming in Tompkins Square Park, and a bizarre police party on 5th st over the weekend as they BBQ'd against crime!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

John profiled in Sundays NY Times a few weeks ago..

I've been so busy trying to pretend that I'm still France and not back in NYC that I completely forgot to link the NY Times article about Paramount records that John was in..If it makes him sound like the world's biggest nerd..well then-what can I say? The boy loves his shellac!

Here's a link to the article from July 12th..NYTIMES ARTICLE

I really don't know how I forgot to write about was kind of a big deal. We got home from Europe and our answering machine was filled up with strangers leaving messages about 78's and music and other things that had nothing to do with the article! Whee! I think if I want to be rich and famous I have to learn how to promote more..So if there are any journalists or reporters out there reading this..I will let you know now that Robert Crumb, iconic cartoonist who has his Genesis Book coming out this fall, will be sitting in with John and I at a gig we have in Long Island at Stephen Talkhouse. It's on October 23rd and i'll write about it more next month..But we are defintely playing on October 23rd and R. Crumb AND Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops will be sitting in! Here's a link to the GIG page of our band site..EASTRIVERGIGS

What a perfect opportunity for a reporter or reviewer to come to this gig and write about it..especially with ROBERT CRUMB sitting in who has his biggest project to date about to be published!!

Alright, I did it..I promoted my fingers hurt from all that linking and stuff..The Times article is pretty funny and I really am looking forward to this gig in October=should be a swell time for all!