Tuesday, August 4, 2009

John profiled in Sundays NY Times a few weeks ago..

I've been so busy trying to pretend that I'm still France and not back in NYC that I completely forgot to link the NY Times article about Paramount records that John was in..If it makes him sound like the world's biggest nerd..well then-what can I say? The boy loves his shellac!

Here's a link to the article from July 12th..NYTIMES ARTICLE

I really don't know how I forgot to write about this..it was kind of a big deal. We got home from Europe and our answering machine was filled up with strangers leaving messages about 78's and music and other things that had nothing to do with the article! Whee! I think if I want to be rich and famous I have to learn how to promote more..So if there are any journalists or reporters out there reading this..I will let you know now that Robert Crumb, iconic cartoonist who has his Genesis Book coming out this fall, will be sitting in with John and I at a gig we have in Long Island at Stephen Talkhouse. It's on October 23rd and i'll write about it more next month..But we are defintely playing on October 23rd and R. Crumb AND Dom Flemons from the Carolina Chocolate Drops will be sitting in! Here's a link to the GIG page of our band site..EASTRIVERGIGS

What a perfect opportunity for a reporter or reviewer to come to this gig and write about it..especially with ROBERT CRUMB sitting in who has his biggest project to date about to be published!!

Alright, I did it..I promoted my band..Whew..my fingers hurt from all that linking and stuff..The Times article is pretty funny and I really am looking forward to this gig in October=should be a swell time for all!


  1. Nice article in the NYTs; a bit of a primer on collecting Blues 78's

  2. I like the article especially the part where they threatened to kill my mother, but John doesn't own any $10,000 78's..we got so many calls from people hoping to make thousands of bucks off their Bing Crosby 78's in the attic..Also, who wants to call back little old ladies and tell them their dead husbands 78's aren't worth a dime?
    We were so tired from our trip and came home and listened to all these messages from strangers..It was a bit surreal! And there was something sad about it all to me for some reason..maybe because I had been up for 2 days straight!
    Now if only the Times would write about our damn band for some reason-we'd be all set!

  3. Man...you're SO lucky! Why doesn't anybody ever threaten to kill my mother?!?!

  4. Ha ha! I love this quote: 'Before he became friendly with other collectors, he said, he felt “sleazy and weird.”'

    I love collecting vinyl, but I feel sleazy and weird for other reasons...

  5. I don't think even really said that..but I felt sleazy just reading the Arts and Leisure section of the Times..the I went to the store and bought tic-tacs and felt REALLY sleazy!