Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Cali...

I got tons more pics from California..I couldn't seem to stop taking photos because i was all nostalgic..The top one is by Santa Cruz train tracks..We drove along Route 1 to all the really nice beaches and redwoods and stuff..Then drove way up into the clouds when we took a wrong turn...It was beautiful but that road is kinda scary at night so we kinda had to turn around and go back to SF before dark..The mural is just at Coit Tower..I love the old paintings in there...Speaking of murals..Is that not the fucking CREEPIEST HOOTERS ad ever? They look like mutants sent to planet earth to eat your soul with their gigantic robotic evil hooters!

Then the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf were really cute..and loud and smelly..much like the girls at that ALIEN POD called HOOTERS we ate at every day!

Then I dropped by the old cracked out hotel I used to live at many years ago..It was all rebuilt with fancy glass, but it was on Mason and Eddy and some guy came out and tried to get me to go because he thought I was a hooker..Hmmp..They would never do that to me at SPACE BEAST HOOTERS!

Then back at our hotel, they had a "vintage" vibe with a piano in the lobby which was probably just for show..but Blind Boy Paxton played the hell out of it and somehow found another guest at the hotel to play sax too when he was left alone down there for 5 minutes..The joint was jumpin' until they asked us to shut the hell up. Everyone's a critic!

Then we see the Quit Your Whoring now guy who has been on Market St. with the same damn sign for like 3 decades..He is really homophobic and horrid but I was so happy to see him! I used to go by and yell at him every morning as part of my daily routine..I took a pic with him that looks exactly like a pic I have with him 15 years ago..I assured him I have not yet quit all my whoring. He nodded like he could tell..Ahhh, the mammaries!

Then I found some nice pics of us from the jug fest at Golden Gate on few group shots when Meredith Axelrod, Blind Boy, and Robert Armstrong sat in with us for a few was instant jug band! Maybe i'll post the Santa Cruz ones up too..They are pretty neat.


  1. Eden, you've captured an important religious sign in the Hooters photo! In the lower right corner of the photo there is an image of Elvis; obviously this means HE IS RISEN! Elvis has returned to save all of us sinners, especially the 'sexual predatory pedophilic abortonist'!!!! I just hope I am one of the lucky ones who can return to Graceland with him!! ..SO, according to the QUIT YOUR WHORING NOW organization, the only lawful sex is when the first time a married virgin man and woman have sex; after that, they must--as the sign says--divorce and abstain from sex for the rest of their lives! AYAND (and this sounds tricky) the heterosexual couple seems to have to find a homosexual couple who is married, make them divorce at the same time and make sure THEY also don't have sex for the rest of their lives to get right with God! I don't know, this seems like an incredibly tall order to me...thankfully, the man's sign says nothing about masturbation--WHEW!!! ...NIce photos of the five of you on stage!

  2. Nice photos on stage--nice train tracks--I love SF-Napa Valley and the hot springs up north. Glad you are having a good time. All quiet here.

  3. Wait until 2012. Then we will truly understand what that Hooters sign actually means. BE AFRAID. I think that guys sign DID say no masturbation on it somewhere..I like all the added touches like the word "aids" put in there for no reason and stuff..

  4. DAMN! Even Elvis I guess won't be able to save me, then! I will say that the guy with the sign looks like he is enjoying sitting on that fire hydrant just a little bit toooo much!

  5. Har! He WAS in a pretty good mood now that I think about it..