Friday, August 21, 2009

Pics from Cali-Fornication..

Here are some of the many pics I took while in California last week..The first three are a bit out of order..because First, Blind Boy Paxton and I were smiling and enjoying the Jug Band Fest in Golden Gate Park..Then our pleasure slowly turned to shock and horror as we beheld hippies dancing badly at the fest..And you can see my favorite crazy lady enjoying the Jug fest..JUGG fest..ahem..

We visited Winters while we were there and stayed with awesome musician/artist Robert Armstrong, creator of Mickey Rat, member of The Cheap Suit Serenaders, among other things..We got to play some music with Bob and keith Cary, creator of the Commodium..a bedpan based mandolin!!! Yay! Free the Pee! It was a fun time...I liked Winters a lot. We may just stay there instead of SF next time we go out there..Sf was fun but chilly..

Armstrong has these great robots that he builds all over the place..My favorite was COFFEE ROBOT of course! And we got to see Keith Cary's barn full of fun stuff...Then there's Meredith Axelrod, a great musician from Devine's Jug Band, Bob Armstrong and I in front of that handsome mural! And I was happy to see our LP at Amoeba records on Haight Street..What a cool record store..And I just had to snap a pic of some old hippies on the Haight..They seemed confused that Jerry Garcia was not smoking a DOOBIE on Haight..

I'll post more pics of Santa Cruz County and stuff tomorrow..What nice beaches and redwood forests there..and more HIPPIES!!! That whole state smelled like patchouli and unwashed pubes!


  1. YAY!!! PHOTOS!!!! I'm as happy as an inbred Roman emperor! Wait...sorry, that's not funny, inbreeding is a serious problem here in the South...Okay, okay, let me rephrase that: I'm HAPPIER than an inbred Roman emperor!...Anyway, thanks, Eden, and I look forward to even more... the Commodium is an innovative idea and one that fits with the whole urine-themed sentiment pervasive in our great country these last couple of weeks. I think it is a positive sign that folks on both sides of the urine issue can begin to dialogue, and it is inventions like the Commodium that can bridge the cap. I believe the Commodium will be INSTRUMENTAL in promoting the PEEDOM MOVEMENT!!! .........I thought of you guys last night when I heard Loudon Wainright's new CD. It is a tribute to Charlie Poole and, I suppose, worth a listen or two. I also saw a documentary about R. Crumb (the Terry Zwigoff one from '94). It was an insightful and compelling portrait. I've always thought of Crumb's work as darkly satirical and complexly subversive, so I thought the assessment of his work by the woman from Mother Jones in some respects bordered on being too simplistic, and I was glad to see Robert Hughes balance out the "art critic" narrative part of the movie...I also found a bit of kinship in the film, down to the mention of chronic masturbation in post-pubescence and early adulthood, although I used to be more of an incessant masturbator, myself. Of course, I got to the point where I decided that it was best to just be friends with myself...

  2. Yeah, Robert just draws what his life was like-no holds barred...I guess a lot of people found that offensive..but I think a lot of "outcasts" really found solace through his autobiographical stuff..and a lot of larger women simply love him for making them feel attractive I think..
    But Brett, you deserved all that masturbation! I mean, look at what you were wearing at the time! YOU WERE A MAN WHORE!!!